Passion by the Numbers
by Richard Pace

If you ask a group of people what turns them on, you would probably get a different answer from any one of them. A great deal of passion goes into our choices of the heart, sometimes forcing us to despise what we think of as the opposite of our desires. A person who has a thing for a Raquel Welch type may find someone like Candice Bergen to be cold and aloof. The person who idolizes Tom Cruise might not give a second look at someone like John Travolta. And yet we know that the classic looks of Candice Bergen and the sexiness of John Travolta are worshipped by people all over the world.

Actually, when we give people a boundary to help them define what makes their blood rush with a choice from a list of movie stars, for example, we find that certain people have similar desires. Think of a group of young people pining together over a celebrity in a fan magazine at a table in a school dining hall. At another table, a different group reading the same magazine pines for a totally different celebrity.

For some people, finding the man or woman of their dreams is an all consuming adventure, and for others, just finding a suitable companion is all they will ever have to do to find happiness. Often a person swears off a certain type, but somehow finds that type over and over again. And then there are those who have someone completely different every other day.

In numerology, we look to the meaning of the expression number to give us a glimpse into what kind of person we look for to satisfy our desires in love. The expression number ranges from No. 1 to No. 9, and is also the force behind our passionate-selves.

To find your expression number, write down your name exactly as it appears on your birth certificate. Using the number grid, write the corresponding numbers above the letters. Add the numbers together, and if you are left with more than one digit, keep adding them together until you have one number left.

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Number Grid
Numeric Value123456789
For example:


    K e a n u     R e e v e s

    2 5 1 5 3     9 5 5 4 5 1         look up each letter in the chart


    2+5+1+5+3  +  9+5+5+4+5+1 = 45    add the letter-values together


    4 + 5 = 9                         reduce to a single digit


Keep adding the numbers together until you have a single digit.
Keanu Reeves has the No. 9 passionate-self.

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No. 1 Passionate-Self

You have two distinctly different ideal lovers. The first one is strong and active. Someone who likes to do things on his or her own. An independent type who likes to have a fifty/fifty relationship. Both of you pay for your living expenses equally and can take total control of any situation in an emergency. Your other ideal type is one who sometimes depends on you to take the lead, but can take the lead when it is his or her turn. A 100% my turn, 100% your turn situation.

No. 2 Passionate-Self

You not only want someone you can love, but you want to like them too. You are made for having close intimate relationships, and formal types are not the answer. You need to know that your lover wants your company on a daily basis. Living together without marriage can turn you off, and living apart is even worse. You're just an old-fashioned boy or girl when it comes to love, and you want to know that you have a commitment from your partner.

No. 3 Passionate-Self

Looks are what is uppermost on your mind, then comes romance, followed quickly by what the family, friends and neighbors will think. You are a whole package and you expect your lover to be the same. You love to have fun and socialize and all those terrific things that lovers should want to do together. You like to compliment your lover on his or her appearance, and expect flattery in return. You have a short attention span, and you count on your lover to have the same.

No. 4 Passionate-Self

You are one of those people who know exactly what you want. You spend just the right amount of time shopping around for a close relationship, acting as if you were purchasing a major appliance. You would even prefer to build your own model if that were possible. Problems arise when you realize that lovers are not robots, and you have to learn to take the bad with the good. Ultimately, you wind up with exactly what you want, even if it takes years of training your lover to be perfect.

No. 5 Passionate-Self

If anyone is too sexy for their shirt, alas, it is you. You are an individual made to be sensual, carefree and loving. You love to fall in love and fall in love and fall in love. Get the picture? A lover to you is just that, someone to share intimate sensual experiences. Other than that, you need your space and to be alone. You give the man or woman in your life the same open spaces. Your attention span is almost nonexistent. Let anyone who is in your life know where you stand.

No. 6 Passionate-Self

You need someone to help you build a strong and healthy relationship. You want longevity and you are an example of stability when treated with tender loving care. You are what being a lover is all about, and you need to know that you will receive the some amount of respect that you are willing to give. You get into relationships for the long haul. Fly-by-night flings do little for you, and you consider quick flirtations to be kid's stuff. You like to do adult things.

No. 7 Passionate-Self

There is good and bad news for No. 7. First the bad news: you are the Grand Perfectionist roaming the face of the earth. Almost no one ever measures up to your expectations. Now the good news: you could be standing in front of Quasimoto or the Bride of Frankenstein, and if they catch your imagination, you could daydream them into looking like Prince Charming or Cinderella. Your ideas about love are so above everyone else's, you might as well chuck perfection and enjoy yourself.

No. 8 Passionate-Self

Not one much for the spiritual side of relationships, you prefer that your lover has an athlete's body, male or female. He or she should like to wear high-priced clothes and enjoy showing off to friends and neighbors. Expensive silk or linen sheets should cover your nesting place, and trips to famous playgrounds should be on the agenda. Stay away from sappy notions. You get bored easily when you feel like you are not making upward progress with your relationship.

No. 9 Passionate-Self

You have a tendency to feel sorry for every stray dog that comes into your life, driving your love interest up the wall. Spend as much time as you can with the man or woman you love and let the universe and the heavens worry about all the lost creatures that come your way. You have the capacity for having the best relationships of all the passionate-self numbers. Filled with the great gift of kindness, remember to share it with your lover.

Copyright 1997 Richard Pace.
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