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      Think on These Things (11/27/00)
      Creation by Computer, The
      Spiritual Stories and Sayings (7/5/00)
      Astrological Bumper Stickers

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Margaret Ball
      Dowsing (5/15/00)
Hilary Barrett
      Relationship help from the I Ching (2/12/01)
      Meet the I Ching (12/11/00)
      I Ching and the Tao, The (12/10/00)
Marlys Beider
      Beyond Psychic Powers - Excerpt (4/3/05)
Naomi Bennett
      Water Signs, The
      Does Pluto Rule Scorpio or Aries?
      First Quarter 1997 Probabilities
      Murder In Austin
      Marriage of John F. Kennedy, Jr. , The
      OJ Simpson's Criminal Trial
      Zodiac and its 12 Signs, The
      McVeigh Guilty Decision
      Fire Signs, The
      1996 Presidential Election?
      Earth Signs, The
      Air Signs, The
      September (1996) Eclipse, The
      Bill Cosby - Natal Chart Analysis
      Heavenís Gate Mass Suicide
      Princess Di's Tragic Death
      Mother Teresa
      John Denver Crashes to his Death
      Louise Woodward, English Au Pair
      Carl Payne Tobey
      1998 Predictions and Trends
      Moon Wobbles and Eclipses
      Elisabeth, Empress of Austria
      1999 Predictions
      OJ Simpson's Civil Trial
Bistrich & de Bruin
Martin Buber
      How I Apprenticed Myself to a Peasant (12/21/00)
Adrienne Buffaloe, MD
      Chemical Sensitivity

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Gary P. Caton
      The Progressed Station and the Mythic Quest (8/8/05)
      Servants of Love (8/7/05)
Tom Chase
      1999 Predictions
      Meteors and O. J.: A Possible Connection?
      Recent Plane Crashes and Angels
      Software in Someoneís Computer?
      September 1, 1997 Partial Solar Eclipse
      Astrology of AIDS, The
Barbara Clauser
      Origin of Hypnosis, The
Joani Collins
      Achieving a Better Relationship (2/12/01)
Mary Conley
      Ginger - part 2
      Ginger - part 1

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Dalai Lama
      Dalai Lama's Instructions for Life (7/10/00)
Drs Roeland M. de Looff
      Tribute to Dane Rudhyar - Part 6
Prof. Dr. Francisco Diez de Velasco
      Serpentine Power In Greece And India
      WARNING - New Celestial Computer Viruses

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AccessNewAge Editorial
      What's on the Group Mind? (3/13/00)
Pamela English
      Candle Magic

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White Fish
      Shalom.mpg - one hilarious video (11/2/00)
Veronique Foster
      An Introduction to Western Medical Astrological Wisdom (3/19/00)
Eric Francis
      Two Pictures
      Chiron and Shamanism
Michael Freedman
      Introduction to Harmonic Aspects
Gill Fry
      Encounters with Angels

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R. T. Gault
      Reading the I Ching with a Tarot Deck

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Robert Hand
      Lot or Part of Fortune - Part 5, The
      Lot or Part of Fortune - Part 4, The
      Lot or Part of Fortune - Part 3, The
      Lot or Part of Fortune - Part 2, The
      Lot or Part of Fortune - Part 1, The
      History of Astrology - Part 3
      History of Astrology - Part 2
      History of Astrology - Part 1
M.Z. (Mary) Hawkins
      Chiron and the Tarot
Garry Heaton
      Death of Princess Diana, The
Charlie Higgins
      Astrology and The Four Elements
Joyce Hoen
      Tribute to Dane Rudhyar - Part 2

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Jeff Jawer
      Astrology and Intimacy
      Creative Prediction
      Tribute to Dane Rudhyar - Part 3

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Baba Ifa Karade
      Iwakeri - A Spiritual Quest (12/20/99)
Ann S. Klein
      Using Your Dreams for a Change - pt3
      Using Your Dreams for a Change - pt2
      Using Your Dreams for a Change - pt1
Drs Helene W. Koppejan-van Woelderen
      Tribute to Dane Rudhyar - Part 4
Ann Kreilkamp, Ph.D.
      Tribute to Dane Rudhyar - Part 5B
      Tribute to Dane Rudhyar - Part 5A
G. Kumar
      Astro-Numerology - Lesson 6 (2/12/01)
      Astro-Numerology - Lesson 5 (2/11/01)
      Astro-Numerology - Lesson 4 (11/27/00)
      Astro-Numerology - Lesson 3 (7/10/00)
      Astro-Numerology - Lesson 2 (6/15/00)
      Astro-Numerology - Lesson 1 (4/25/00)

