Venus Retrograde 2001
by Felissa Rose

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury will be going retrograde for the first time in 2001 on February 3rd at 8:52 PM EST at 0 degrees 41 minutes of Pisces. It turns direct February 25th at 10:36 AM EST at 15 degrees 26 minutes of Aquarius.

Retrograde Mercury is a frequent culprit in delaying the smooth transfer of information. During most of this retrograde period it will move through the sign of Aquarius ruler of technology including computers, satellites and telecommunications. There's a good likelihood that problems and breakdowns in those areas can occur during this Mercury retrograde. Taking place in the midst of winter weather related power outages won't be too surprising. My advice, back-up your data and do your upgrading after Mercury goes direct.

Venus Retrograde

After Mercury goes direct Venus enters a retrograde period beginning on March 8th at 8:05 PM EST at 17 degrees 43 minutes of Aries. Venus turns direct on April 20 at one degree 27 minutes of Aries at 12:33 AM EDT.

Venus is the mythological goddess of love governing all relationships: romantic, platonic, aesthetic, diplomatic, etc. Its influence is to beautify, harmonize and soften. Without Venus our civilization would have less refinement and more coarseness.

During its retrograde period those things Venus influences will be less evident or of diminished interest in the world. Considerably decreased is the importance of a visual sensibility. People will dress with less flair. One's color sense tends to be muted. Now is not the time to purchase clothes or jewelry, change one's make-up or hairstyle. Avoid having cosmetic surgery. Redecorating or refurbishing one's home or business should be put off until after the retrograde is over.

What to Watch For

One will be less inclined towards balance and harmony, the aesthetic of recording artist Eminem both in dress and music are very Venus retrograde as well as all types of trashy entertainment. One should avoid opening an artistic or musical show during Venus retrograde periods as individuals are less in touch with the outer expression of beauty and creativity. Interestingly the movie industry's Academy Award ceremony falls during this retrograde period. It might be interesting to watch the attire of those taking part to get a take on what Venus retrograde inspires. I remember one ceremony in the 70's where clothing ranged from the dull to the bizarre and not much in between. If any of you are planning to attend select your attire beforehand.

Also during this period the pace of relationships slows down and this is not the best time to get married or give big parties. Since Venus rules diplomacy, slowdowns in all types of negotiations can be expected including labor unions, legal matters and world diplomacy. Venus is moving through the sign of Aries ruled by Mars the god of war. There's a good chance of difficulty and breakdowns in resolving strife in world hot spots during the time of Venus retrograde.

Internal differences between individuals can be worked on. It is an excellent time to seek the beauty of the inner being by opening oneself up to spiritual harmony and practices.

When a planet is stationary - the time when it is about to go either retrograde or direct in motion - its influence is most intense. About a week or so either way the world will wake up to Venus. There can be a buying spree, increased releases of new musical material, a rash of parties and socializing, as well as the onset of new romantic relationships. Importantly progress can be made in the resolution of differences between individuals, organizations and nations. This station occurs during the first two weeks of March and the last two weeks of April.

Looking Ahead

Unlike Mercury, which goes retrograde three times a year, Venus goes retrograde approximately every year and a half. The next Venus retrograde, in the sign of Scorpio, begins on October 10, 2002 and ends on November 21, 2002. The planet Mars goes retrograde on May 11, 2001 and will go direct on July 19, 2001. This will be discussed in the next article.

Copyright 2000 Felissa Rose. All rights reserved.

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