The Battle for Your Destiny
by Richard Pace

In mythologies and classical and modern fiction, we often come across inspiring stories of men and women who fight off dragons, gods, fiends and above all, the evil forces of the universe. Sir Galahad, Don Quixote, even Luke Skywalker had their work cut out for them. They stood up to the forces of destruction, win or lose, in order to help rid the world of wickedness and corruption. Religious tales are extraordinary with martyrs like St. Joan of Arc and other people of simple human capabilities winning over forces well beyond their control. In numerology, we interpret these stories as examples of how the human race faces and, in many instances, wins over challenges in life.

Every day we face challenges, but how we rise to the occasion and conquer them depends on our own personal sense of determination and courage. Of course, most of our challenges on a daily basis are fairly mundane. We have an argument, someone we work with may be obnoxious, or we may just be bored. Most of these challenges we learn to live with and get beyond fairly easily. But when uncontrollable challenges come into our life paths, like losing someone close to us, or falling out of love with someone, or someone falling out of love with us, a war begins to rage inside that sometimes lasts for years. But if we take charge of our reactions, we have conquered our challenges.

The idea of getting our needs met has practically become a cliché in our "pursuit of happiness." But to a numerologist, that is the only course that can lead to conquering challenges. Usually the hardest thing to admit is that we tend to back off from getting our needs met by denying that we have any needs at all. We generally feel that people will take advantage of our vulnerability if we let them know what we really want. But if we are going to appreciate our lives and not just live for a few precious happy moments, a few crumbs if you will, we have to acknowledge our feelings and what will satisfy them. The idea is for us to become heroes and heroines bent on stabilizing our lives and sharing our strengths. The challenge is actually an obligation that, when conquered, leaves us with a great deal of excitement and mental and physical energy. It helps us create more stimulating goals by using the strength of knowing how to conquer the challenge.

You probably have faced and outwitted your major challenge in life more than once already. Now is the time to put it on notice that you are in control and will only use the challenge to accommodate your needs.

In numerology, there are nine challenges, No. 1 to No. 9. (The 0 challenge is the same as the No. 9 challenge.) To determine what your challenge is, first write out your date of birth. Then write it in numbers. Now add the month number together, if it is not already a single digit. Now add the day, again only if it is not already a single digit. And finally add the year. Now subtract the first two digits, and then subtract the second and third digits. Finally subtract the two new remaining digits. (Hint: When adding, always add double digits together until you have a single number. When subtracting, always subtract the lesser from the higher number.)

For example:

   December    27,             1969

     12        27              1969

 (1+2 = 3), (2+7 = 9), (1+9+6+9 = 25, 2+5 = 7)





A person born on December 27, 1969 has the No. 4 challenge. (Those with the 0 challenge look up the No. 9 challenge.)

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No. 1 CHALLENGE When over-reacting, you become egotistical, followed by subservient. It begins when you hold onto feelings of resentment. Someone does something to annoy you. Out of fear of rejection, you avoid complaining about it. This goes on with the same person for a while until your reaction to the mounting offenses blows completely out of proportion.

TO CONQUER THE No. 1 CHALLENGE you must admit that you have a need for independence and that you have an inner drive for a leadership role that sometimes challenges you from many directions at once. Occasionally, it is healthy for you to question your motivations and various ways of doing things. But when you start to question your self worth, you throw your ego out of balance. To conquer your challenge, you are required to have a strong, active and healthy ego. When you feel intimidated, confront the person involved with that feeling and make it a habit to talk things out.

No. 2 CHALLENGE When over-reacting, you become unfeeling, followed by guilt. You can be going your merry way when all of a sudden you feel that people are out to hurt you (a touch of paranoia). You start believing that no one appreciates you. Then you set about getting petty revenge, which leaves you lonely and feeling like an outsider.

TO CONQUER THE No. 2 CHALLENGE you must admit that you have a need to express your sensitive nature. You are really a cuddly, loving individual who just happens to find keeping up with the needs of other people exhausting. Why not let nature take its course, and give of yourself in smaller doses. Let those around you know that you are not one for big gestures that could lead you into a financial hole. You have a great talent for addressing the details in life. Shift from noticing all the petty little slights that come your way to noticing the smiles and winks.

No. 3 CHALLENGE When over-reacting, you become pessimistic, followed by conceit. It all starts when someone in your life becomes the center of attention. Jealousy sets in. You fail to realize that all of us take center stage every so often and that your chance will come again. Sometimes you can develop extreme mood swings, affecting everyone around you.

