9 to 5?
Numerology Careers
by Richard Pace

We go to a local department store and see a checkout person, probably earning close to minimum wage. He or she is all smiles, working up a happy sweat finding the correct size box for a customer who just bought a gift. Then we notice the manager, who obviously earns much more money with a face down to the floor, looking bored and frustrated. More money should bring greater career enthusiasm, right?

Why is it when we hear a person say, "I love my job," we wonder how they can feel that way. We might have a similar job and feel quite differently?

Like ourselves, jobs and careers have personalities of their own. Sometimes people do not quite match up to what they do, which in time becomes glaringly obvious. A painfully shy waitress, a clumsy hair stylist or a bad actor usually find themselves on the unemployment line. But most people use fear as their guide post and train themselves for jobs they never feel are quite right for them. Then they drift from job to job, never really changing their occupation to suit what they want to do.

Numerology offers a way for people to break this kind of pattern and open themselves up to what they want, and how to enjoy getting it. Employment potential derives from the expression number and when it helps a person choose a career it becomes the career stamina number of that person. When we find the right job or career, we usually put every ounce of energy into it. We go about getting everything out of it and very often have more enthusiasm if and when the time comes to go on to something else. Remember, you always have the choice to give up the feeling of being trapped. It is just a feeling!

To find your expression number, which ranges from No. 1 to No. 9 and rules your career stamina, write down your name exactly as it appears on your birth certificate. Using the number grid, write the corresponding numbers above the letters. Add the numbers together, and if you are left with more than one digit, keep adding them together until you have one single number left.

(Or do it the easy way with the Access:NewAge Expression Number Calculator)

Number Grid
Numeric Value123456789

 For example:


    K e a n u     R e e v e s

    2 5 1 5 3     9 5 5 4 5 1         look up each letter in the chart


    2+5+1+5+3  +  9+5+5+4+5+1 = 45    add the letter-values together


    4 + 5 = 9                         reduce to a single digit


Keep adding the numbers together until you have a single digit.
Keanu Reeves has the No. 9 Career Stamina.

Calculate your Career Stamina number with the Access:NewAge Expression Number Calculator.

No. 1 Career Stamina
You basically have two options. You can become head of your department at work, or run your own company. You are a natural born leader and if you try to play by the rules of other people, you will drown in self-pity. Moreover, you have a creative nature that satisfies itself by using your many gifts in innovative ways. A few career choices: owner or president of any size company, manager, consultant, program writer, actor or actress and commissioned salesperson.

No. 2 Career Stamina
After centuries of taking it on the chin, the assistant has finally come into his or her own. You are the quintessential power behind the throne and most of you would have it no other way. We know that if we want to get something done, we go to the boss's right hand man or woman and, as the French would say-Voila!--things get done. A few career choices: teacher, personal assistant, office worker, dancer, musicians, bank worker, and numerologist.

No. 3 Career Stamina
When Shakespeare said that all the world is a stage and we are merely players, he was talking about you. Not concerned with the work part of your job, you usually concern yourself with the work environment. Do you look good? Do the people which you work with look good? In the right job, you are the happiest person on earth. You are the person usually dubbed "smiley." A few career choices: hair stylist, actor or actress, fashion designer, makeup artist and craft designer.

No. 4 Career Stamina
You are the foundation builder. The one who actually goes about giving the rest of us something to do. The only person who can really appreciate you for your contribution is yourself. Take time out from your busy schedule (even when you are on vacation your mind is racing a mile a minute) and congratulate yourself. You are the living example of the work ethic. A few career choices: any occupation in building things with your hands, Realtor, contractor and manufacturer.

No. 5 Career Stamina
Free and easy is your style, not your job. Sometimes you get that mixed up and drive everyone around you crazy. In order to be happy in a career, you need to know that you are going to see new faces, visit a variety of places and get to have plenty of time off. You are the one whom everyone else is always looking for in the workplace, not because they need you, but because they are wondering where you went. A few career choices: waiter or waitress, actor or actress and chauffeur.

No. 6 Career Stamina
Right from the start when you were daddy's or mommie's little helper; everyone knew you would never be one to waste precious time. Your concern is the environment, be it home or work, and you have some very creative ideas on how to get your job done. Taking on more than one job at a time is usually your style, and working with you is sometimes a dream come true. A few career choices: doctor, nurse, construction worker, environmentalist, store owner and artist.

No. 7 Career Stamina
If some of you are know-it-alls, that is because you indeed know it all. You have a capacity to learn whatever your superior minds absorb. Unfortunately, when it is fed garbage, you might find yourself thinking unproductive thoughts. Appreciated for your ideas, you come up with ways of getting work done that use logic and common sense. A few career choices: psychic, psychoanalyst, an expert on a particular subject, teacher, CPA and bank worker. Hint: Quiet your mind.

No. 8 Career Stamina
You have the most physical energy and the strongest mental stamina. Your problem is that you think so big, you become unwilling to put the amount of work necessary into what needs to be done. Your leadership capacity is solid. People around you realize that you know what you are doing and will follow your instructions. Avoid becoming resentful of other leaders. A few career choices are: chairman-of-the-board, professional athlete, movie producer and body-builder.

No. 9 Career Stamina
You can be all things to all people, but somehow that does not pay the bills. You need a broad-scoped perspective. You are happiest when you serve many people at once. When there is tension in the workplace, you have a hard time concentrating. You must stay far away from disgruntled co-workers if you are ever going to be successful. Avoid feeling sorry for them. Tell them that work is what they are hired to do. A few career choices are: doctor, lawyer, decorator, clergyman or clergywoman, dental and hospital worker.

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