Astrological Thoughts Fall 2004

For the final time in 2004 Mercury will be going retrograde on November 30, at 7:18 AM EST in 26 degrees 43 minutes of Sagittarius. It goes direct on December 20 at 1:30 AM EST in 10 degrees 27 minutes of Sagittarius. During 2005, Mercury will be retrograde from March 19 to April 12, July 22 to August 15 and November 13 to December 3.

This final 2004 Mercury retrograde takes place in the sign of Sagittarius -- ruler of international communications, the law, transportation and long distance travel. In addition to delays and hassles while traveling, this is not a particularly favorable time to purchase a car. There might be some great deals on the lot with end of the year sales, but the ongoing hassles likely to occur once you have ownership is not worth the savings. If you want to buy some lucky someone a car for Christmas, purchase it before the retrograde or after December 20th and give it to them on Christmas Day when the Moon is not void of course. The same goes for those mechanical, technological and electronic goodies that make ideal holiday gifts as well.

As I'm writing, Hurricane Jeanne is positioning itself for a strike on the United States mainland. This is the fourth major hurricane to hit the US in less than two months. Aside from a scientific explanation, these explosive weather conditions can also be attributed to the intense planetary grouping we've had from the end of August to mid-September.

Pluto, planet of explosions and major disasters, was stationary direct on August 30 at 19 degrees 32 minutes of Sagittarius. When a planet is at a stationary position it is about to turn direct after being retrograde or go retrograde after being direct in motion. Whichever way it goes it is at its most powerful. Planets making aspects or connections to this point in the sky, 19 degrees 32 minutes of Sagittarius, are influenced by the stationary planet (Pluto). The outcome --- whether flowing or stressful, depends on what the planet and aspect signify in the horoscopes of individuals and nations.

Either late in the evening or early in the morning of September 10, depending upon which time zone you were in (the Caribbean, eastern or central time zone), Mars, known in astrology as the activator, made a powerful square to Pluto. A square represents a conflict and is quite challenging. Mars and Pluto under stress are warlike and angry. This did not bode well for those affected by the storm. The horoscope of Florida is in direct conflict with Pluto at this degree so it has been hit by four out of four of the hurricanes. This also affected other areas of the world for example serious floods in China occurred. Violence escalated in other areas: terrorist raid and murders in the Russian school, bombing of the Australian embassy in Indonesia and the continued bloodshed in Iraq.

The United States went to war in Iraq when Pluto was stationary in March 2003. Each time Pluto has made a subsequent station there has been a major development with the US involvement in this war. When Pluto was stationary in August 2003, it became clear that there was a strong insurgency in that country and it will not be a swift in and out. During the next Pluto station in March 2004 the Abu Ghurayb prison scandal broke. Right after the station this August, the death toll of United States service people went over the 1,000 mark.

Under the station of Pluto, the Iraq War was hardly mentioned during the Republican Convention. Afterwards the tone of the debate changed when John Kerry and his people stated that it was misconceived and ill planned. On the defensive George Bush and his people said how important it was to preemptively launch a war in Iraq because it prevented terrorism in the United States. The Bush administration's denial of what is actually occurring in Iraq is particularly telling. Pluto is the ruler of the underworld, what lies beneath the surface. When it is in stationary mode the truth must emerge, be discussed and dealt with. Refusal to do so will make the next station on March 26, 2005, when it goes retrograde, particularly potent and not necessarily in the way the Bush people would like it to be.

We are in the process of making the transition out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius. Uranus, ruler of the sign Aquarius, is presently transiting through the sign of Pisces. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces is moving through the sign of Aquarius. Either this mutual reception of the two planets strengthens the dichotomy between them or helps usher us into the new age.

Some indications of this mutual reception between these two planets is that Uranus, ruler of technology is moving through the sign governing medicine (Pisces) and has brought major innovations and breakthroughs in medical treatment and diagnostics. Neptune, ruler of film, music and illusion is transiting the sign ruling technology (Aquarius) and has digitized photography, motion pictures and music along with Uranus-ruled television

As we enter a new age, much of the negative karma of the old one seems to have come to the forefront. Pisces was an age of faith and Aquarius is one of rationality and reason. Forces driven by blind faith without reason appear to be dominant now in many places in this world. Before individuals can deal with the higher planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto they must work through the last of the mundane ones, Saturn. In a positive manifestation, Saturn represents responsibility and order; negatively it's fear and control. Politically individuals appear to be manipulated by fear and their religious beliefs. There seems to be a shortage of rationality and an overabundance of ignorance.

During August of 1987, a line-up of planets created a pattern referred to by astrologers as the Harmonic Convergence. One of the manifestations of this line-up was a divide of younger and older souls. After this occurred there were slightly more than half of the world population that were of the older soul variety and less than half of the younger.

However, many of these were only children and infants. The split seems highly apparent today between those who are motivated by fear and trying to hold on to the past and those who are more open and tolerant and resonating with the ideals of the Aquarian Age.

Uranus is the planet ruling inventions and breakthroughs. In true uranian fashion if controls are too stringent a way will be found to get around them. This can be demonstrated in the area of radio ruled by the planet Uranus. Musically in the 1960's and 1970's, AM radio was mainstream and monotonous. FM radio was the medium for innovation and breakthroughs. Presently most of FM radio has been taken over by large media corporations putting out a homogenized and non-innovative product. The newer Uranian area, the Internet, has become the medium for musical originality and breakthroughs. This also applies to Cable TV which is also now being controlled by large media conglomerates. If the product becomes too mundane, alternatives will appear.

Regardless of your beliefs, it's important to center and listen to your inner voice. Focus and follow your own instincts and intuition not the constant drone put out by the media and forces of ignorance and repression. The truth of what is happening both personally and politically will then become apparent


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