What's Happening this Summer
Planetary Transits, Solar Eclipses and Grand Fixed Crosses
by Felissa Rose

Starting with Mercury retrograde from July 12, 1999 7:27 PM EDT to August 5, 1999 at 11:22 PM EDT this should be an interesting summer. Mercury goes retrograde at 9 degrees 20 minutes of Leo and will be going direct at 28 degrees 35 minutes of Cancer.

After the Mars retrograde of March 18 through June 4, many of you are chomping at the bit to get your building and home improvement projects moving. Hopefully it was begun in June. If initiated before the Mercury retrograde thereís no need to halt the project just expect a probable slow down and learn patience.

Those traveling during the period can expect some delays which isnít an unusual occurrence. Many who have recently traveled by air can attest to this. Make sure your camera or camcorder is working properly. I once went to Europe for a combined vacation/business trip. While there Mercury went retrograde and the camera which operated perfectly before suddenly stopped working. When Mercury was no longer retrograde it resumed itís flawless performance.

Venus Retrograde

To further add to this summerís complexity, the Venus retrograde begins on July 29 at 9:39 PM EDT in 5 degrees 7 minutes of Virgo. It goes direct on September 10 at 8:22 PM EDT in 18 degrees 47 minutes of Leo.

Venus is the mythological goddess of love governing all relationships; romantic, platonic, aesthetic, diplomatic, etc. Its influence is to beautify, harmonize and soften. Without Venus our civilization would have even less refinement and more coarseness.

During its retrograde period those things Venus influences will be less evident or of diminished interest in the world. Considerably lessened is the importance of a visual sensibility. People dress with less flair. Oneís color sense tends to be muted. Now is not the time to purchase clothes or jewelry, change oneís make-up or hairstyle. Avoid having cosmetic surgery. Redecorating or refurbishing oneís home or business should also be put off.

One will be less inclined towards balance and harmony. The aesthetic of recording artist Marilyn Manson both in dress and music, for example, are very Venus retrograde as well as all types of trashy entertainment. One should avoid opening an artistic or musical show during Venus retrograde periods as individuals are less in touch with the outer expression of beauty and creativity.

Relationships and Venus Retrograde

The pace of relationships slows down and summer or not this is not the best time to get married or give big parties. Since Venus rules diplomacy, slowdowns in all types of negotiations can be expected including labor unions, world diplomacy and legal matters.

Internal differences between individuals can be worked on. It is an excellent period to seek the beauty of the inner being by opening oneself up to spiritual harmony.

When a planet is stationary --- the time when it is about to go either retrograde or direct in motion --- its influence is most intense. About a week or so either way the world will wake up to Venus. There can be a buying spree, increased releases of new musical material, a rash of parties and socializing, as well as the onset of new romantic relationships. Venus will be stationary at 18 degrees 47 minutes of Leo right on the degree of the August 11 solar eclipse. The week before and after Venus goes direct should highlight the events occurring around the solar eclipse.

Eclipses and Fixed Crosses

There are two solar eclipses this summer. The first is a partial lunar eclipse on July 28 at 7:26 AM EDT in 4 degrees 58 minutes of Leo and Aquarius. The second is a total solar eclipse on August 11 at 7:10 AM EDT in 18 degrees 21 minutes of Leo.

Eclipses come on suddenly acting in a lightening like manner. Eclipses are like sirens off in a distance the noise gets closer and closer and on the day of the eclipse it passes exactly in front of you then gets further and further away until you donít hear it any more.

The effects of a solar eclipse can begin up to a year before and the lunar ones six months prior to the actual date of the eclipse. Situations develop that can crest on the actual date of the eclipse and can be felt from six months to a year after it depending whether itís a lunar or solar eclipse. Actual places along the path of the eclipse will be where itís effect is most pronounced. This is especially relevant to weather and earth disturbances as well as political changes.

The path of the August 11 eclipse begins in the North Atlantic moves through England, France and southern Belgium, Germany, Hungary and Northeast Serbia just above Novi Sad, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and India, hitting some major world hot spots.

Along with the eclipse on August 11, 1999 there is a infrequent grand fixed cross in the sky. Saturn in Taurus, Mars in Scorpio, Uranus in Aquarius and the Sun and Moon in Leo are closely and stressfully configured with each other.

Fixed signs govern values, long held beliefs and deeply embedded principles. As these ideologies surface, clashes between different religious, social and economic groups take place. The polarization between Democrats and Republicans over President Clintonís impeachment, as well as the atrocities created by the long festering hatred in the former Yugoslavia, are symptomatic of this. There are deeply rooted animosities between groups in several of the countries along the path of the eclipse as well as between the different nations. With the combination of eclipse and fixed cross occurring almost simultaneously this is truly an explosive period.

From a personal standpoint this would be the time when one must get oneís act together. The worse traits of fixed signs, being judgmental, tending to blame and hold on to resentments, stubbornness and rigidity have to be ferreted out then flipped to the positive fixed sign traits, loyalty, endurance, reliability, depth and truth.

Looming Y2K Problems?

Thereís been a lot of concern about January 1, 2000 and the potential for a major Y2K disaster. Also looming ahead is the unusual planetary line-up in Taurus on May 4 and 5th of 2000 frequently referred to as Armageddon. Timewise January 1st is almost exactly at the midpoint between the fixed cross/solar eclipse combination of August 11 and the close planetary line-up of May 4/5, 2000.

A preview of the Y2K difficulties should be surfacing this summer. Iíll discuss more on this later.

Copyright 1999 Felissa Rose All rights reserved.

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