Bush, Pluto and Election Day 2004
By Felissa Rose

I've received many questions regarding my thoughts on this year's Presidential election. On November 2, the actual day of the election and there is a major transit taking place in President Bush's chart.

Transiting Pluto and the President's South Node

Transiting Pluto, lord of the underworld and things not in apparent view, conjoins with Bush's natal lunar south node. Events and issues can emerge around that day that has been lurking under the surface. The south node is a point of loss, a place where one pays dues for actions taken in the past, whether the existing life or a prior one. Pluto rules the consciousness of the masses and its actions are often beyond our control. Terrorism is a negative manifestation of Pluto and transformation and regeneration is a positive one.

Use of stem cells is very much a Plutonian thing taking matter from a dormant or deceased form to stimulate growth and transformation in the cells of another. Although not considered crucial in determining the victor in this election, if Bush loses, his failure to promote research in this area will be a factor.

The Fifth House

The south node of the Moon falls in Bush's fifth house at birth. The fifth house is the area of the chart ruling offspring, children, teenagers and young adults. This node is an area of weakness and vulnerability. This shows that young people, particularly college and draft age students would vote in large numbers against him also contributing to a loss.

Pluto on Bush's lunar south node has taken place two prior times this year. Since the chart of the country is reflected in the chart of the leader, the loss of young soldiers in Iraq would also factor into this.

Negatively, Pluto factors into manipulation and undermining and the manipulation of the media and public has been quite a major dynamic in this election. The undermining and destruction of votes could also be called into play.

Whatever your political persuasion it's important to vote. At the very least, it will give you the right to complain if it doesn't go your way.

These are just a few thoughts I had and not going into a discussion of Senator Kerry's chart. However, if something else comes to mind will certainly pass it along.

If President Bush manages to be elected under this aspect, he will wish he wasn't. There is a strong likelihood of major scandals.

Copyright 2004 Felissa Rose. All rights reserved.

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