Astrological Influences and the Planets, 2003
By Felissa Rose

Mercury Retrogrades

Mercury goes retrograde on January 2, 2003 at 1:20 PM EST at 28 degrees 27 minutes of Capricorn. It goes direct on January 22 at 8:09 PM EST at 12 degrees 17 minutes of Capricorn.

Looks like it's slow going after the busy, busy holidays with nothing really moving until later in January. Owing to the time of year this could be partially due to weather but motivation to take action most likely won't get underway until later in January. Capricorn rules business, which ought to be quite slow during this retrograde. Despite the new make-up of Congress and the Senate don't expect them to get it "right" during the retrograde and if they manage to agree on something it won't have the desired effect they hope for. The dates of the next Mercury retrograde are April 26, 2003 to May 20, 2003.

Stationary Planets and Influences

Planets are stationary when they are about to go retrograde or direct in motion. This takes place from a week to a few days before the actual event depending upon the closeness of the planet to the Sun. Usually the further a planet is away from the Sun the slower its motion. Pluto, which has an eccentric orbit, is an exception and, although further away than Neptune, will at times be faster in motion than Neptune. This took place during the 1980's and 1990's and won't occur again for over a hundred years. At the time of a station a planet's energy is intensified and profoundly felt in the world. Births and deaths increase dramatically along with major world events.

On November 4, 2002 Uranus changed direction going from retrograde to direct in motion. A few days before and after there was a series of earthquakes in Alaska, Pakistan, central United States and Italy where the roof of a school collapsed killing many young children at a Halloween celebration. Two days later a mid-term election took place in the United States with a series of cliffhangers and unpredictable results. Among things that Uranus rules are the unexpected and unpredictable along with air travel. As in 2000 when Uranus was also stationary right before the presidential election, a plane crash played a large part in the make-up of the Senate. The Moon's void of course from 11:49 AM to 8 PM EST on Election Day probably created mass confusion at the polls and unfocused choices as well as equipment breakdowns despite what was reported in the media.

In early October 2002 Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Neptune were all stationary and lots of dramas and difficulties ensued. Many people told me the last week of the Mercury retrograde (it turned direct on October 6) was the worse they experienced. It was actually the compilation of several planets changing direction that intensified their difficulties.

When a planet is stationary there is an impetus to take action in the area of whatever the planet represents. For example Neptune rules the medical profession, pharmaceuticals, chemical and many types of medical procedures. Around its station on October 20 when Neptune went direct in motion there was an impetus or a necessity to finally have those medical tests. With Neptune the results are frequently unclear and often have to be repeated. Neptune will change direction again going retrograde on May 25, 2003.

Pluto Influences

Pluto will go retrograde at 19 degrees 57 minutes of Sagittarius on March 23, 2003 at 12:14 AM EST. Being a slow moving planet this station will be a long one lasting several weeks before and after the actual day it changes direction. There is likely to be more violence, acts of terrorism, war, explosives, accidents and dramatic weather. Pluto brings hidden things to the surface and more disclosures about corruption can emerge hopefully leading to an overhaul in government, business, religion, sports and education.

There will be a desire for a personal Spring-cleaning as well with various forms of cleansing and a shift in one's approach to the world. Sagittarius governs the hips, thighs, sacroiliac, and sciatic nerve and with Pluto ruling intense swelling, those who have sensitivities and are prone to inflammation in those parts of the body should take precaution. A regime of bodywork, homeopathy, proper exercise and diet can lessen or actually prevent difficulties for those having weaknesses and vulnerabilities in these areas.

The station of Pluto is an excellent time to work on a new diet and exercise regime -- a personal Spring-cleaning in preparation for the warm weather that is soon to come.

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