Mars Retrograde, 2001
by Felissa Rose

Most of the period from April through June 2001 will have one or more of the three planets -- Mercury, Venus or Mars -- retrograde in motion.

Venus is retrograde from March 8 till April 20th. Mars goes retrograde on May 10 and doesn't turn direct in motion until July 19. And for the second of three times this year Mercury is retrograde from June 4 to 28. It goes retrograde for the last time in 2001 October 1 to 22. The Venus retrograde was discussed previously and the article is still on the site, so check the table of contents here.

Retrograde Mercury

Mercury goes retrograde at 1:23 AM EDT at 29 degrees 57 minutes of Gemini. It goes direct on June 28 at 1:50 AM EDT at 21 degrees 16 minutes of Gemini. Gemini is the astrological sign governed by Mercury so it's quite comfortable here. Both Gemini and Mercury rule most forms of communication, the intake, perception, absorption and distribution of information. When a planet is retrograde its energy is internalized tending to make one more contemplative and reflective.

Many successful authors and journalists were born with Mercury retrograde and this is an excellent time to put down one's ideas and thoughts on paper or more likely the computer. However, purchasing a computer or printer to get those words down while Mercury is retrograde wouldn't be a good idea. Aside from not getting the right equipment it's likely that there would be mechanical glitches in your Mercury retrograde techno purchases. During Mercury Retrograde communications have a way of getting misunderstood and misconstrued. If you're starting a new job take the vacation days from the old one and begin it after Mercury goes direct. This also applies to all kinds of agreements and contracts. Negotiations can continue while Mercury is retrograde but don't sign the papers till it's direct.

Retrogarde Mars

Returning to Mars it goes retrograde on May 10th at 9:14 PM EDT at 29 degrees 2 minutes of Sagittarius. It turns direct July 19 at 6:46 PM at 15 degrees 6 minutes of Sagittarius.

Mars the God of war, rules action, construction, physical energy and motion. Individuals are less likely to initiate activities during a Mars retrograde period. Falling in the midst of the most favorable construction period it's an unpropitious time for any type of building or remodeling. Those projects continuing under this period will proceed slowly and need additional work when Mars is no longer retrograde.

Generally while Mars is retrograde the parts of the body ruled by the sign Mars is transiting through tend to be under stress. Sagittarius rules the hips, thighs and sciatic nerve. Sciatic and lower back pain are more likely to occur. It's not the time for hip replacement surgery. Sagittarius rules exhalation so increase one's water intake to cleanse the body of toxins and avoid congestion.

Martian Influences

Mars also governs the adrenal glands and the muscular system in the body. If you plan to join a gym and get into shape begin either before Mars goes retrograde or after it goes direct. Undertaking a new exercise regime while Mars is in retrograde motion is almost a guarantee of losing interest before it goes direct. Many will become tired and easily drained during this period. This decrease of energy tends to bring on colds and adrenal exhaustion which can lead to allergies and asthmatic conditions. Retrograde energy tends to be internalized in the body because retrograde transits are expressed inwardly. Mars governs our actions and activities along with our anger. Unexpressed animosities turned inward can lead to hostility and illness.

Knives, scalpels and most cutting and surgical tools as well as surgery itself are ruled by Mars. Elective surgery ought not to be undertaken during a retrograde period for this - along with Moon void of course times - is when mistakes tend to be made. More accidents are likely so avoid bungee jumping and sky diving.

During the entire time Mars will be moving through Sagittarius --- the astrological sign of philosophy, religion, sports, transportation, foreign relations and the law. Difficulties can simmer inwardly during this time because people are less apt to resolve them. This can be particularly felt in areas governing foreign relations and diplomacy.

Peace negotiations can be on hold and if agreements are reached are likely to fall apart after Mars goes direct. Although the height of the travel season breakdowns and delays are likely. Legal decisions can be held up and inequities in the law highlighted.

Tension and activity in both personal and world situations will be most intensely felt during the Mars stationary period. This is the time when Mars is either about to go retrograde or direct in motion - usually about a week on either side. It is a time when the scenario of events is set up and, when direct, begins to get resolved.

15 Degrees Sagittarius

The period of mid-July when Mars is stationary at 15 degrees of Sagittarius is a sensitive one. From late February 2001 to early April 2001 Pluto is stationary at the 15 degree point of Sagittarius adding an extra emphasis. There are 30 degrees in all astrological signs and 15 degrees is right in the middle. The 15th degree of any sign is considered the embodiment of the sign and those categories governed by both Mars and Sagittarius will be highlighted. Sagittarius governs religion and differences between belief systems can lead to a heightening of tensions and renewal of violence initiated during March. After a divided election the new administration can try and force their legislative agenda thereby creating more divisiveness and protest.

Handling Retrograde Mars

While Mars is retrograde it's a good time to unearth those long buried grudges and resentments that you've unconsciously been holding onto. Allow them to surface with the assistance of meditation, therapy, body work or just a quiet period of contemplation. Face them and then blow them away in true Martian fashion ridding yourself of all that excess baggage. Mars goes retrograde about every 26 months. The next one begins on July 29, 2003.

Copyright 2001 Felissa Rose. All rights reserved.

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