How To Defend Yourself Against Psychic Attack
Part 2
by Eileen Nauman, DHM(UK), EMT-B

Other Considerations

It has been mine, and many other shaman's experiences that when a person comes to us and tells us they've been under attack for years or decades, that what we're really dealing with is a person who is potentially schizophrenic or who has suffered a chronic psychotic break from reality. They are right: they are under attack. Usually by the "garbage levels" of the astral plane. What they see and hear is real. If this individual does not get psychotherapy, SR/E and homeopathic treatment, they probably will never resolve this issue this lifetime. At least, that is my observation and experience.

These people, bless them, have spent a lot of money and time on many different healers, psychics and shamans trying to get help--but in the end, it all fails. No one can help them--at least, not on the clairvoyant end of the stick. This requires some hard reality work coupled with energy medicine. And even then, it may not be enough. My experience is that these individuals are taking on such a lifetime to learn something from it and its not to be changed or altered from what it is.

Addressing Our Fear:
The First Step In Freeing Ourselves From Psychic Attack

All of us, myself included, have fears. There isn't any among us who don't. The only question is: Is the fear running you/your life, or not? If it is, then you are open to psychic attack. You need to list your fears. Don't be shy about this. Look at what you fear. And ask yourself why do you fear it? Many times, our fears are based upon our childhood, or a particular experience, or a parent who had a lot of fears that they passed onto us.

Fear leaves us open to be plucked like a ripe watermelon by those individuals who just delight in sucking us dry of our prana, our right to live and to exist. We have no one to blame but ourselves. After all, it is OUR fear--not there's--that leaves us open and feeling vulnerable. They're just being opportunists, is all.

Fear can be dealt with many ways. Here's a short list of possible "tools" that you can pick up and use that will be life-altering. These are modalities that deal with the chronic situation:

  • Psychotherapy. A good therapist is worth their weight in gold. If you have the money, this is a good avenue to explore because most of our fears are childhood-based.
  • Constitutional homeopathic treatment. I have seen people frozen by irrational fears completely lose them when the correct remedy was given to them. A homeopathic remedy can break off and stop a psychic attack by a person or group.
  • Soul Recovery and Extraction. If you have lost pieces of yourself, then there are "holes" in your aura as a result. These holes like to be filled with astral garbage that does nothing but make our life hell, fill our dreams with terror, and make us feel anxious or panicked. A facilitator can bring back those pieces and you can integrate them. When these 'holes' are filled, you will no longer be open or vulnerable to attacks.

Other Tools for Acute Situations

None of us go into work, travel or meet people with the expectation that they are going to psychically attack us. But it happens all the time. Sometimes, your job is of a environment that breeds negativity and stress. Or there's a particular person you work with that this occurs with. Or, you've got relationship problems and one partner is the psychic attacker (whether s/he knows it or not--and usually, they don't). Or, you're at a convention and you must sit with a person who is literally sucking you dry. The scenarios are endless; but I think you understand that a psychic attack can happen to any of us, any where. So, we must be aware and be prepared. Here are some "acute" tools that I have used in the past, and sometimes, even use now, when I find myself in just such a pickle:

