Mercury Retrograde, March 2005
By Felissa Rose

Mercury will be going retrograde on March 19, 2005 at 7:15 PM EST at 14 degrees 6 minutes of Aries. This lasts until April 12, 2005 at 3:47 AM EDT when it goes direct at 1 degree 45 minutes of Aries.

Aries is the sign of quick initiative and action but Mercury retrograde thinking can slow these things down considerably. One can now go back and forth in the course of trying to make a decision. It is an excellent time to process, think, and access what needs to be done. If possible, take decisive action later when Mercury goes direct which will feel and work out better than during the retrograde.

The Next Retrogrades

Mercury next goes retrograde in 2005 on July 22 and stays retrograde until August 15. The year's final one lasts from November 14 through December 3.

In 2005, the planet Pluto goes retrograde on March 26 at 9:30 PM EST at 24 degrees 30 minutes of Sagittarius. It goes direct on September 2 at 6:53 AM at 21 degrees 49 minutes of Sagittarius. Pluto changes direction two times each year. Usually the most powerful effect of a planet is when it is stationary, either about to go retrograde or turn direct. This is the time its influence is at its strongest.

Pluto's Role and Aspects

In mythology, Pluto is the god of the underworld---the link between life and death. Its role is to bring to light hidden and secret activities and thoughts. Negatively it can act as an annihilator sometimes bringing wide scale destruction. It's the ruler of atomic energy and its discovery coincided with the creation of nuclear energy and weapons.

Positively it governs transformation, the ability to break destructive patterns by transcending fear and acting with courage. Personally, when one goes through a transit of Pluto it's important to not hold on to outmoded and outgrown behavior and habits. Otherwise, great difficulty will ensue in the body as well as the psyche.

Recently each time Pluto has been stationary there has been some development in the War in Iraq. Right at the station in March of 2003 the war began. The following year news of the prison scandal emerged in March 2004 and close to the station in August 2004, United States military deaths reached 1,000. There is likelihood that more developments will occur about the time of the station unfortunately related to violence and scandal.

Beginning with 2004 and lasting through much of 2005 transiting Pluto in the sky is square the planet Neptune in the United States horoscope. Neptune rules chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Pluto brings to light information just buried under the surface. What seems to be emerging now are the past actions of the drug companies along with the inappropriate and half-hearted monitoring by governmental agencies. Hopefully these revelations will spur proper action by the supposed governmental watchdogs for protecting the consumer.

Neptune also rules credit. Under stress, Pluto can inflate and overheat. It is no secret that the national debt is at the highest level it has ever been. Pluto's stressful connection with Neptune will put that even more into focus and can increase it or cause action based on the reality that it can be close to the point of no return. As I write this, a new anti-bankruptcy law has passed in the United States Senate and Congress that seems to hurt the consumer and protect the credit card companies and banks. I remember when it was difficult to obtain a credit card without a thorough credit check. Now almost every week my 17-year-old son receives in the mail unsolicited approval for credit cards. This new legislation doesn't seem to address any responsibility on the part of the credit card companies to investigate whether individuals receiving the card are financially responsible. The penalties all fall on the consumer.

Influences on President Bush

President Bush has some mixed aspects this year. The difficult one he faces on April 14, August 18, 2005 and February 4, 2006 is transiting Uranus opposite his natal Mars. In the Bush's horoscope, Uranus rules both his personal and professional partners as well as close associates. Uranus is moving through his eighth house, the area of the chart ruling death, taxes and stewardship over others money or debt. Uranus acts in a sudden and unexpected way, surprising, and shaking us up. Mars is a planet of action and negatively violence.

Uranus acts in an unexpected and sometimes-explosive way so major upsets are in store for this President. Anything from the loss of a partner, violence directed towards him, or sudden financial upheavals. Astrologer Alan Oken has said that the chart of the president becomes the chart of the country. If this is the case there can be aggression directed towards Americans or perhaps a greater increase in military deaths. Financial upheavals in markets are also possible due to the actions of our allies withdrawing from us. Former partners of the United States could pull away from us economically or perhaps due to a sudden death or change of a nation's leader. It's an accident and injury prone aspect so Bush could also experience that or someone close to him.

Uranus does not eliminate the essentials; it just upsets what already is on shaky ground. With this administration, the possibilities are many and the President has a chance to demonstrate leadership and progress in the financial and humanistic areas. Indications of whether he is up to it can be somewhat determined by his past actions.

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