Tarology Forecast - October 2012
by L. A. Lothian
The Secret Formula:
      Use your birthday to determine your Tarology Number by adding your month and day and year (all four digits) together.
      If your birthday is May 14, 1962, or 5/14/1962 you would add your month, day, and year of birth like this: 5 + 1 + 4+ 1 + 9 + 6 + 2 = 28 Now we need to reduce 28 to a single digit number like this: 2 + 8 = 10, then 1 + 0 = 1.   The correct answer is 1.
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Magician 1:
The fates are in your favor this month, cheering you on and tossing confetti bits of financial windfall and lucky breaks your way. At the same time all this good fortune shows up, so does any bad karma you've accumulated. Remember that what looks like a dash of bad luck, is more likely a spanking from the universe. What goes around, comes around is your lesson now and always.

High Priestess 2:
You might feel that nothing you plan goes as planned this month. That's because your mind is trying to lead when the lesson here is to find the true path of your heart. In work and love, this means letting go of how you think things should be. Instead. surrender to what is already here. From there, you will know what to do or say next. The key word: Trust.

Empress 3:
Yikes. Did the carpet just get pulled out from underneath you? No matter, if you look closely you'll notice the floor is a better platform anyway. This is a time for rebirth and often that means letting old foundations crumble so that new ones can be built. Relationships might face sudden upsets, but these are always in service of renewal. What does not renew now, is that which is already long dried up-your zombie job or living dead love life. Just let it go, already.

Emperor 4:
You play with the idea of freedom this month. What do I need to feel free and to express freely? The places where constrictions are most likely now are relationships that have become straightjackets. This often looks like rule-bound or habit-prone friendships or romantic connections, those places where the spontaneous has disappeared. Work too, can feel like a prison cell if you feel you are following rules that make little sense. By the month's end, you're likely to have an escape plan in place, a way out of that dead end job or relationship.

Hierophant 5:
Your primary relationship is on the operating table now--you want to examine it closely before making any cosmetic or irreversible changes. There is likely something bothering you, leading up to this time where you are ready, at last, to make the changes needed to create a fulfilling or sustainable union. If your love life is stable, if just might be your life purpose that is under the knife of scrutiny. Either way, handle your life with loving care, cutting away only what is necessary for the new to emerge.

Lovers 6:
Travel this month will bring unexpected rewards, especially in the realms of money and career. Long distance connections will work in your favor, especially if you are seeking promotion, advancement or new work. Beware a tendency to scatter your energy. Best plan now is to focus on what you want, and go for it. Sudden developments can rock your world, but they will also open it up.

Chariot 7:
You are inspired now to heal yourself and to let old patterns die. You are watched over by guides, angels and loved ones who have passed, who this month are on afterlife overtime, working in your favor. Some kind of soul loss is being rectified through choices you make now to honor your deepest knowing and highest truth. Expect miracles. And watch for signs.

Strength 8:
Your feminine, intuitive side shines brightly now, along with a natural ability to access non-ordinary sources of knowing. This hyper-realized psychic ability is met by a possible tendency to overlook your own emotional attachments. There are some latent fears and old patterns coming to consciousness now, so that you can let them go for good. Women, and one wise woman in particular, can play a huge role in any emotional clearing now

Hermit 9:
The sun is shining on your world. Your joy and playfulness spill outward, creating a ripple effect on loved ones and the greater community. There's nothing wrong with feeling down now and then, but this month has almost no space leftover to mope. You career is beginning to show signs of new life, and your relationships are blossoming. Enjoy!

Copyright L. A. Lothian
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