The August Mercury Retrograde
by Felissa Rose

On August 17, 1997 at 3:43 A.M. EDT Mercury goes retrograde at 16 degrees 12 minutes of Virgo. It will turn to direct motion on September 9,1997 at 9:38 P.M. at 2 degrees 42 minutes of Virgo.

Mercury Rulerships and Virgo

Mercury rules wires, communications and much of the technology that goes along with it. It is also the main indicator of how people relate and the many different ways people and equipment connect. Retrograde energy is great for the internalization of information -- thinking, processing and digesting; but difficult for its externalization. What frequently occurs during the Mercury retrograde periods are slowdowns, breakdowns and foul-ups in areas that Mercury and the planetary sign itís moving through rule.

Virgo is the sign of order and procedures. Itís usually happy tending to the details of life. While Mercury is retrograde in this sign, organizing oneís life and business can turn into an exercise in frustration.

In astrology the sign of Virgo is one of the major indicators of oneís employment -- specifically the conditions of and co-workers on the job. Beginning a new job or business while Mercury is retrograde here wouldnít be a good idea. Aside from the chaos and lack of organization one might encounter upon starting a new position, the initial information about it and the reality of it will differ significantly.

Leaving one job to begin another while Mercury is retrograde is usually not a good idea either. There are many instances where the individuals who hired you leave or the position you are selected for is eliminated. Employment begun while Mercury is retrograde is often impermanent. So if your preparing a major career move, put it off until Mercury goes direct.

During a large part of the Mars retrograde period of February 6 to April 27 of this year, Mars was also moving through the sign of Virgo. This was a very rough time for allergies and asthmatics. Retrograde energy is internalized and Virgo rules the pancreas and much of the digestive system of the body. The bodyís blood sugar is controlled by the pancreas and when the blood sugar is out of balance the adrenal glands often get depleted weakening the system and opening one up to colds and allergies.

Health Considerations and Indicators

With regard to health and the body, the mutable signs -- Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini -- have a strong interconnected relationship. Imbalances in one correspond to difficulties in the other ones. This also applies to the fixed signs -- Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, and Cardinal ones -- Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

When the pancreas is overtaxed, the blood sugar goes out of balance. This Virgo factor corresponds to its opposite sign of Pisces which rules the lymph system of the body. Depletion of the lymph systems weakens oneís immunity creating a susceptibility to colds. This sensitizes the body, opening one up to allergies and asthma. Mercury and Gemini rule the lungs and the process of inhalation. Depletion of the adrenal glands is a major factor that brings on asthmatic attacks. Geminiís opposite sign Sagittarius governs the process of exhalation -- eliminating the end products of inhalation. Asthma often occurs when the individual is has difficulty exhaling and getting those toxins out of their system.

Mercury retrograde in the sign of Virgo, could be a difficult time for asthma and allergies. It would be a good idea to pay attention to oneís diet by avoiding white sugars which put a lot of strain on the pancreas and deplete the adrenal glands.

Fortunately this coincides with the time of the harvest and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables could be of great assistance in minimizing the effects of the allergies. Since mold is a big allergen, which is at itís height in the late autumn, doing a fall cleaning could be as important as a spring one. Perhaps a rainy Mercury retrograde period could heighten the effects of the mold.

This Retrograde's Opportunities

Virgo rules health and self-improvement and the focus will be on these areas while Mercury is retrograde here. This would be a good period to reflect on oneís diet and state of health -- taking steps to improve these and going on to a better nutritional and exercise regime when Mercury turns direct.

In the future Iíll write about how the fixed and cardinal signs interact with each other with respect to the body and its state of health.

Copyright 1997 by Felissa Rose. Felissa Rose

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