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Gloria R. Lalumia
      Master & Vassal (U.S. & Japan)
      Musings on "100 Days": Then & Now
      Astronomy of Occultations, The
      Richard Dean Anderson - Still Flying High
      Celebrating Ada
      Hot Fun in the Summertime
Zachary F. Lansdowne
      Chakras and Radiatory Healing, The
Timothy Dexter Latus
      Chandra Levy - Visions of Chandra (6/30/01)
      Chandra Levy - Confounding Mystery (6/1/01)
Monte Leach
      Interview with Dr Deepak Chopra
      Helping the Daughters of Buddha
Esther Leinbach
      Transits of Chiron
      Sun Sign Cusps
Mark Lerner
      Watching Saddam - Part I
      Comet Hale-Bopp Is Coming
      Hillary Rodham Clinton: Part I
C. Lichtenstein
      Astrological Presidential Race , The (10/5/00)
      Saturn Return, The (7/23/00)
      What is an ascendant?
      Petscope home page
      Poisonality Plus (What they don't tell you)
      Gay Love Signs
      Stonewall Riots
      Astrological Profiles of CATS
      Stargayzer home page
      Zodiascope home page
      Astrological Profiles of DOGS
      Void-Of-Course Moons
L. A. Lothian
      Interview with A Rock Star (3/7/00)
      Communicating with the Dead (11/30/99)
      Prophetic Dreaming: Users Manual (11/30/99)
      Your Tarot Archetypes in Action - pt1
      Tarology home page
      Your Tarot Archetypes in Action - pt2
Anthony Louis
      Introduction to the Tarot
      Astrological Geomancy
      Numerological Significance of the Tarot
Rita Louise, ND
      Medical Intuition: A New Frontier (7/17/04)
      Fear : The Thief of Dreams (5/5/02)
      Psychic Experiences - Fiction vs. Fact (5/5/02)
      No Nonsense Nutrition (12/21/00)
      Key To Optimal Health, The (3/13/00)
Ian Xel Lungold
      Mayan Calendar Applied, The (9/12/00)

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Rabbi Joseph Markel
      Kabbalah Series, part 6
      Kabbalah Series, part 5
      Kabbalah Series, part 4
      Kabbalah Series, part 3
      Kabbalah Series, part 2
      Kabbalah Series, part 1
Bob Markransky
      Neptune Sextile Pluto (3/28/07)
Nabil Matraji
      Al-Hardiny, the Saint of Kfifan
Michael R. Meyer
      Tribute to Dane Rudhyar - Part 7
Ruth Mierswa
      Who You Are and Why You Are Here
Joseph Milne
      Music and Number
Dr. Manuel Monasterio
      Rectified Birth Chart of T. E. Lawrence (5/4/04)
Lady Pixie Moondrip
      Guide to Craft Names

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Anjan K. Nath
      Myth of Manasa, The (11/17/99)
      Extra-Diagnostic Aid in Homeopathic Prescribing
      Traditional Home Remedies: Basil
Eileen Nauman
      Seven Gemstone Chakra Meditation Technique, The (7/25/01)
      Pluto Going Retrograde (on 3/15/00) (3/13/00)
      Chiron and Pluto Conjunction (12/20/99)
      Mercury Direct Sept 2003 (9/20/93)
      Uranus In Pisces (3/11/93)
      Mercury Retrograde 2003---ARGH!!! (12/23/92)
      Lunar Eclipse 11/19/2002 (11/19/92)
      Mercury Retrograde May 2002 (5/8/92)
      Neptune Retrograde May 2002 (5/8/92)
      When Venus Goes Direct
      Dengue Fever Alert!
      Neptune In Libra: Do You Have "Dirty Blood?"
      How To Defend Yourself Against Psychic Attack - II
      How To Defend Yourself Against Psychic Attack - I
Jeri Noble
      Occult Symbolism in Meditation
      Dreamworking in Metaphysics
      Faith and Manifestation
      Lunar Eclipse, August 1999
      Prosperity Consciousness

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Richard Pace
      Numerology home page
      Numerology Grid
      Challenges - The Battle for Your Destiny
      Celebrating Your Life Destiny
      Numerology Careers
      Passion by the Numbers
      Your Wealth Potential
      Taking an Ego Trip
      Numerology home page
      Key Words and Attributes for Numbers
June Perry
      Amethyst Elixir
      Boji Stones
Laura Peterson
      Who am I?

