Saturn in Taurus
by Felissa Rose

Saturn enters the sign of Taurus on June 9, 1998, staying until October 25, 1998 when it retrogrades into Aries. It re-enters Taurus on February 28, 1999 (8:26 PM EST) , remaining there until August 9, 2000 (10:26 PM EDT), when it goes into Gemini. Saturn returns to Taurus on October 15, 2000, remaining there through April 20, 2001.

Saturn has a 29 year orbit around the Sun, remaining in a sign for approximately two and one-half years. The last time it was in Taurus was from approximately May 1969, through June, 1971. It moved into Gemini until January, 1972, when it retrograded back into Taurus, turning direct on January 31, 1972 (at 4:33 AM EST). It re-entered Gemini on February 21, 1972 (9:51 AM EST).

Saturn's Astrological Influences

Until the end of the 18th century Saturn was believed to be the planet at the end of our solar system. Then Uranus was discovered in 1781, Neptune in 1846 and Pluto in 1930. In astrology Uranus, Neptune and Pluto deal with subtle and more refined energies linking us to higher consciousness. Saturn rules the material world --- responsibility, authority, structure and stability. It also governs fear and control.

Saturn is the "ring pass not" of the Esoteric Tradition governing access to the influence of the outer planets. Before one can move into states of higher awareness, one must pass the tests of Saturn by being stable, grounded and acting responsibly. Discipline, Saturn's rings of restraint and control, must be cultivated. Otherwise itís easy to go off the deep end and lose oneself and any sense of reality.

As Saturn moves through the zodiac it structures and steadies those things governed by the sign itís moving through by streamlining, concentrating and eliminating the superfluous. Saturn rules diamonds, the most structured and crystallized of gem stones. Saturn calls for structuring and focusing energy in the most practical and efficient way possible. During this transit, it is moving through a sign ruled by the Earth itself. As Saturn also rules governments, it will be interesting to see how these institutions try to bring about order and efficiency under the auspices of the combined reality check energy of Earth and Saturn.

Saturn, Money and Economics

Taurus has dominion over money and banking. As I write this in April 1998, several large banks have announced mergers and more can be expected. In 1913, a year Saturn was located in Taurus, the Federal Reserve was created, centralizing our banking system. As we all know, the "Fed' now determines interest rates and our monitary policy. By its position, the Fed also has a great deal of control over financial markets in the U.S., and by our nation's position as an economic power, great influence over world economic events and the policies of world financial institutions.

In 1971 Saturn was in Taurus and President Nixon signed a law removing the gold and silver backing of the dollar and replaced them with just the "guarantee" of the Federal Reserve. It will be interesting to see what occurs during this Saturn passage. There is a strong possibility of more centralization and control of the currency by banks and the government. The new "Euro" currency of the unified European Economic Community is poised to give the dollar a run for its money under this Saturn transit.

Saturn, Health and "Personal Housekeeping"

In the body, Taurus rules the thyroid gland, voice, throat and neck. Reported damages to the throat are apt to lessen the glamour of cigar smoking. Chiropractors and body workers will hear more complaints about neck pain and stiffness. Taurus also rules the Earth, and the value of farmland. The importance of uncontaminated seeds and food will be heightened. The 'organic' movement will be in full swing and inroads upon it by those not necessarily concerned with itís best interests will have to be repelled. Real estate prices ought to increase when Jupiter enters Taurus in the summer of 1999.

While Saturn is moving through Taurus it might be a good idea to clean out your closets and sell or give away those things you no longer need. You could say itís making room for new and better things, or you could just be clearing and simplifying your life. Good chance simplification will become a keyword during the next few years.

Along with money and possessions, Taurus also rules our values --- what we believe to be significant in life. The teaching of Saturnís passage through Taurus is to focus upon that which is truly important and meaningful to our existence.

In the future, we'll look at some of the significant aspects that involve Saturn's transit through Taurus.

Copyright 1998 Felissa Rose

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