Planetary Influences 2000
by Felissa Rose

Mercury in Cancer

Mercury goes retrograde at 4:27 AM EDT on June 23, 2000 at 19 degrees 57 minutes of Cancer. It goes direct July 17, 2000 at 9:17 AM EDT at 10 degrees 23 minutes of Cancer. Aside from the usual Mercury retrograde delays and communications breakdowns, much of this period will focus on those areas governed by the sign Cancer.

Cancer rules the home and property and in the northern hemisphere this is the time of year most favored for real estate construction, renovations, remodeling and additions. With the ongoing boom in this area and the difficulty in finding and pinning down work people it would be unrealistic to stop work during the retrograde. But it would be better not to begin at this time. Try and get your plans organized beforehand, otherwise youíll be taking measurements for a window six or seven times before getting it right.

Planets in Taurus

From May 3rd to the 5th thereís a line-up of 5 to 6 planets in Taurus, depending upon the day, squaring Uranus and/or Neptune in Aquarius. Astrologically these are stressful connections. There have been dire predictions made by Nostradamus and other prophets about this configuration. Since Taurus rules the earth there is an increased possibility of earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes and various weather related problems. Whether these occur or not I want to repeat what I wrote a few months ago which I feel describes the tone of this alignment.

As we enter the Aquarian age the pace of life will continue to accelerate as well as the availability of information through continued technological breakthroughs. Aquarius is the sign of humanity, using collective group efforts to heal and assist others which should be coupled with what people have learned from the Piscean Age ideals of charity and service. Taking precedence as we make our transition into the new millennium will be how our dependence on technology can make us lose sight of whatís really important. The stressful connections between planets in Aquarius and Taurus in May 2000 and interrelated throughout the year highlights that Aquarian ruled technology is the medium, but greater benefits for humanity and the environment ought to be the message. The detachment and rationality of Aquarius can conflict with the practicality and realism of Taurus. Whatís needed is a blending of Aquarian humanity with Taurean grounding.

Saturn - Jupiter Conjunctions then and now

On May 28 there is a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the sign of Taurus. This transpires approximately every 19 to 20 years. Since 1840 it has taken place on or a year after a United States presidential election. With one exception every president elected under the Saturn Jupiter conjunction has died in office. Every time the president died the conjunction was in an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) which it will be in 2000. The only president elected under it who didnít die in office was Ronald Reagan elected in 1980 when the Saturn Jupiter conjunction occurred in Libra an air sign. There was an assassination attempt on him but he managed to survive it although in retrospective he was more severely injured than the public was told. Perhaps President Reaganís survival permanently altered the outcome of this aspect but it would be a good idea to take note of the Vice Presidential candidates during the 2000 political campaign. There also tends to be changes among leaders of other nations as well. Witness the changes in leadership in Russia during the 1980ís and the one that already began there this year.

In astrology Saturn rules the principle of contraction along with structure, organization, and responsibility. Jupiter governs expansion along with growth, opportunity and travel. Contraction and expansion are opposite principles and located in Taurus ruling economics and the money supply, action will be taken to eliminate waste as a new 20 year economic cycle begins.

The last Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Taurus took place in 1940 at the onset of World War II. During and after the war the United States economy went into a period of tremendous economic growth and prosperity. There was also a shortage of goods and food products because of rationing and these were difficult to come by as no new automobiles were made, few new houses built and less variety of foodstuffs available as most production went into the war effort. Immediately after the war it was still difficult to find homes and various products and a tremendous boom occurred providing these to a very receptive public.

With this aspect shifts are likely in areas that govern banking and finance. Already Internet banking has become commonplace and during the next 20 years more likely the option of choice. This doesnít necessarily indicate a recession just a shift in attitude in economic policies. In the past the Jupiter Saturn conjunction has taken place around the time of recessions. The 1980 conjunction and election of Ronald Reagan brought the end of a recession and sky high interest rates but escalated US debt and trade imbalances.

Following a time of expansion, contraction frequently occurs. Witness the economic boom period of the 1920ís followed by the severe depression of the 1930ís completely ended by WWII, which began around the next Jupiter Saturn conjunction of 1940. The Reagan administration policies of the 1980ís also brought in a tremendous period of growth and prosperity, but largely based on borrowing and credit. At the end of the 80ís and into the 90ís there was major corporate downsizing and a period of economic recession. Then Bill Clinton was elected president and his administration had a different point of view on handling national debt and the economy. Whether by talent or luck, during his term of office the United States has been in a period of tremendous growth and prosperity. It will be interesting to see what new economic policies are instituted under the next presidential administration. Whatever the candidates promise there has to be some elimination of waste before there can be growth and expansion. If this doesnít happen the price will have to be paid in the next decade after the conjunction.

Saturn and Jupiter govern the Judaeo-Christian ethical code, the prevailing beliefs of society as well as our legal system. Major landmark decisions can be expected with this conjunction altering the laws of society especially by the higher courts. The election of 1920 with a Jupiter Saturn conjunction occurring the following year was the first one that allowed women to vote in all the then 48 United States.

Jupiter rules higher education, and the GI Bill instituted after World War II made university education available to veterans who previously would not have been able to attend schools of higher learning. These better educated men and women not only improved the standards of society, but put a permanent emphasis on the importance of a college education. Now it is expected that most high school graduates go on to higher education, quite a different belief than the period before the GI bill. The 1960 conjunction furthered along integration and opened up educational and employment opportunities to all regardless of race, religion and gender through affirmative action which has been under attack since the 1980 Jupiter Saturn conjunction.

It appears that the next area of discrimination that is going to be addressed is rights for individuals regardless of sexual preferences. The next 20 years should see breakthroughs in laws and attitudes and more open-mindedness to furthering the rights of all peoples. In true Aquarian fashion merit and advancement will take place not based on gender, race, religion, country of origin, sexual preference or disability but on talent, intelligence and competence.

Copyright 2000 Felissa Rose. All rights reserved.

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