Thoughts on Uranus in Pisces
By Felissa Rose

Mercury Retrograde, April 2003

Mercury will be going retrograde at 8:00 AM EDT April 26, 2003 at 20 degrees 32 minutes of Taurus. It goes direct on May 20 at 3:34 AM at 11 degrees 7 minutes of Taurus. Taurus is the astrological sign ruling finances and the economy. Besides the usual Mercury related holdups and breakdowns in areas of communication the focus during this retrograde period should be on financial matters. Policies initiated at this time by governmental agencies are unlikely to resolve economic problems. Mistakes by financial institutions are more prevalent so carefully go over all financial statements. When going to the bank the computers might be down. Delays can be expected if refinancing or applying for a mortgage or loan. Try and do this before or after the retrograde. Taurus is also the sign of values and this would be an excellent time to reflect on priorities both materially and spiritually. The next Mercury retrograde begins August 28, 2003 and ends September 20, 2003.

Uranus enters Pisces

On March 10, 2003 the planet Uranus enters Pisces where it stays until September 14, 2003 when it retrogrades back into Aquarius. It returns to Pisces on December 30, 2003 where it remains until March 11, 2011.

Uranus takes 84 years to circle the Sun and spends seven years in each sign of the zodiac. Ruler of the sign Aquarius it is the planet signifying the Aquarian age. It rules electricity and has a lightening bolt effect, jarring our complacency and awakening us with unexpected speed. Insight, intuition and enlightenment may come with Uranus but rarely in a way we would expect. The words of the Rolling Stonesí song "You canít always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might get what you need..." is a good way of describing how Uranus operates.

During its transit of Aquarius there have been remarkable technological leaps forward with the widespread use of the Internet, e-mail, cell phones and digital technology, bridges to increased interactions between people throughout the world. Take it from an E-Bay shopper, buying and selling of merchandise is routine and most businesses have a website. Uranus was very much at home in Aquarius, a sign of the spread of ideas and interrelating between individuals regardless of racial, religious, sexual or cultural differences.

What Pisces Influences and Rules

Pisces is an emotional water sign governing the medical profession. There should some amazing advances in medical technology during Uranusí transit of Pisces. But Pisces is also the sign of spirituality ruled by Neptune the governor of the astral plane. Proper use of Uranus in Aquarius sharpened ones intuition but the movement through Pisces should highlight inspiration. Technology will be used as a vehicle to work with inner-directed energy fields as a way to heighten awareness, amplifying individual energy. The technology will become the vehicle not the end all.

Pisces is the sign of faith and the use of prayer. Neptune ruler of Pisces is now moving through the sign of Aquarius until 2012 almost simultaneous to the transit of Uranus ruler of Aquarius in the sign of Pisces. This forms a mutual reception strengthing the connection and influence of the two planetary bodies. The linkage of people through technology to further their personal beliefs should be dramatic. As I write this in early March 2003 itís presently being demonstrated by the unification of those opposed to a war in Iraq. Everyday petitions and plans circulate over the Internet for demonstrations opposing military action strengthening and unifying this opposition.

The utilization of Piscean prayer and belief on Aquarian ruled energy fields will come into prominence during the next seven years. Uranus rules the higher mind and Pisces the unseen and the conscious awareness of influencing events by prayer will be much more prevalent during this period. Aquarius rules group energy and people will join together in prayer for healing of both individuals and the earth.

With dramatic technological improvements music will change significantly during the next several years specifically the use and range of electronic music. Pisces and Neptune govern music and their joining with technologically ruled Uranus and Aquarius will alter the way music is obtained. More and more it will be downloaded from the Internet and not necessarily from shareware sites as Kaaza but from music business related ones as well.

Pisces is one of three water signs. Cancer governs the ocean, Scorpio still water such as lakes, ponds, septic systems and cesspools, Pisces rules non-salt moving water as rivers and streams. Usage of the electrical magnetic healing properties of water should increase during Uranusí transit through Pisces.

I will discuss more on Uranus in Pisces later this year.

Copyright 2003 Felissa Rose. All rights reserved.

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