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1998 and Beyond
by Felissa Rose

1998 brings in a quickening of the Aquarian Age as the planet Neptune drops in and out of the sign of Aquarius. The planet Uranus, ruler of the sign Aquarius has been firmly located there since 1996. Now Neptune enters this sign to usher in an acceleration of this new age. It makes its first entrance on January 28, 1998, retrogrades back into Capricorn on August 22, and returns to Aquarius for a 14 year stay on December 27.

Neptune's Influences

Since Aquarius rules technology, the onset of the Age of Aquarius has been largely a computer experience. The last few years have seen a stepping up of computer technology made available and affordable to much of humanity, which is also ruled by the sign Aquarius. Neptune governs the intangible -- fantasy, illusion, mists, fog, the non-material, the astral plane. As Neptune enters Aquarius the informational super highway will hit some major roadblocks as computers go haywire with no rational explanation. Then all of a sudden they will begin to work again. Some of this could be attributed to increased sun spot activity which will be accelerating for the next few years and others will have no rhyme or reason. My advice is to back-up your programs.

Neptune's entry into Aquarius will play a prominent role in the horoscope of the United States. It could greatly confuse and destabilize government, further detaching people from belief that the system really works.

Neptune also rules medicine, and the sign Aquarius governs electricity and magnetism. Although there will be advanced equipment that aids the medical community, even more striking will be the increased use of magnetic healing, along with oxygen and ozone therapy. Personally the use of the breath to release physical and emotional blocks will be further explored with an ever increasing emphasis on how individuals can heal themselves.

The expansion of human consciousness accelerates during 1998, spilling over into the Neptunian ruled areas of art, music, film and photography as well as the Aquarian-ruled television. An increased interest in mysticism with Jupiterís entry into Pisces is more easily communicated with the heightened influence of the informational based sign Aquarius. There will be more receptivity and acceptance of the discussion and communication of personal and spiritual insights among the media as well as the populace at large.

Ecologically there will be strong interest in the areas of air pollution and water. Concern about ways of treating air pollution is likely to popularize electrical cars (electricity is ruled by Aquarius) along with wind and solar generated power decreasing the use of fossil fuels. An additional imbalance of water through floods or drought could have an ever increasing effect on the United States as we head towards the millennium.

Saturn's Influence

With Saturn squaring Neptune off and on from June 1998 until April 1999 the stock market should take a downward turn. This is one of the most bearish of astrological aspects with reality challenging optimism and risk taking highly curtailed. The trend is most likely to begin earlier than June 1998.

Saturn -- sign of structure and authority -- and Taurus -- sign of money, property and values, unite during 1998 as Saturn enters the sign of Taurus. Banking rules and regulations should be tightened and money probably wonít be as readily available. The heady real estate market should slow down and prices become more realistic. This trend is likely to be reversed by 2000.

We will discuss more about Saturn, Neptune and the possible effects of their zodiacal sign changes later on in the year in another article.

Retrograde Mercury

Please note that Mercury will be retrograde from March 27,1998 to April 20, 1998 in the sign of Aries. Regardless of how tempting it may be, delay spring plantings until the time Mercury goes direct. Often delays connected to Mercury retrograde periods are due to unstable weather conditions --- a frequent occurrence in early spring.

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