Beginning the Century
Planetary Influences 2000
by Felissa Rose

Although a new century and new millennium begins, Mercury will still go retrograde. At 7:54 PM EST on February 20, 2000 Mercury goes retrograde at 17 degrees 9 minutes of Pisces and goes direct in motion at 3:43 PM EST on March 14, 2000, at two degrees 49 minutes of Pisces.

Mercury Retrograde Currents

Entering the Aquarian and leaving the Piscean Age makes this retrograde of Mercury in Pisces a favorable time to reflect on those insights and inner truths one has gathered over the years. On a more mundane level the usual Mercury retrograde communications breakdowns and delays can be expected, coupled with a heightened indecisiveness signified by Neptunian ruled Pisces which is more comfortable being creative or in a dream like state than dealing with earthly issues. Water induced weather difficulties are a strong possibility owing to the time of year as well as the watery Piscean influence. Lets take a quick look at the positions of the outer planets, those farthest away from our Sun, to give us a picture of some of our prevailing concerns at the beginning of the new century.

Pluto 2000

Pluto is moving through Sagittarius until November 26, 2008 although it briefly goes into Capricorn on January 25, 2008 returning to Sagittarius on June 13, 2008. Pluto has been in Sagittarius since 1995 and since that time we have seen the following: more public scrutiny of the legal system, wars seemingly motivated by religious, political and ethnic differences, diseases spread by international travelers, laws restricting automobile emissions, more usage of athletes (ruled by Sagittarius) in advertising (ruled by Pluto). Suitable education for all children and young adults has become a priority as well as safety in our schools. Sagittarius governs higher education, philosophy, defining one’s place in the universe. Pluto rules mass unconscious violence. An alteration in consciousness and tolerance of other people’s beliefs must occur now for children to learn in a safe and nourishing atmosphere.

As I previously wrote, attention will be on the alarming increase of the chronic illness asthma. Sagittarius’ opposite sign Gemini rules inhalation and Sagittarius exhalation and together they govern the breathing mechanism of the body. The lungs are an important organ of the body’s elimination, and asthma is an illness where individuals have difficulty exhaling carbon dioxide and other waste from the body. During the transit of Pluto through Sagittarius there will be more understanding of the psychological and emotional causes of asthma as well as its physiology. Pluto uproots deep and buried inner traumas which can play a part in causing asthma. Diseases of the lungs will be of greater interest during this period.

Neptune 2000

Since 1998 Neptune has been transiting Aquarius and will stay there until February 3, 2012. Neptune rules medicine and the sign Aquarius governs technology, electricity and magnetism. Although there will be advanced equipment that aids the medical community, even more striking will be the increased use of magnetic healing along with oxygen and ozone therapy. Ecologically stronger interest in the areas of clean air, pollution and water will popularize wind and solar generated power and a decrease in our dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Even more evident is an additional imbalance of water through floods or drought. Increased interest in the Neptunian ruled areas of art, music, film and photography joins the Aquarian domains of television, media and computers. Downloading music and watching and promoting films via the computer are already a reality. More sophisticated technology will probably make it commonplace in the near future.

Uranus 2000

Uranus will transit Aquarius until December 30, 2003 except for a short sojourn into Pisces from March 10, 2003 to September 14, 2003. After December 30, 2003 Uranus will remain in Pisces for the next seven years. Uranus is the planetary ruler of Aquarius which is the sign of humanity as well as ruler of the next two millenniums. As an air sign, Aquarius is concerned with receiving and dispensing information to individuals regardless of racial, religious, sexual or cultural differences. Also ruling technology (computers, faxes, telephones, satellites and whatever else is invented) the planet Uranus’ move through Aquarius is dramatically linking individuals rapidly and impersonally. This planetary movement will provide increased technological breakthroughs and a continued acceleration of the pace of life.

Good Things Happening

During the second half of 1999---and it will continue into 2000---you might have noticed a sort of millennium madness as the pace of life and events appear to have accelerated. Sudden career and relationship changes have unexpectedly occurred and the routine of daily life has been irrevocably altered. Coupled with it has come an increased synchronicity as people and events appear connected. The urgency to alter one’s existence putting one on a path that brings more fulfillment will continue into the century as well as the millennium. Individual freedom and self-expression are synonymous with what the Aquarian Age is about.

Copyright 1999 Felissa Rose. All rights reserved.

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