Eclipses 2000
By Felissa Rose

Mercury goes retrograde on June 23, 2000 at 4:27 AM EDT at 19 degrees 57 minutes of Cancer. It will be going direct on July 17, 2000 at 9:17 AM EDT at 10 degrees 23 minutes of Cancer. As mentioned in the previous writing, the usual Mercury retrograde delays and communication breakdowns will occur with an accent on the areas ruled by the sign of Cancer.

Cancer Influences

Cancer is the astrological sign governing home and property and the period it covers --- June and July --- are prime times for real estate construction and renovations. With the ongoing boom in these areas and the difficulty finding people to work on construction it would be impractical to stop work during the retrograde period. But it would be wise not to begin work at this time. Organizing plans beforehand as well as having all contracts signed and building construction already begun before (or after) the retrograde would bring a lot less anguish and fewer gray hairs.

July Eclipses

The month of July begins with a partial solar eclipse on the first at 4:20 PM EDT at 10 degrees 14 minutes of Cancer. A total lunar eclipse occurs on July 16 at 11:55 AM EDT at 24 degrees Cancer and Capricorn. Additionally there is another partial solar eclipse on July 30 at 10:25 PM at 8 degrees 12 minutes of Leo. Total eclipses particularly solar ones have more of an effect on world and personal events than partial ones.

The solar eclipse of July 1 occurs at 10 degrees of Cancer almost exactly in the place Mercury will be going direct on July 17. An obvious connection between these two events denotes that much of July will focus on the issues brought on by the eclipse with a resolution likely to be delayed by the Mercury retrograde and dealt with about the time it goes direct. Three eclipses during one month is an unusual occurrence and I would like to discuss some thoughts about eclipses that I might have mentioned in previous writings to discuss what they might signify and what to possibly expect.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is situated in a location where it cuts off the Sunís light from the Moon depriving it of illumination. Lunar eclipses always occur when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs of the zodiac. Solar eclipses take place at New Moons when the Sun and Moon are in the same sign. They transpire when the Moon stands between the Sun and Earth cutting from our vision the Sun and its light.

Eclipse Related Influences and Events

Throughout history people have been intrigued by eclipses. During the middle ages they were believed to bring on the downfall of rulers and kings unexpectedly and with haste. This has proved itself to be true lately as well. In 1994 there was an election for governor of New York State. The incumbent, Mario Cuomo appeared unlikely to be beaten by his little known opponent, George Pataki. On May 10, 1994 there was a solar eclipse whose path passed right over Albany, the New York state capital, where it was at its most visible. Albany is where the governor and the legislatures of New York State reside.

I remember thinking that an eclipse over the state capital should point to a change of government where the incumbent loses the election but at that point all indications made it seem unlikely. However, come November of that year thatís exactly what did happen. The path of solar eclipses determines the areas of the world where the strongest effect will take place. This relates to weather and earth changes as well as political ones. Places most affected by the July 1 eclipse are southern Argentina and Chile, and the South Pacific Ocean areas. The July 30 eclipse will affect Northernmost Asia and the Northern most areas of western North America. Partial eclipses are not as powerful as total ones. The next total eclipse of the Sun occurs on June 20-21, 2001. The path will cross the southern hemisphere beginning in the South Atlantic and crossing southern Africa and Madagascar ending in the Indian Ocean. The strongest effect will probably be felt in the eastern part of southern Africa.

Eclipses can come on suddenly acting in a lightening like manner. The effects of solar ones can begin up to a year before they actually take place and the lunar six months. A situation can begin to develop that will crest on or close to the actual date of the eclipse. For example one year before an eclipse you might start thinking of changing residences and close to the date of the eclipse put your house on the market or move to a different home. Eclipses are like the siren of a fire engine off in the distance getting closer and closer passing right in front of your house on the actual date of the eclipse. There is a two week period between eclipses which can be unstable, changeable and frequently exciting. Itís like having a brass band playing in your living room --- which might be more music than youíd be comfortable with.

The effect of the eclipse is often surprising especially when it happens on your birthday. If this occurs, your life could be quite different after the eclipse as often something striking can occur. You may remember in a previous article on eclipses I discussed one woman, who when celebrating her birthday with her new boy friend, had a solar eclipse take place. They were surprised by the sudden and unexpected entrance of the boy friendís wife at the exact moment of the eclipse. This really surprised the birthday celebrant as she wasnít aware of the man was married. Usually the eclipse's effect isnít so dramatic, although it is often indicative of areas of the life that need to be changed.

To enumerate some aspects of eclipses:

  • Solar eclipses can take up to one year to develop
  • Lunar eclipses can take up to six months to develop
  • Their effects are strongest around the actual date of the eclipse
  • The two week period between solar and lunar eclipses are often unsettled, unstable but can be somewhat exciting
  • Places along the path of the eclipse will be where its effect is most pronounced

This is especially relevant to weather and earth disturbances as well as political change. A situation that hasnít been dealt with, or is just out of conscious range, can emerge at this time necessitating action.

And don't forget...

The stronger the eclipse point (the degree and sign where the Moon or Sun is located on the date of the eclipse) in an individual horoscope, the more significant it will be in your life.

Copyright 2000 Felissa Rose. All rights reserved.

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