Uranus and Pluto Clear the Way
by Felissa Rose

Uranus Enters Aquarius

The planet Uranus is about to enter a new zodiac sign, moving from Capricorn to Aquarius. Uranus went into Aquarius for a short visit from April 1, 1995 to June 8, 1995, when it retrograded back into Capricorn. It will be returning to Aquarius on January 12, 1996, remaining until December 30, 2003.

Uranus takes 84 years to travel around the sun, spending seven years in each sign of the zodiac. It rules electricity and has a lightning bolt effect on us, jarring our complacency and waking us with unexpected speed. Insight, intuition and enlightenment may come with Uranus, but rarely in a way we would expect. The words of the Rolling Stones' song "You can't always get what you want, but you might get what you need," is a good way of describing how Uranus operates.

Since 1988 Uranus has been transiting Capricorn, the sign of crystallization and structure. Coupled with Neptune's move also through this sign, there has been a loss of faith in systems previously accepted and believed in --- both in government and business, as well as in those personal routines set up to make one feel falsely secure. Uranus rules independence and individual freedom, and is the sign of the freelance employment --- something not dear to the heart of most Capricorns, but presently actualized in many of their working lives. Capricorn rules habits, and the next few months would be a good time to eliminate outgrown rituals and routines.

As Uranus completes its passage through Capricorn there will be a continuation of the decentralization of various institutions --- governmental, educational and business, as rebel Uranus resists the authority figure Capricorn --- sort of a conservative power to the people. Interest in this will lessen when Uranus goes into Aquarius and people will be more apt to pretty much do what they want.

Uranus is the planetary ruler of Aquarius, which is the sign of humanity. As an air sign, Aquarius is concerned with receiving and dispensing information to individuals regardless of racial, religious, sexual or cultural differences. Also ruling technology --- computers, faxes, telephones, satellites, etc. --- Uranus' entry into Aquarius will dramatically link individuals rapidly and impersonally, as already demonstrated via the Internet and "Information Superhighway". Since Uranus rules the sign Aquarius, its stay there will be very exciting as it will operate with great strength and clarity. This will be discussed in more detail next time.

Pluto In Sagittarius

Pluto entered a new sign, Sagittarius, on November 10, 1995. It stays there until January 25, 2008. Pluto rules the collective consciousness of society. Pluto rules the underworld --- those forces beneath the surface that seem to require that all flaws and weaknesses be uncovered, mutated and transformed. This process occurs in whatever zodiacal sign Pluto is transiting, and in the case of Sagittarius applies to the areas of philosophy, religion, higher education, sports, horse racing, gambling, transportation, publishing and the legal system.

Major scrutiny will be on the legal system. This was evidenced by the high public interest in many trials such as the O. J. Simpson case. Abuses and misuses of the system are aptly demonstrated. Winning as opposed to achieving justice has become the focus. Stories of injustices brought on by an inept and corrupt legal system will be commonplace and public disgust will grow until badly needed reforms occur. The legal system will be very different when Pluto moves out of Sagittarius.

Sports and transportation are two other areas to be overhauled. Pluto brings all things to a basic and corelike awareness, eliminating the superfluous. Sports as a big business will get a lot of attention as scandal after scandal erupts, bringing demand for reforms. Ultimately attention can be again on the sheer enjoyment of the game. With regard to transportation, one area of focus will be automobile pollution. Sagittarius rules exhalation in the body which corresponds to a car's exhaust and emissions system.

Sagittarius' opposite sign Gemini rules inhalations, and together they govern the breathing mechanism of the body. The lungs are an important organ of the body's elimination, and asthma is an illness where individuals have difficulty exhaling carbon dioxide and other wastes from the body. During the transit of Pluto through Sagittarius there will be more understanding of the psychological and emotional causes of asthma as well as its physiology. Pluto uproots deep and buried inner traumas which can play a part in causing asthma. Diseases of the lungs will be of greater interest during this period. Involvement with sexually transmitted diseases so prevalent during Pluto's passage through Scorpio will be replaced by Sagittarian epidemics which are airborne and spread by travelers.

Upheavals in the hierarchy and practices of religious organizations will occur as certain revelations come to light --- especially the folly of wars based upon religious and philosophical beliefs. Higher education is in for a big change as many colleges and universities either reorganize or close. Pluto is into streamlining, and education will take on in many instances a more bare basics or specialized curriculum --- such as an increased interest in the study of foreign languages.

Together Pluto and Uranus will demand a great alteration in consciousness and tolerance of other's beliefs so the earth can enter a state of greater peace and harmony.

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