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A Time of Fire
The gifted mystic and visionary Michelle Rios Rice Hennelly provides a stunning account and hundreds of messages from the Divine Mother about love, prophecy, and the coming changes to our lives and world.
Alexander Material
The Alexander Material comprises books channeled by Ramon Stevens; including Conscious Life (creating our reality); Earthly Cycles (reincarnation); Spirit Wisdom II (future earth/society changes). Endorsed by Rob Butts, husband of Jane Roberts.
All Eternity, spirit talks.
A spiritual site with content provided by Spirit with topics such as Your True self, Earth Changes, Predictions for the Planet.
Angelic Wise Ones
Carolyn Evers
Carolyn Evers works with Masters and Archangels and conducts conference calls with them. She has received books from these Masters regarding the ascension process and earth changes, and also reads from the Universal Akashic Records
Channeling St. Germain in the New Energy
New energy channeler Tommi Makela connects with ascended master St. Germain and with the client's higher self providing practical answers and clarity to various situations in life.
Connecting To Diana
Afterlife conversation with Princess Diana. Riveting and revealing, Diana's words offer hope and wisdom to our world. Excerpts from the book The Princess and THe Peon: An Uncommon Conversation With The Later Princess Diana included.
Egyptian gO+HBoardZ
eg BOARdZ/ egyPTiAN goTHBoARdZ are supernatural communication devices similiar to "ouija" boards shaped like pyramids
God speaks
God speaks about Himself, the Evolution, the meaning of our lives, what the religion must be, how to achieve the Perfection, how to cognize Him and become One with Him. The history of religion.
Hidden Secrets of Many, But One---Dr. Donald Ryles
Was 9-11 and beyond encoded in a book spiritually sent and meant to guide us all?...A book copyrighted 4 years before the events.
Jeshua channelings
loving and inspiring messages about the current transition on earth from ego based to heart based consciousness
Journey From Darkness Into Loving Light   http://groups.msn.comJourney From Darkness Into Loving Light/JourneyFromDarknessIntoLovingLight/welcomehalloween.msnw
Looking For answers,Support,Learn to grow, using All of your given Talents,Plenty of information on Esp,Psychic info.Free Tarot Readings,Mystic Information, New and Old Ways magick,"Help thru This Journey Called Life....."
Litz Butcher - Psychic Clairsentient Medium
Litz Butcher is a Clairsentient Psychic Medium whose communication with Spirit is no-nonsense, yet sensitive and accurate. Litz appears regularly on Psychic TV, Sky Channel 886, she teaches and is a published author.
Spiritual Readings by Renuka -- helping you to actualize your gifts and realize your highest dreams. Articles and spirit links.
Parents of Light
Helping parents create a spiritual connection with their child--pre or post birth. Spirit Child Readings offer a channeled message from the spirit of your child in written form, done distantly via email. Empowering parents & children to free the spirit!
Rise Like a Phoenix Channeling
channeling light, where we will be learning together and sharing important information on the Ascension of Lady Gaia and all of Humanity. We are channelling information from the Ascended Masters, The Archangel's, Spirit Guides and Highly elevated beings.
Seth Returns Interdimensional News
Seth, the beloved metaphysical author and educator, has returned to publishing. Seth Returns is the only source for Seth's new messages.
Soul Visions & Dreams
Group hypnosis and guided meditation, using superconsious mind technique. Transformational! Deliberate Creating Meditation and Healing Circle. Psychic soul readings, authentic trance channel, Herbal Consulting, Astrology, Healing, Hypnosis, 20 yr. ex. - A Thousand Voices distributes for free thousands of pages of novels and essays with a basis in channelling, spirituality and entertainment. Subjects include almost everything.
The Theologian Channelings

The Writings of David Reid Lowell
A web site designed to empower the individual through the Divine and the development of the inner intuitive self. As you learn to focus on the 'here and now' you enable yourself to bring the physical being into alignment and ease with the spiritual self.
Witchboard Info
Provides information on contacting spirits via Ouija boards.

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