TO CONQUER THE No. 3 CHALLENGE you must admit that you have a need to get attention and show off. There are two varieties to this challenge: those who never smile and those who can not wipe the smile off their faces, and they both have the same problem. You should realize that you have a special power to get attention whenever you want it. So choose to shine when it is your turn, not when you feel like a needy child. And remember, you will always be Prince or Princess Charming.

No. 4 CHALLENGE When over-reacting, you become demanding, followed by self-neglect. You can be working your tail off, getting things done, driven like no one else you know. Then suddenly you realize that, indeed, you are the only one putting out that much energy. You decide to punish everyone else by stopping your activities with such force that everyone suffers, including yourself.

TO CONQUER THE No. 4 CHALLENGE you must admit that you have a need for stability. Growth and progress are what is most important to you. Avoid getting involved with the idea that other people need to accomplish what you have, or you will forever be backing off from your activities. Life will come easier if you admit that you are a driving force and, more often than not, a one person show. The idea is to always look for the boundaries and avoid exceeding them.

No. 5 CHALLENGE When over-reacting, you become careless, followed by fear of the unknown. You have a number of things that you want to get done and out of your life forever. But the activities keep piling up, as they do for all of us. You begin to feel hemmed in. You become unreasonable and decide that everyone else should take accountability for your needs.

TO CONQUER THE No. 5 CHALLENGE you must admit that you need freedom in large doses. How, you might ask, can a person strive for freedom and balance at the same time? For starters, focus all the projects, problems and obligations in your life. For better or worse, you need to write down and stick to your goals. What you must always remember is that your goals can evolve on a daily basis. Change, when kept in check, is always on your side.

No. 6 CHALLENGE When over-reacting, you take on too much responsibility followed by indifference. You approach those around you with an attitude that you can take care of their needs. You start out with great intentions, but you have a hard time saying no. After a while, you feel used and resentful and you give up your duties, causing resentments.

TO CONQUER THE No. 6 CHALLENGE you must admit that you have a need for mutual interaction. You probably have learned that becoming a control freak does not guarantee harmony. You must accept the fact that all of us, including yourself, have to face chaos in order to grow in life. Go with your feelings instead of your head and you might find that those around you will respect you more. Use your gift of imagination to help others appreciate their fine points.

No. 7 CHALLENGE When over-reacting, you become too concerned, followed by deceit. With truly the best intentions, you get involved in the lives of other people and bring a great amount of joy with you. In time, your concerns become overbearing, and people you get close to become your victims. You get dumped and form addictive habits to disguise the loneliness.

TO CONQUER THE No. 7 CHALLENGE you must admit that you have a need to develop strong beliefs. And also admit certain truths that keep cropping up every time you get close to someone. You have a higher way of thinking than the rest of us and sometimes other people miss the point that you are making. Avoid analyzing your motives and the motives of others. Remember, if you start acting paranoid, you will eventually become paranoid.

No. 8 CHALLENGE When over-reacting, you become greedy followed by arrogance. You are an energetic individual, working like the devil to get your work accomplished. Like everyone else though, you have to take a few steps backwards to learn some skills, and then you can proceed ahead. If you do not see results from your detours in life, you become resentful and act like a bully.

TO CONQUER THE No. 8 CHALLENGE you must admit that you have a primary need for financial security. You must slow down enough to create progress checks on how you can develop new and productive ways for material gain. Your burning drive will not conquer all your problems. By using patience as a tool, you can take the steps that will lead to acquiring the lifestyle that you truly desire. If you constantly build your skills and talents, you will build the status that you require.

No. 9 or the 0 CHALLENGE When over-reacting, you become generous to a fault, followed by selfishness. You help as many people as you can who come into your life. Every once in a while, though, you begin to realize that you are not getting your needs met. With dizzying swiftness, you pull your support away from those who came to you in need, causing a great deal of unhappiness.

TO CONQUER THE NO. 9 or 0 CHALLENGE you must admit that you have a need to satisfy your own needs also. This old soul challenge requires that you develop give and take habits. Grow into relationships more slowly and with less responsibility on your part. When developing unwritten social contracts with friends and relatives, let it be known that you will need a fifty/fifty relationship that can evolve with both of you enjoying the outcome of a solid alliance.

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