Seasons of the Sun
By Felissa Rose

This is one of those infrequent periods without a Mercury retrograde. Mars, however, is retrograde until July 18. Hopefully your construction projects are long underway or will begin after the 18th. You can read more about this Mars retrograde in the previous article.

I thought it might be interesting to write about the Sun's movement around the zodiac. When you look at a newspaper or magazine astrology column what's discussed is the astrological sign the Sun is placed in at birth. The prognostications can seem way off base as the Sun is only one component of an individual's astrological make-up and all factors of a chart have to be considered when forecasting present and future events. The Sun is the key to an individual horoscope and merits further discussion.

The Sun is the center of the solar system, all light emanates from it. There would be no heat or life as we know it without the warmth of the Sun. In the individual horoscope it's one's center as well. It's our life force, identity and prana. Whenever we get disoriented we go to the Sun to center ourselves and regain focus.

The movement of the Sun through the zodiac corresponds to the seasons and is categorized by elements and qualities. The elements are: fire -- energy and action; earth - practicality and stability; air - communications, relationships and circulation; and water - feeling and emotion. Qualities are classified as: cardinal - initiation; fixed - stabilizing; and mutable - transition and dispersing.

Aries (March 20 - April 19) the cardinal and fire sign, corresponds to the beginning of Spring in the northern hemisphere. By the end of the Sun's passage through Aries plants are budding, animals are out of hibernation, birds have returned to northern areas and the soil is tilled and readied for planting. Aries individuals tend to be energetic, activity oriented, adept at inspiring others to action but impatient. Whenever an Aries individual feels blocked movement enables them to feel centered. If patience is required for a particular situation physical activity and exercise can help Aries get unstuck.

When the Sun enters Taurus (April 21 through May 20) the world is definitely in the midst of Spring. This fixed earth sign is the embodiment of springtime. Birds build their nests and have their chicks, animals are born, and gardens are planted. To feel secure Taureans need constancy and fixed conditions. Slow to get started once they get going it's difficult to stop a Taurus until they finish what they're doing. Wonderful listeners they are patient, enduring and constant. Taurus likes to putter and improve and beautify whatever they can get their hands on. After a long winter given the opportunity they're working in the yard, fixing the house, and organizing the garden. Aries are the pioneers who find the new lands and Taurus are the settlers who inhabit it.

After Taurus the Sun enters Gemini (May 21 through June 20) the mutable air sign. Mutable is changeable and during this period technically it's still spring but often feels like summer. Air needs to circulate and baby birds have hatched, grown and are ready to fly away. Now that land has been settled in Taurus it's time to move around, acquire knowledge and disperse what you've learned. Gemini feels most centered when they are acquiring information from a myriad of sources and individuals. They usually know a little bit about a lot of things and excel at sharing and dispersing information to others. Gemini is ruled by Mercury which rules the human nervous system. The nerves are connections within the body and Gemini's are adept at connecting individuals.

Cancer (June 21 through July 21) is a cardinal water sign and correlates to the beginning of summer. Life and nature is lush and abundant, flowers and plants are in bloom. You begin to eat what's been growing in your garden. Food and nurturing are associated with Cancer. You've found your place, settled, acquired information now it's time to build a home and prepare for a family. Water rules emotion and Cancer's need a secure place to express their feelings. Cardinal signs like to take the initiative but unlike Aries which is seeking new territory and takes action just for action's sake, Cancer is motivated by security and the protection of the home and family.

Sun ruled Leo (July 22 through August 22) takes place in the middle of summer. This is a fixed fire sign where summer is stabilized and the heat is on. Gardens are abundant, it's basil and tomato time, outdoor parties and events are common and people are having or at least trying to have fun. Leo is the sign of creativity and children are what's created by the body. The home life begun in Cancer is completed by the children embodied by the sign of Leo. Individuals born in Leo enjoy social events and activities but being fixed they like to entertain in a stable environment usually their own home. Being a fire, action oriented sign they need to express themselves - through creative activities or just through doing things guaranteed to give them lots of attention. In the body Leo is ruled by the heart and often they like to share what they have, being some of some of the most generous individuals of the zodiac.

When the Sun enters Virgo (August 23 through September 22) a mutable earth sign a transitional period begins with the feeling that it's still summer but ends with the realization that it's coming to a close. This is the sign of the harvest as the growing season ends. Plants are picked to feed us and practical activities are begun such as splitting wood to sustain us through the cold months ahead. Creative projects and ideas begun in Leo are improved by Virgo to make them work. Virgo people are motivated by the need to have things done correctly and to be in their proper place. Individuals born under this sign feel most happy when they are advising and assisting others. This is the sign of service and as Virgoean Mother Teresa said "Service is everything." Organization and order are the ways to accomplish this.

I'll cover the Sun's movement in Libra through Pisces in the next article.

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