1999 Planetary Transits
Zodiacal and Horoscope Influences of Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Neptune
by Felissa Rose

1999 Retrogrades

Mercury goes retrograde on March 10, 1999 at 4:05 AM EST at four degrees two minutes of Aries. It turns direct at on April 2, 1999 at 4:14 AM EST at 20 degrees 52 minutes in the sign of Pisces. Unstable spring weather could play a big part in generating communications snafus during this Mercury retrograde period.

Along with Mercury retrograde Mars will go retrograde on March 18, 1999 at 8:35 AM EST at 12 degrees 12 minutes of Scorpio. Mars wonít go direct until June 4, 1999 at 2:11 AM EDT at 24 degrees 31 minutes of Libra. I will discuss the Mars retrograde in more detail in the next mailing but in brief avoid elective surgery and building construction during this period.

On June 9, 1998 Saturn entered the sign of Taurus and stayed there until October 25, 1998 when it retrograded back into Aries. It returns to Taurus on February 28, 1999 remaining there until April 20, 2001 except for a brief interlude in Gemini during 2000. In a previous mailing I discussed some of the characteristics of Saturn in Taurus along with the probable effects of Saturnís movement through this astrological sign. Particularly noted was the increased importance of finances dictated both by necessity and a deepening sense of personal values.

Aspects and the Economy

During 1998 and 1999 Saturn will be squaring the planet Neptune three times. The first occurred on June 25, 1998, the second on October 31, 1998 and the final one on April 6, 1999. During these transits Saturn the planet of structure and reality challenges Neptune the ruler of intangibility and imagination.

In financial matters Neptune rules credit. When Saturn comes along to challenge it people have to ante up and pay their debts. A downturn in the economy demonstrates the need not to overextend oneself and acquire debt. I remember in the 1950ís and 1960ís when my father bought a car he paid cash for it. This was common at that time and now it occurs infrequently. I agree this is usually out of necessity. Most of us need a car and donít have the liquidity to pay cash for one. Even if you do youíre encouraged to either buy it on credit to improve your credit rating or lease one which means you donít even own it. Congress just passed a law limiting rights of bankruptcies and this will make it even more difficult for those who have overextended themselves through credit.

Practical Earth Rules!

Taurus governs the economy and along with Capricorn, business at large. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn so Saturnís movement through Taurus will put a heavy focus on these areas. Saturn in Taurus will tighten up the economy though not necessarily increasing interest rates. An increase of corporate mergers will concentrate financial institutions and other businesses as companies streamline and waste is curtailed with a solid bottom line. The reality check coupled with fear indicated by Saturnís move through Taurus will conflict with Neptunian idealism, hope and the desire to take risks on what really doesnít exist as the stock market continues itís roller coaster ride. Overall the trend will most likely be downward until this aspect moves away after May 1999, although difficulties in these areas can continue, with Saturn squaring Uranus during summer 1999. This will be discussed in another article.

Other countries will be forced to tighten their economies as they also have overextended themselves by borrowing. They can be aided by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) which would subject them to greater outside control of their economies.

What Really Matters?

In short with interest rates low, it would be a good idea to clear out as much debt as possible. Try to cut your expenses and have a good look at your attitude toward how you handle the financial aspects of your life. In other words, be less frivolous and more careful with your money. You might need a four wheel drive vehicle, but does it have to be a Range Rover or a Mercedes? Financial difficulties could be offset by an increased emphasis on what is truly important. Reflect and evaluate what really matters in your life and what you truly value.

A few words on the 8/11/99 Fixed Cross

On August 11, 1999 there is a grand fixed cross in the sky. This means that planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are closely and stressfully configured with each other. Fixed signs govern values, long held beliefs and deeply embedded principles. As these different ideologies surface, clashes between individuals and opposing groups manifest creating disputes. The polarization between Democrats and Republicans over President Clintonís impeachment are symptomatic of this. Along with political differences there could be strong clashes between different religious, social and economic groups.

On August 11 there is also a solar eclipse adding to the intense and explosive nature of the configuration. This is the make or break time learn to deal and live with each other or drag these differences and hatreds on for future generations. Due to the unpredictable nature of the eclipse anything could happen perhaps creating an opportunity for healing.

Copyright 1998 Felissa Rose

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