About Richard Pace

As a teenager, Mr. Pace had an insatiable curiosity about the unknown. Early on, he came across an ancient system of self-hypnosis in a book he found in a dusty old Greenwich Village bookstore in New York City, where he was born. With the help of hypnotism, he began to experience what some people call psychic occurrences. He realized that a personís life revolves around various cycles. As he studied these cycles, he noticed that they ran a predictable course, enabling him to anticipate their outcomes in advance.

Mr. Pace, who presently resides in Staten Island, N.Y., writes the monthly feature entitled, Your Destiny This Month, the weekly feature, Your Destiny This Week and the daily feature, Your Destiny. He continues to write articles about numerology and life cycles for both magazines and newspapers. Fotopress Independent News Service (FPINS), a syndicator in Toronto, Canada represents Mr. Pace outside the United States.

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