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Robert Rabbin
      Mr. Bush: I'm Coming for You (3/15/93)
Tees Reitsma
      Tribute to Dane Rudhyar - Part 1
      Tribute to Dane Rudhyar - Part 10
Sogyal Rinpoche
      Sogyal Rinpoche on the ego (12/21/00)
John Robson and Patrice Steen
      What's The Big Picture For Your Life? (12/21/00)
Felissa Rose
      Winter 2008 Mercury Retrograde (1/15/08)
      Mars Retrograde - 2007-2008 (11/15/07)
      Mercury and Venus Retrogrades Summer 2007 (6/17/07)
      Venus Retrograde 2005-2006 (12/17/05)
      Mercury/Mars Retrograde, July-Dec 2005 (7/20/05)
      Seasons of the Sun (5/15/01)
      Mars Retrograde 2001 (2/12/01)
      Venus Retrograde 2001 (11/27/00)
      Bush, Pluto and Election Day 2004 (10/25/00)
      Final Mercury Retrograde of 2000 (8/23/00)
      Born on the Cusp (8/23/00)
      Eclipses 2000 (5/15/00)
      Beginning the Century (4/15/00)
      Mercury and Venus Retrogrades, 2004 (4/4/94)
      Mercury Retrograde, August 2003 (8/1/93)
      Thoughts on Uranus in Pisces (3/9/93)
      Astrological Influences for 2003 (11/26/92)
      Saturn Pluto Opposition (2001-2) pt 1 (11/13/92)
      The Harmonic Concordance, 11/8 eclipse (11/7/92)
      Venus Retrograde 2002 (10/12/92)
      2002 Planetary Influences and You (7/2/92)
      2002 Mercury Retrogrades and Planetary Influences (7/1/92)
      Saturn Pluto Opposition (2001-2) pt 2 (2/25/92)
      Seasons of the Sun - part 2 (10/9/91)
      What's Happening this Summer
      Void of Course Moon Tables - FELISSA home page
      Astrology Transformation and Evolution
      Void of Course Moon, The
      1997 Mars Retrograde, The
      August Mercury Retrograde, The
      Last 1997 Mercury and Venus Retrogrades, The
      Looking at the Moon
      1998 and Beyond
      Saturn in Taurus
      More on Saturn in Taurus - 1999
      Astrological Influences through May 2000
      Leonid Meteor Shower
Alexander Ruperti
      Tribute to Dane Rudhyar - Part 8

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David A. Salomon
      Studies in Spirituality #6 - Book Review
Robert Schmidt (Translator)
      House Division, Planetary Strength and Cusps
Hannah M.G. Shapero
      Zoroastrianism: in hyperlinked pages
Brian Skinness
      Art of Aromatherapy, The
      Aromatic Consciousness
      New Renaissance of Aromatherapy , The
      Lighter Side of Aromatherapy, The
John Somoza
      Horary Electional Basics
Shaykh Ibrahim Spiegel
      What is Mysticism?
      Why a Shaykh?
Jewell Starsinger
      Veggies and Chocolate: Fooling the Beast
Karen Steen
      Fixed Grand Square 2005-06 (12/9/05)
      Chaos Theory and Astrology (1/19/05)
      Retrograding into 2001 (3/15/01)
      20-year Cycle Begins in May (5/15/00)
      Astrological Highlights 2005 (1/19/00)
      Solar Flares Herald Harmonic Concordance (10/23/93)
      Highlights of 2003 (1/20/93)
      Jupiter Opposes Neptune 2002-3 (9/15/92)
      Saturn Opposes Pluto 8/2001-5/2002 (8/21/91)
Zane Stein
      Chiron and Asteroids Ephemeris
      Lunation Sensitivity
      Void Of Course Moon, The

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M. . Tamar
      Living with Intention (3/13/00)
NY Times
      Very Best Eggnog, Ever, The
Chris Travers
      Who Were the Druids?

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Patana Usuni
      Tribute to Dane Rudhyar - Part 9

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Johanna van Zwet
      Parenting and Spiritual Life
Judi Vitale
      Conversation with Robert Hand on Astrology
Hank Vorjes
      Microsoft Bids to Acquire Catholic Church

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Julia White
      Native Americans and Crystals

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