Taking an Ego Trip
by Richard Pace

The spark of life that flows in our veins sometimes gives us the feeling of being special. The ego behavior that we all display from time to time builds from a belief that we have a need to express our very existence. At times it is erratic and, at other times, quite on the mark. It is just that on occasion we all need to show off our fears and joys. Some people are much better than others at conveying how they feel about themselves. I am not referring to shyness or boldness or any other personality traits. I am concerned about the way we approach our daily living. What guides our confidence, our energy and our advancement toward what we get out of life?

Today, being self-centered or taking an ego trip is frowned upon. Consideration for the feelings of others has replaced some downright obnoxious behavior. As we become more civilized, we are learning the value that bonding can produce by sharpening our communication skills. On the other hand, if we discount all displays of egocentric behavior, we stand the chance of cutting off a certain amount of original actions. Actions that can advance our human condition by allowing us to observe growth that can only come from erratic behavior in our fellow human beings.

In numerology, egocentric behavior comes from the eccentric angle and we become aware of it as it travels with us to our destiny. There are nine different eccentric angles Numbers, No. 1 to No. 9, and each one shows itself in sometimes foolish and sometimes ingenious ways.

To find your eccentric angle, you need to add the month and day of your birthday together. First write down the month and day of your birthday. Then write it down in numbers. Add the numbers together and if you are left with more than one digit, keep adding them together until you have one single number left.



 For example:



 November 26






 1+1+2+6 = 10



 1+0 = 1



(Remember to keep adding the numbers together until you have a single number.) A person born on November 26th has the No. 1 eccentric angle.   Calculate your own number with the Access:NewAge Quest Cycle Number Calculator
And scroll right down to   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9

No. 1 ECCENTRIC ANGLE The ego and you are a perfect fit. You enjoy being alone and avoid getting bored by thinking about yourself. You have very few thoughts that do not include your own presence. When you take an ego trip, you go for the gold every time. Because you show so little remorse for your arrogance, most people buy your egotistical conduct as leadership, until you wake them up with incredibly obnoxious behavior. Avoid trying to change. It is part of being Numero Uno.

No. 2 ECCENTRIC ANGLE Your ego trips tend to be huffy and puffy, leaving those around you to think of you as an amateur when it comes to expressing your ego needs. You get your point across every time, but you look helpless when you use the force of the ego to make your point. You might be thinking of ways of changing your behavior to appear more spontaneous, but that would defeat the purpose. Go with your clumsy ways of letting off steam. Everyone is used to the whining by now.

No. 3 ECCENTRIC ANGLE You shameless charmer, you! You egomaniac! You use skills only a good natured devil would think up. Flattery gets you everywhere, and you have no embarrassment about flaunting your flirtatious nature. Of course, you are the envy of us lesser mortals who have to fight to get our point across. Most of the time, you observe the clumsy ego trips of other people and gloat. You are too smart to allow others in on your secret. We stand by and applaud you.

No. 4 ECCENTRIC ANGLE With such a systematic way of showing your ego, no wonder you think the rest of the world is crazy. If you had a barometer attached to you that measured your feelings from one to ten, the most it would hit is three, maybe three and a half. Every once in a while though, you do break the meter and we all breathe a sigh of relief. But have you ever considered giving lessons on self-control? You do it so well that it is almost an art form.

No. 5 ECCENTRIC ANGLE If you feel like the word eccentric should be your middle name, you are on the right track. Avoid fighting any self-control and show your feelings with abandon. Because you meet and befriend the most interesting people on earth, you have a right to take long and drawn out ego trips. You keep developing into a fulfilled individual. You think you can change your way of doing things every other day, and you do. Change is your other middle name.

No. 6 ECCENTRIC ANGLE You start out with great intentions. You are finally going to show the world that you are not to be taken advantage of anymore. You decide that you know your rights and no one will infringe upon them ever again. You go into your ego performance with every good intention, only to realize you have a heart of gold. If only the people who are in your life would understand that you are not a doormat. Why do you always wimp out in the end? People love you and need your reactions to them.

No. 7 ECCENTRIC ANGLE If people really want to know what you are thinking, they only have to look in your eyes. The rest of your face avoids giving away any clues, but your eyes generally show others the way you feel. When taking an ego trip, you tend to go from one extreme to the other. Those eyes of yours have everything in check most of the time, but when you let go, heaven help us. A question: Why do you make us all crazy with the way you hold your feelings in?

No. 8 ECCENTRIC ANGLE Ever the bull in the china shop, you have no idea how to perform a subtle ego trip. You get frustrated, and you tend to say exactly what is on your mind. Expressing yourself that way would be great, except you go on and on and on. You have a litany of expressions and mannerisms that are not only annoying, but worse, they are aggravating. You generally have terrific control of your energy, but when you get all full of yourself, you become sloppy and loose touch with reality.

No. 9 ECCENTRIC ANGLE Due to your lack of understanding of what a good ego trip should be like, you tend to embarrass those around you when you take one. Your stance, your speech, even your idiosyncrasies become exaggerated and just as you make your final point, you seem to lose interest. You are a strange bird sometimes. When you get on a high horse and try to change the universe, I am afraid that we all chuckle a little. You are so sincere it is downright funny.

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