2002 Planetary Influences and You
by Felissa Rose

Mercury will be going retrograde on Saturday, September 14, 2002, at 3:39 PM EDT at 13 degrees 12 minutes of Libra. It goes direct on Sunday, October 6 at 3:27 PM at 28 degrees 22 minutes of Virgo.

Along with an increase of mechanical and technological breakdowns, difficulties in interpersonal communications should be on the rise while Mercury is retrograde. Mercury rules the way one speaks and communicates; the way one picks up, absorbs, processes and shares information. Thoughts and words are more easily mixed up and it's easier to be tongue-tied at this time. Since Mercury is in Libra, the sign of harmony and negotiations, breakdowns can spread to talks between nations as well as both business and labor agreements. It is unlikely that any lasting agreements, pacts, contracts and treaties would be finalized during this period. It's better to negotiate then sign on the dotted line after Mercury goes direct.

In past writings I've discussed the retrograde periods of Venus, Mars and Mercury. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto also go retrograde as well. Each one of them is retrograde every year for about 5 months. Just as when Mercury, Venus and Mars are retrograde their energy is more internalized and less likely to be outwardly expressed.


Jupiter is the planet ruling expansion, exploration, philosophy and travel. While Jupiter is retrograde people are apt to travel less and philosophize more. The next time Jupiter is retrograde is from December 4, 2002 until April 3, 2003. Fortunately this coincides with a non-peak travel season. Those born with Jupiter retrograde tend to travel less than individuals born with it direct in motion. Often reluctant travelers, they will be more willing to go on a journey if there is a practical motivation such as business, or education as opposed to lying in the Sun for two weeks. The appeal of philosophy and religion is strong as Jupiter's expansive energy is internalized and they explore the eternal role of being in the cosmos. If and when Jupiter goes direct by progression in one's horoscope individuals start to travel and explore different places in the world.

Jupiter is the planet ruling optimism, luck and hope, so when Jupiter goes direct in motion people become more positive and take chances. Frequently there is good news about that time which encourages these feelings and actions. On March 1, 2002 favorable economic news was released and the stock market soared after having been static for a while.


Saturn rules organization, structures and the systems of society. Individuals having Saturn retrograde at birth Saturn can be uncomfortable in positions of power. Organizing and structuring involve more internal thought and these people are slower than those not born with Saturn retrograde in systemizing their records or straightening out their rooms. While Saturn is retrograde personal and business reorganizations can be difficult to complete. Plans can be made and systems worked on they are unlikely to be finalized until Saturn goes direct. Saturn will be retrograde next from October 11, 2002 until February 22, 2003.

In an individual horoscope when Saturn goes direct by progression there is an increase of ease in dealing with or becoming an authority figure. Due to the retrograde position at birth there's still an inner discomfort dealing with others in positions of power but it's considerably lessened.

Retrograde energy is internalized and the sign the retrograde planet is placed at birth often makes them more vulnerable physically in the parts of the body ruled by that sign.

This also applies to the signs other planets are transiting in the sky. Right now Saturn is transiting Gemini ruler of the lungs, shoulders, arms and wrists. While Saturn is retrograde there is an increase of stress on these parts of the body. Solutions and remedies are more likely to be effective when the planet is direct. Cleaner air laws and ordinances to aid in improving the health of lungs are more apt to be enforced during Saturn direct movement. More abuses can take place while planets are retrograde such as illegal emission or dumping of toxic wastes in rivers and streams.

At a later date the discussion will continue to include Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Copyright 2002 Felissa Rose. All rights reserved.

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