  1. Saranwrap. I know, most people take a second look at this, but I mean it. Whenever I go on the road and have to give seminars or talks, I always pack my trusty Saranwrap! It is three sheets or layers, one on top of the other. I tuck it beneath my bra so that it hangs over and covers my solar plexus (the area just below where your breastbone or sternum ends to your tummy button).
    If I get into a seminar where I feel instant draining, and I don't have time to do anything about it because my attention is too scattered and pulled and I can't focus like I need to, then I excuse myself and go slap on my Saranwrap and there's a happy ending. The only bad thing about this is: you'll sweat like a pig beneath it. Bummer.
  2. Ask your Spirit Guide for protection. I know this sounds so simple and logical. And it is. But you know what? How many of us forget to ask? I do this all the time. And then I could kick myself. When I do remember it, I simply ask my spirit guides to "let there be a positive and reciprocal energy between me and everyone."
  3. Black Tourmaline taped to your solar plexus. Yup, this works wonders. Seen it in action many times and I've used it myself upon occasion. Black Tourmaline is one of the top gemstones for protection against psychic attack. By taping it right on your stomach region with a piece of tape, it will send the energy right back at the sender and leave you alone. This stops fear/anxiety/panic instantly. It works wonders. I have had people, who have been psychically attacked in the dream state put a couple of Black Tourmaline in their pillow case where they lay their head while the sleep--and no more nightmares or bad dreams.
    You can also do this a little less obviously and wear black tourmaline on your LEFT side. The left is where the assault comes into your aura.
  4. Jasper, Agate and Turquoise. These are three other gemstones that are used continually by Native Americans during ceremonies to protect themselves. When we work in ceremony, we're wide open, so to speak. We may wear a necklace of one of these stones, or place one of them into our LEFT pocket.
  5. Visualizing white or gold light around you. If you have time, focus and intensity of thought, you can close your eyes and see this ball of white/gold light hovering over your head and then spilling down in an egg shape all around you. Make SURE you visualize the color coming beneath your feet and sealing up. If you make the mistake of not including the soles of your feet, you're still wide open for attack.
  6. Prayer. This is very simple, but very effective. Ask for help from those that you believe in. In asking, you are changing the dynamic. And pray with focus and intent.
  7. Flower and gem essences. Some are very protective. If you are having nightmares, then Crested Prickle Poppy is what you want to consider. If you are in a highly stressful environment, then consider Black Tourmaline. By ingesting it, it is just like taping on a small pieces of the stone to your solar plexus/stomach region!
  8. Yoga exercises. Correct breathing and the postures assumed in yoga actually stimulate and clean out your chakras. By simply doing this, you are ahead of the game. If your chakras are up and working, that is a powerful protection in the first place.

When You Are Attacked by a Group

I've had this done to me more times than I care to remember. And at those times, I asked for help--not only from my spirit guides, but I dug into my own nest of fears and began to work on my own dirt. I also asked for help from my friends, other shamanic facilitators, whom I trusted and knew could protect me.

Group assaults are usually about power struggles; one party envies, is jealous of, power over you, or wants to get even with, another party. Most people will not have to experience this, but if you're a shaman or working heavily in the metaphysical areas, then its more likely to occur. The key is to know what to do about it and once you realize what is happening, call in the troops from both sides of the tracks!

The key to what I've learned from all these dumb, stupid attacks by others is that I must force myself to rise above and move into a state of complete, pure compassion toward them. When I do this sincerely, and on an emotional level and send pure love to them, they can't stand it and they stop the attack. They've certainly been great teachers. But I didn't do this alone: I had help from the Other Side from my spirit guides, and from friends and family on this side, too. It was a team effort. When you get in trouble: you ask--a lot.

Love is the greatest healer and your greatest protector against psychic attack. A love of yourself, first. You must love yourself, warts and all. No one's perfect; none of us ever will be in this human body. Learning to accept yourself for what you are and are not is the first, big step in this process. Eventually, with time, trials and experience, you will understand the term, "active compassion" and be able to apply it to others and groups. It gives you the emotiona detachment necessary. I have found that loving one's enemy is the finest choice one can make. They might send you destructive energy, but when it meets the energy of love; it completely dissipates it. Hate cannot destroy love; just the opposite.

Then, identifying your fears and understanding them in the context of you much more than you did before, is another step of progress on this ladder of selfhood.

What Next?

I'm sure I've left something out, or something unsaid. This article is "food-for-thought" to catalyze you into looking at yourself more and perhaps, doing something about it. We can't blame others. We can only look at ourselves, our weaknesses, our blocks of fear, and use the experience to try and gain insight into ourselves and hopefully, begin healing it and ourselves.

Those who know of other protective "tools" please post and share with us.

Copyright 1999 Dr. Eileen Nauman. All Rights Reserved. Republished by permission of the author. Dr. Nauman is the author of Poisons That Heal (homeopathy/epidemics), Path of the Mystic (Learning To Be Your Own Best Teacher For Your Inner Journey), Help! and Homeopathy (Homeopathy and Emergency Medicine), and Medical Astrology. Visit her website, The Medicine Garden. Home Page
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