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How It Works

The basic approach is that you can browse books and other items, and put some of them in your virtual "Shopping Cart".

When you are ready to order, you click the "Checkout Counter" button. On the Checkout Counter page, you can see your order totals
On that page, you review the items and prices, and make your final decisions.

As a special feature on the Checkout Counter page, you can click the "Review My Shopping Cart" button and see the items in your cart all together on a single page. You can even click and reread the "More Info" links there to help you decide.

When you give your "Final OK" on the Checkout Counter page, we ask for your name and address etc.
You can pay by Amex, Visa, Master Card or Discover.
The last step is an opportunity to download and/or print out a copy of your order, either for your records, or to send to us with your credit card number.

If you are paying by credit card, you can fill in your card number on the form you will see using our secured transaction processing, or just write it on the order form and mail it to us with your signature.
NOTE: some browsers and Internet access providers do not support secure transactions.
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Shipping Charges

AccessNewAge is like a mall.

We carry items from several different catalogs and each catalog may have differemt shipping charges.

You will see the full information about your shipping charges on the page right after the Checkout Counter.

To look up the Shipping Charges for each catalog, Click Here

We ship via UPS, unless to a post office box, in which case we use the U.S. Mail (our shipping rates are the same for both).

If you need any special handling or rush shipping, or have any questions, you can E-mail us at box5@AccessNewAge.com.
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All payments must be in U.S. funds.
Credit-card orders will be shipped as soon as your card number is verified.
Our server supports secured transactions.

Prices subject to change without notice.

We do not ship COD.

Please make payments to Access:New Age, and mail them to
    Access:NewAge Corp.
    PO Box 337
    Whippany, NJ 07981-033

Credit-card orders may be FAXed to: 973-386-2387.
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Local Sales Taxes

Any applicable local sales taxes are included in the prices.
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Returns Authorization Policy

After contacting us, and receiving a return authorization, you may return defective merchandise for replacement or merchandise credit only. ALWAYS RETAIN packing/shipping slips for any returns. E-mail us immediately upon receipt of defective goods at box5@AccessNewAge.com. Write "Return Permission?" in the subject line; explain the defect and if you wish replacement or merchandise credit. We do not accept any unauthorized returns.

Merchandise damaged in transit from improper handling by the carrier (the package/ carton was "hurt") is the responsibility of the carrier. Place a claim immediately with the appropriate carrier. Retain all original packing materials.

If a carton/package is not damaged, but the merchandise is damaged, notify us immediately at box5@AccessNewAge.com. Write "Damaged Goods" in the subject line, explain the condition of the merchandise and the packaging. Retain all packaging.

Notify us immediately at box5@AccessNewAge.com if there is a short or misship. Put "Short/Misship" in the subject line; then explain the error in the e-mail. Back to Top

Merchandise Out-of-Stock

We make every effort to keep our on-line catalog current with our warehouse stock. However, sometimes we may be out of an item you have ordered. If that happens we will e-mail you and you can tell us if: (1) you want a refund, (2) you want us to ship the item when it is back in stock, or (3) you want to substitute a different item. If you want us to ship the item when it is back in stock, we will do so, but will automatically refund payment if the item is not back in stock after six (6) weeks, unless you instruct us otherwise at box5@AccessNewAge.com. Back to Top


We operate a secure server using state-of-the-industry encryption technology provided by our Internet Service Provider and using the "public key" Digital ID services of Verisign, Inc. (http://www.verisign.com). If you desire more technical information, check out their sites.

As soon as we receive your credit card number we immediately RE-encrypt it with our own proprietary encryption method before we store it on our server site.
Nobody, not even someone posessing our physical server, could find out your card number. Your card number remains encrypted and secure. It is only decrypted off-line when needed for credit processing.

Your card number remains encrypted until we perform the credit processing at our marketing office.
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A Note About Customer Privacy

We do not share customer information with ANYONE, EVER, FOR ANY REASON.   Period.

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