Astrological Influences through May 2000
Planets, Aspects and Zodiac Sign Energies
by Felissa Rose

Neptune and Uranus 1999

During October, Neptune on October 13, and Uranus on October 22 will go from retrograde to direct motion in Aquarius. Since last May, while these planets were retrograde, difficulties with technology and troublesome Y2K issues were being worked on, but the public and media were not as focused on this problem as they had been earlier in the year. With these planets going direct in October, Y2K madness could begin including a rush to get money out of banks, stocking up on food, and seeking alternative sources of power. The media frenzy might go into full gear, and if there’s going to be any millennium madness it should be off and running now. ( See my previous article on the August 11-12. 1999 Grand Cross for more on Y2K. )

Retrograde Mercury, 1999

Mercury goes retrograde for the final time this year and this millennium on November 4th at 9:53 PM EST at 1 degree 43 minutes of Sagittarius until November 24 at 10:50 PM EST at 15 degrees 37 minutes of Scorpio. Astrologically Scorpio along with the sign Taurus rules finances. Unclear information about banks and financial institutions along with the Y2K scare could cause confusion and a run on the banks. Scorpio also governs taxes, insurance, and debt and it would be a good idea to have all your necessary paperwork in these areas straightened out or there could be hassles when January roles around.

With Mercury retrograde purchases of electronic and technical equipment and toys should be done before or after this period. Buying anything mechanical with Mercury retrograde is often problematic. At worst it doesn’t work properly if at all at best there’s no problem with it’s operation but isn’t exactly what you need. I was forced to buy a new telephone answering machine while Mercury was retrograde because my old one died. I thought I had all the things I would need, call screening, ability to turn off the ringer and a simple remote retrieval system. The answering machine is working perfectly only problem is that there’s no way to completely turn off the volume so I can hear the outgoing and incoming message at all times.

January 2000

Neptune and the Moon's South Node

January 1, 2000 and the new millennium is almost here. There’s much anxiety about possible computer malfunctions on this date and in some instances this is justified. There’s a conjunction or joining of Neptune in Aquarius and the Moon’s South Node on January 15, 2000. Neptune rules the medical profession and Aquarius technological equipment and the lunar south node brings out weaknesses in those areas it connects with. Malfunctions in this realm can pose a problem so if you’re considering elective surgery scheduling it earlier in December 1999 or later in 2000 might be a good idea. Neptune also rules water and problems with water and sewerage systems as well as weather related water problems could also be a possibility. With Aquarius the ruler of electricity there’s more than a chance of complicated and chaotic power outages. Those with electrically operated pumps should consider storing a short term supply of water.

Pluto and Chiron

Another powerful connection is the joining of Pluto and Chiron almost exactly on January 1, 2000. Chiron rules natural healing and its discovery in 1977 transformed chiropractic treatment and opened up acceptance of and expanded treatment with alternative medicine. This close connection denotes an increase and development of therapies that are beyond present comprehension. What’s now outside the mainstream will not only become accepted but merge with conventional forms of medicine as the population at large force the medical profession to open up their thinking and accept healing practices that are not traditional.

Potential Critical Trigger Point

January 1, 2000 is approximately half-way between the eclipse and fixed cross of August 11-12, 1999 and the planetary line-up of May 2000. We’re in for some major shake-ups, both financial and political. Indications of what’s to come began in August 1999 but keep an eye on this October as Uranus and Neptune are pivotal in terms of what’s ahead.

Calculating a horoscope for midnight 1/1/2000 in Washington DC, indicates a likelihood of financial delays and setbacks connected to technology. Although the banks and other institutions have been putting the word out that everything is straightened out, this won’t be completely true. Also noticeable is a need to heal and transform our health care system, as well as the revelations of past abuses in health and communications. Particularly significant is injury caused by chemicals used in the home and industry as well as certain medications.

Some Things to Think About

As we enter the Aquarian Age, the pace of life will continue to accelerate, as will the availability of information through continued technological breakthroughs. Aquarius is also the sign of humanity using its collective group effort to heal and assist others, which works best when coupled to the higher Piscean Age goals of charity and service. As we make our transition into the new millennium we will have an opportunity to see all to clearly how our dependence on technology can make us lose sight of what’s really important.

The stressful connections between planets in Aquarius and Taurus in May of 2000---but interrelated during much of 1999 and 2000---highlights that Aquarian ruled technology is the medium, but greater benefits for humanity and the environment ought to be the message. The detachment and rationality of Aquarius can conflict with the practicality and realism of Taurus. What’s needed is a blending of Aquarian humanity with Taurean grounding.

Copyright 1999 Felissa Rose. All rights reserved.

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