The 1997 Mars Retrograde
by Felissa Rose

The planet Mars will be going retrograde on Wednesday, February 5, 1997 at 7:24 PM EST at 5 degrees 55 Minutes of Libra. It will be in retrograde motion until Sunday, April 27, 1997 at 3:10 PM EDT when it goes into direct motion at 16 degrees 44 minutes of Virgo.

Mars' influences

Mars, God of War, also rules action, construction, physical energy and motion. Individuals are less likely to initiate activities during Mars retrograde periods. It’s an unfavorable time for any type of building or remodeling. Those projects continuing under this period will need finishing touches when Mars is no longer retrograde.

A retrograde Mars story

I once had an upstairs neighbor who decided to install an entirely new kitchen for his girlfriend, a successful chef. This was begun the day Mars went retrograde and was completed just about the time it went direct. During this entire period he banged away night and day (or so it seemed to me his downstairs neighbor), doing woodworking, installing cabinets, appliances and assorted fixtures. The day after Mars went direct his girlfriend not only left him but the area. The fellow was so downhearted he moved out soon afterwards not reaping the benefits of all his hard work and leaving the beautiful new kitchen to the next occupant, a total stranger -- taking the philosophical view: some karma for him and dharma for the next tenant.

More rulerships and influences

Mars also rules the adrenal glands and the muscular system of the body. So if you plan to finally join a gym and get into shape begin either before Mars goes retrograde or after it goes direct. Undertaking a new exercise regime while Mars is in retrograde motion is almost a guarantee of losing interest when it goes direct. Many will become tired and easily drained during this period. This decrease of energy tends to bring on colds and adrenal exhaustion which can lead to allergies and asthmatic conditions

Knives, scalpels and most cutting and surgical tools are governed by Mars. Elective surgery should not be scheduled during its retrograde periods for these -- along with Moon void of course -- are times when mistakes are made.

Physical, mental and emotional influences

The retrograde interval begins in Libra and finishes off in Virgo. During Mars retrogrades I have noticed that parts of the body ruled by the sign Mars is moving through tend to be under stress. Retrograde energy tends to be internalized into the body because this transit of Mars retrograde energy is inwardly expressed. Mars governs our actions and activities but also our anger. Unexpressed anger turned inward to the body can lead to hostility and illness.

Mars in Virgo will correspond to lower back, pancreatic, and intestinal stress along with an imbalance of blood sugar. Libra can compound the blood sugar problems with yeast infections and kidney difficulties. Drinking lots of water and avoiding refined sugars and non-complex carbohydrates can alleviate some conceivable pitfalls.

Disagreements can simmer inwardly during this period because people are less apt to resolve them. Much of this retrograde occurs in Libra, sign of harmony, which will be difficult to achieve during this time. The State of Israel has Libra rising so this can be a hot spot during this period, coupled with the eclipses of March.

Using the retrograde for your benefit

Stresses in both personal and world situations will be most intensely felt during the Mars stationary periods. This is the time when Mars is either about to go retrograde or direct in motion -- about a week on either side. It is a time when the scenario of events is set up and, when direct, starts to be resolved.

Other dynamic configurations in individual horoscopes take precedence over the retrograde action of a planet, but they can be slowed down or delayed a bit. The retrograde period is an excellent time for planning and strategy -- taking action when Mars goes direct.

It is also a fine time to unearth those long buried grudges and resentments that you’ve unconsciously been holding onto. Allow them to surface with the assistance of meditation, therapy, body work or just a quiet period of contemplation. Face them and then blow them away in true Martian fashion ridding yourself of all that excess baggage.

Mars goes retrograde about every 26 months. The next period begins March 18, 1999.

One more thing --- another retrograde Mercury is coming

Keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde from December 23, 1996 until January 12, 1997. Fortunately this retrograde doesn’t overlap the Martian period as it has in the past, but the Mercury Retrograde from April 14 through May 8 does.

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