Seasons of the Sun - Part 2
By Felissa Rose

Mercury goes retrograde on October 1 at 3:24 PM EDT at 29 degrees 39 minutes of Libra. It goes direct October 22 at 8:24 PM EDT at 14 degrees 12 minutes of Libra. During this entire retrograde period it will be transiting Libra the sign of both personal and professional partnerships. Be on the alert for misconstrued communications and lack of understanding in relationships. It is a good period to reflect on past experiences, present expectations and future actions necessary to create harmonious relationships. The next Mercury retrograde begins on January 18, 2002 and ends February 8, 2002.

To repeat what I wrote in the last mailing, the Sun is the center of the solar system, all light emanates from it. There would be no heat or life as we know it without the warmth of the Sun. In the individual horoscope it's one's center as well. It's our life force, identity and prana. Whenever we get disoriented we go to the Sun to center ourselves and regain focus.The movement of the Sun through the zodiac corresponds to the seasons and is categorized by elements and qualities. The elements are: fire - energy and action; earth - practicality and stability; air - communications, relationships and circulation; and water - feeling and emotion. Qualities break down as: cardinal - initiation; fixed - stabilizing; and mutable - transition and dispersing.

Libra (September 23 through October 22)
is a cardinal air sign corresponding to the beginning of autumn when people start planning for the winter. The focus shifts from outdoor activities to having a person in your life to share the cold months that will soon arrive. Libra is the sign of harmony for all life forms and non-living objects. One beautifies a home, makes long range plans for gardens by gathering the seeds and planting the bulbs for next spring. In the sign of partnership and marriage one seeks a mate to go through the cold months with as well as to achieve balance and completion in one's life. Libra has to learn to seek a partner who suits them instead of feeling that any relationship is better than no relationship regardless how disharmonious it is for them. To achieve this balance they will often play the devil's advocate affirming views they don't believe just to present the other side or they will go out of their way to avoid an argument often to their detriment. Peace at any price can be counterproductive to their equilibrium. The sign of beauty and harmony, once Librans harmonized themselves they can reach out and beautify and unify the world around them.

Scorpio (October 23 through November 21)
is a fixed sign and relates to the middle of autumn. The leaves that have fallen off the trees are covering the ground enriching the earth continuing the cycle of death and rebirth. As a water sign emotions are deep as people start getting ready for the winter. Food and shelter are a priority and survival is the key. Scorpio people often appear fearless, even if they are afraid they still go through whatever intimidates them. They see flaws and are determined to make things better. Often confrontational Scorpios can take it as well as dish it out. They tend to be observers not easily revealing themselves but getting others to share their secrets. Before you know a little about them you have told a Scorpio your life story. They have the gift to go to the heart of the problem and transform it.

Sagittarius (November 22 through December 21)
is a mutable fire sign relating to the end of autumn and beginning of winter. During the time of Sagittarius some days are clear, crisp and autumn like and on other days it snows. The centaur which is half man half beast is the symbol of Sagittarius. Sagittarians like horses and sports but they also need to travel and explore, share knowledge and investigate different religions and philosophies. Their bodies have to be active and they enjoy sports but as they get older they have a tendency to sit around and watch them on TV rather than play them. As the sign of the philosopher they can be quite opinionated and have little difficulty letting others know how they feel about different issues. Being direct and to the point is something they share with Scorpios but unlike self-contained Scorpios they blurt things out without thinking. Sagittarians often are great fun and can have a terrific sense of humor but have a tendency to make commitments and promises which they sincerely mean to fulfill at the moment but then procrastinate about actually doing them. They love to travel and often know how to drive before it's legal to do so.

Capricorn (December 22 through January 19)
a cardinal earth sign correlating to the beginning of winter when most activity occurs indoors. Cardinal signs initiate and Capricorn likes to run things. Earth signs are practical and Capricorn is usually a pragmatist. Capricorn feels that it's important to make the most of the limited winter resources and to do this it's important to organize and structure. They tend to favor business and government where Capricorns can climb to the top of the heap feeling comfortable in a position of power. Natural authority figures they are adept at getting the most out of the least and can deny short term pleasures for long term goals. Hard work and sometimes harsh conditions which are embodied by the cold weather and short days of winter are challenges they can handle.

Aquarius (January 20 through February 19)
is a fixed sign occurring at the coldest time of year in the middle of winter. It's also an air sign and Aquarians feel that the need to reflect and think about one's place in the universe is a good way to spend time indoors. Frequently involved in their thoughts Aquarius is the sign under which some of the greatest inventors and individuals who shaped society were born. Institutions were initiated and organized under Capricorn, now it's time to improve them for the benefit of society. Aquarius is the sign of the reformer and idealist along with the innovator and inventor. What might seem revolutionary to others seems perfectly rational to Aquarians. Being a friend is very important to Aquarians and they are particularly loyal ones. Being an air sign they might appear detached and out of it but as a fixed sign they are quite stable and know exactly what's going down.

Pisces (February 20 through March 19)
is a mutable water sign. After a long winter people are usually looking forward to this transitional period where most of the time it's cold and wintry but then there are the occasional days which give us a glimpse of spring. This fluctuating weather parallels the Piscean nature alternately extroverted and introverted. Being a water sign they want to flow with life but can be so caught up in it's drama they can be swept downstream. It's important for Pisceans to find their center and they often do through meditation, spirituality, good works, art and music. Before one can give themselves to others you have to have a self to give. Once focused they are kind, caring and magnificent. Unfocused they are flaky, confused and lost. Water is emotional and they are extremely romantic and long for a place not of this world.

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