Mercury and Venus Retrogrades, 2004
By Felissa Rose

Mercury Retrograde, April 6, 2004

The planet Mercury goes retrograde on April 6, 2004 at 4:28 PM EDT at one degree 53 minutes of Taurus. On April 30, 2004, it turns direct in motion at 9:06 AM EDT at 21 degrees 7 minutes of Aries.

Mercury being retrograde in Taurus, the sign of money and the economy could delay or give a muddy picture to financial and economic indicators. This wonít be an opportune time for initiating investments, changing stockbrokers or making important financial decisions. The planetís movement into action oriented Aries puts further emphasis on difficulty in taking risks. Mercury rules connections and one could find oneself hampered by the inability of others to make decisions. Itís a favorable time for planning and strategy, writing proposals and then initiating them when Mercury goes direct.

The other Mercury retrograde periods during 2004 are August 9 to September 2, and November 30 to December 20.

Venus Retrograde, May 17, 2004

Venus goes retrograde on May 17 at 8:14 AM EDT at 26 degrees 7 minutes of Gemini. It will go direct on June 29 at 9:13 AM EDT at 9 degrees 37 minutes of Gemini.

As the mythological goddess of love the planet Venus governs all relationships---romantic, platonic, aesthetic, diplomatic, etc. Its influence is to beautify, harmonize and soften. Without Venus, our civilization would not have progressed much beyond the caveman era. Certainly, it would have less refinement and more coarseness.

During a retrograde period, the things Venus influences will be less evident or be of diminished interest in the world. Considerably decreased is the importance of visual sensibilities. People dress with less flair. Oneís color sense tends to be muted. Now is not the time to purchase clothes or jewelry, experiment with new make-up or hairstyles. Bad hair days are more frequent as well as just not looking right. You wonít be alone as most others will feel the same way or not really care.

While Venus is retrograde, one will be less inclined towards balance and harmony. The style of musical performers in dress and music such as Eminem, Kid Rock and Christine Aguilere, (although she seems to be working on improving it), is very Venus retrograde as well as other types of trashy entertainment. One should avoid opening an artistic or musical show during a Venus retrograde period, as individuals are less in touch with the outer expression of beauty and creativity.

During this time, the pace of relationships slows down. This is not the best time to get married or give big parties. Since Venus rules diplomacy, slowdowns in all sorts of negotiations can be expected, including labor unions, legal matters and world diplomacy.

Throughout this entire retrograde period, Venus is transiting Gemini the astrological sign of communications, information and connections. Venus is the planet ruling harmony and negotiations between nations and individuals will be difficult to complete. However, internal differences between individuals and as well as nations can be worked on so they can keep talking although they probably wonít be finalizing any agreements.

Individuals and nations just wonít get it "right" and whether "Coalition" troops will really leave Iraq at the end of the period remains to be seen.

Falling in the height of the wedding season will test the endurance of those getting married during this period. Venus rules harmony and newlyweds will have to work harder to obtain it at their weddings and throughout their marriages.

Social relationships are likely to proceed at a slower pace. One is more likely to attend parties where everyone arrives late and leaves early.

Avoid elective cosmetic surgery although the time when Venus is stationary---particularly right before it goes retrograde---is a positive time for any type of aesthetic procedures. Gemini rules the eyes, so put off non-essential work on them while Venus is retrograde in that sign.

It is an excellent time to seek the beauty of the inner being by opening oneself up to spiritual harmony and such practices as relaxation and meditation.

When a planet is stationary--- the time it is about to go either retrograde or direct in motion---its influence is most intense. About a week or so either way, the world will wake up to Venus. There can be a buying spree, increased releases of new musical material, a rash of parties and socializing, as well as the onset of new romantic relationships. Importantly, progress can be made in the resolution of differences between individuals and nations. The station occurs a few days before and after the Venus changes direction.

Unlike Mercury, which goes retrograde three times a year, Venus goes retrograde approximately every year and a half. The next one begins on December 24, 2005 and ends on February 3, 2006.

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