Mercury Retrograde Winter 2007
By Felissa Rose

Mercury will go retrograde on February 13 at 11:39 PM EST at 10 degrees 13 minutes of Pisces. It will go direct in motion on March 7 at 11:46 PM EST at 25 degrees 24 minutes of Aquarius.

Pisces is the ruler of hospitals and medicine and Mercury rules information and communication. Routine medical test ought not to be scheduled during this period as there is more likelihood of inconclusive or misconstrued results. Elective surgery should also be postponed. Mercury being retrograde doesn’t negate good results from essential medical treatment but it could be a good idea to delay optional therapy.

The sign Aquarius rules technology, cellular communications, media and computers. Mercury will retrograde into Aquarius on February 26. Aside from delaying the purchase of that new flat screen television and buying the latest cellular technology, putting off those purchases until Mercury goes direct would be a good idea. Upgrading to Microsoft Vista should be put off until the retrograde as the various kinks in the software are likely to emerge and need to be ironed out.

Mercury will be retrograde in 2007 from June 15 to July 9 and October 12 to the 31st. Plan accordingly.

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