Success in Numbers
Your Wealth Potential

by Richard Pace

Like beauty, wealth is in the eye of the beholder. There is a variety of the kinds of wealth a person can possess, but monetary wealth seems to be what’s on the minds of most people. The spiritual wealth of people like Mahatma Ghandi and Billy Graham has given way to material possessions. Even cloistered monks record their chanting to make extra money for their monasteries. There is no doubt that in this day and age most people measure success on the amount of money they have, they can generate, and they can spend.

Numerologists measure the wealth of a person on many levels. For instance, a person with a number one destiny succeeds at becoming independent and learns to practice leadership. If that person attains this kind of numerological wealth and success, he or she stands a better chance of obtaining a satisfactory amount of monetary wealth. And the wealth potential is the same with all the other destiny numbers. If a person can stay on course and learn to appreciate the lessons in life that he or she must learn, monetary wealth in one form or another usually follows.

Mind you, many people couldn’t care less about acquiring large amounts of money and taking on the responsibilities that go with it. The larger the house you live in and the greater amount of possessions you own, the more you have to worry about protecting them. On the other hand, almost everyone alive today daydreams about winning some kind of lottery or grand prize money. Some destinies in numerology have more of a need for material gain than others. In fact, aside from the number one, the number four and the number eight destinies also can use material wealth to complete the requirements of their life paths.

To figure out your destiny number, write down your date of birth. Then rewrite the date, but this time in numbers only. Add the numbers together and if you are left with more than one digit, keep adding them together until you have one single number left.

(Or do it the easy way with the Access:NewAge Destiny Number Calculator)

For example:

December 16, 1962 or 16 December 1962

12/16/1962 or 16/12/1962

1+2+1+6+1+9+6+2 = 28 or 1+6+1+2+1+9+6+2 = 28

2+8 = 10

1+0 = 1

(Remember to keep adding the numbers together until you have a single number.)

A person born on December 16, 1962 has the No. 1 wealth potential.

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No. 1 Wealth Potential

Acquiring material possessions is very much a part of your destiny. You need to develop the courage and stamina to stand up for what you believe in, and mostly go it alone. Your ideas are usually too creative for others to envision. You must carry out your goals even if you don’t get encouragement from the people who also stand to benefit from them. You must also learn that in order to succeed, you have to take risks. It is said that we often learn by our mistakes.

No. 2 Wealth Potential

Good solid old-fashioned ethics are what lead you to material wealth. The moment you think you are going to fool the universe and play big-shot, you lose your bearings. You can acquire what you want by just being yourself. Of course you must take certain actions to build a monetary foundation. Watch pushing too hard for what you want--you may push people away. You have the gift of diplomacy. Use it to its full advantage. Let the others sweat it out.

No. 3 Wealth Potential

Smiles, winks, anything of that nature is what puts extra bucks in your bank account. Take life and its knocks with style and you will see a payoff. You can make more money using your sense of fun than you can with any other skill you develop. Keep in mind that you do need skills; we all need skills. However, you do not have to make a big display about what you can do. Go after situations that will make you look good.

No. 4 Wealth Potential

You are one of the destinies that will probably acquire material wealth in order for you to complete your potential. This information can hardly come as a surprise to you. Long ago you discovered that you are the hardest worker you know. You treasure your work and know how to earn money, therefore you are fascinated with your sense of progress. One great advantage you have is that you find some of the most boring tasks on earth interesting. Go figure!

No. 5 Wealth Potential

You consider yourself wealthy when you do not have any more bills to pay. But, alas, that will probably never happen. You can make large amounts of money. You are hardly a lazy person. Your problem is that you feel you cannot stop spending, and on the most unimportant items. Forming a partnership with someone who has more control over his or her spending habits helps, but you have to relinquish some of your strange ideas about being free to be reckless.

No. 6 Wealth Potential

Though you are one of the destinies with no requirements to obtain material wealth, you probably have every intention of doing so, and with good reason. You are smart enough to know that in order to get what you want out of life, you need money. This is a cut and dried issue with you, and you become annoyed with people who cannot get it into their thick skulls that if they want happiness, they must play by the rules. You do, and see where you are?

No. 7 Wealth Potential

For you, wealth, like most other important things in your life, is an obsession. You have an unfounded fear of poverty that is likened to the kinds of things that happen to characters in the novels of Charles Dickens. Lighten up and let a little reality in. All over the world we live in societies that enable people to put a check on their spending habits. If you make a few mistakes, you will still have yourself to blame. You are afraid of the unknown because it is convenient. Give up the fear.

No. 8 Wealth Potential

In numerology, the name for the number eight destiny is the number of “material satisfaction.” If you are not rolling in money, you are at least thinking about it. You will never be without the potential of bringing in some kind of income. Even if you were broke, you would have access to one kind of assistance or another. However, if you do struggle to make ends meet, it is because you are battling restlessness. Help your dreams come true; avoid impatience.

No. 9 Wealth Potential

You have no problems creating a solid income base. You very often choose careers like medicine or the law that almost always guarantee an adequate income. You prevent yourself from spending and saving the way you imagine you should because of the amount of money you give away. On the other hand, you usually are the humanitarian that teaches all of us a lesson or two. Keep up the good work if that is what you are doing, and if not, give it a try.

Copyright 1997 Richard Pace.
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