Who You Are and Why You Are Here
by Ruth Mierswa

Have you ever wondered why you are here on earth, what the purpose of life is? If you have, you are not alone. Now at the nearness of the millennium and the dawning of the New Aquarian Age, more people than ever before are searching for answers. They haven't found them in science, organized religion or traditional psychology.

I was one of these seekers of truth. Ever since I was a child, I desired, more than anything else, to know what life is all about. Unknown to me at the time, I was led step-by-step to finally find answers which satisfied me to the depths of my being.

My first step was the study of psychology and mathematics at the University of Wisconsin and post-graduate work of counseling at Northwestern University.

When my three sons no longer needed me care, I decided I would spend all my time searching for answers. I read all psychology and non-sectarian spiritual books that I felt might give me answers, but I found none.

My confusion in religious matters also caused me much suffering. Brought up as a Catholic, I was taught that God is loving, fair, and wise. Yet conditions all around me taught me the exact opposite. Why did my mother die when I was just four years old and why did God give me an unloving father? Why do many children come into this world with physical, mental or emotional incapacities while some are born with good health and a high level of intelligence? The God I knew was far from loving, fair and wise.

Aware that I then had time for searching, but not knowing where to look, I felt devestated, frustrated and depressed. My husband, Richard, tried to ignite in me a spark of interest in living by suggesting I go to a book store to "pick out just one book that interests you." At that time, I was interested in nothing, but because he was trying hard to help me, I reached for a book at the store, but with my eyes closed. It was There Is a River by Thomas Sugrue, a book about Edgar Cayce who is considered the best intuitive of our times. When I arrived home, I used all the will power I possessed to read and concentrate on its words. I had no sooner read to the bottom of the third page when a spark of interest ignited my whole being. I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to finish it and as soon as the book store opened, I was there buying copies of all other Edgar Cayce books.

These books opened up for me a beautiful new world that I had never known existed--a world of justice, order, beauty, love and knowledge. Suddenly, the unloving, unjust and unwise God I had known all my life became the most loving, just and wise Deity beyond my wildest imagination. The Edgar Cayce readings on Reincarnation and Karma brought immense changes to y way of thinking. A heavy weight fell off my shoulders as I was beginning to understand the workings of the universe. Even though these teachings did not answer one of the most important questions of how to find the unique Life Purpose for each individual, they taught me the meaning of life for people in general.

I wanted to give to others what was given me, but I didn't know how to go about it. I asked God to show me the way. To days later, I came upon a statement in one of Edgar Cayce's readings which said astrology is a superb tool for helping people evolve spiritually and that much astrological knowledge has been published, but the greater knowledge has not yet been written. I knew at that instant that astrology would be my life work and through it I would somehow find answers to my life-long questions. I also knew then that my work would be a catalyst in the spiritual evolvement of myself and others. All this went through y mind in a split second. This was, indeed, a peak experience, after which I shouted to my husband, "That's it!" He replied, "What's it?" I told him I was going to an astrologer.

I was not surprised that he, having spent a lifetime in scientific research, was not only shocked but severely disappointed. "Astrology is unscientific and superstitious it is for the gullible and uneducated;" he said, "you have a brilliant mind--don't waste it on astrology." When I told him I hoped for his moral support, but that I would pursue this study regardless, he countered, "Remember, I will have nothing to do with astrology."

After studying for a year and desiring to know at least one other person interested in astrology, I noted that instructions were offered in my area. I asked my husband to accompany me to these classes, but he wasn't going to show his face among "people with such unscientific interests. Two friends agreed to go with me, but later were unable to go. My husband than said reluctantly, "I'll go with you under two conditions: that you realize that the only reason I'm going is that I love and that you will go alone after the second class. Little did he know that he would later become an astrologer himself. On the way home from the first class, he said, "There may be something to astrology after all." Coming back from the second class, he sheepishly muttered, "You won't have to go alone to any classes. I've decided to go with you."

The study of astrology opened up for me doors to knowledge siphoned down from the heavens to humankind, to each individual as different from all others., to be given by astrologers with understanding and love. The wisdom of the Universe made indelible imprints on my consciousness. I became aware that the interpretation of the placement and relationships of planets and important indices of one's horoscope, found by these positions in the heavens when one takes his or her first breath, to be aligned with one's abilities, strengths and weaknesses. I scrutinized my own horoscope and those of all my relatives and friends I knew well and found in every case that the interpretations were the same as what I knew to be true. After years of intense study and contemplation, I became a successful professional astrologer.

The final step in my search for answers to who we are and why we are here was the study of the 24 volumes of the Alice Bailey books, dictated by the Master Djwal Khul. If the Edgar Cayce books opened up for me a beautiful new world and the study of astrology opened doors to rooms in mansions in this beautiful new world, the Alice Bailey books showed me precious glimpses in these rooms of Ageless Wisdoms to be studied and meditated on and used with understanding and love to uplift those who want to know who they are and why they are here. It was in these books that I became totally intrigued with the study of the Seven Rays and Esoteric Astrology. The many years of this study were interspersed with the taking and graduation of two metaphysical correspondence courses. I knew then why we are here on earth--one reason was to find and implement that special mission that no one else can perform as well. When I came across in one Alice Bailey book that before the end of the century there would be an astrology of the Rays, I instantly knew that my Soul's Purpose was to originate this new astrology.

When I told my husband what I planned to do, he was not only amazed but couldn't believe what I was saying. He told me there was no question in his mind as to my ability to accomplish a task of this magnitude, but that I would never finish it. He said, "You have so little confidence in your abilities." I told him, "That was the past. This is the present and I will work on it until it is finished." He did not believe me and remarked,"I don't want to see you hurt, but if you decide to go ahead with this project, remember I want nothing to do with it." That was his left brain speaking. As a scientist, he was skeptical of everything until he had some semblance of proof--in this case proof of my potential success.

But he also had an enhanced right brain. He as unusually intuitive, often seeing entities in the spirit realm and hearing them speak. There is scientific research proving that one's facial features indicate certain capacities. My husband looked so much like the late renowned intuitive Edgar Cayce that on one occasion when we visited the Association of Research and Enlightenment (The Edgar Cayce Institute), a person who knew Edgar Cayce approached my husband asking, "Who are You?" He later apologized explaining that he thought my husband was Edgar Cayce materialized.

As is always the case, when one has both superior left and right hemispheres, the right brain which houses the higher mind, (abstract, intuitive, spiritual) give greater credence than the left lower mind (concrete, scientific, rational). So it was with Richard. Only two days after he said he would have nothing to do with my project, he completely changed his stance. After meditation this particular evening, he said, "I want you to know that I will do everything in my power to help you accomplish your task." This time I couldn't believe what he was saying.

He went on, "An entity appeared to me who is your spiritual teacher. He said the reason you have so much confidence in your ability is that he put that thought strongly in your mind when you read that the astrology of the Rays would find its rightful place in human thought before the end of the century. He added that a council had been formed in the higher spiritual planes and he was chosen to find an earthling to write a book on the astrology of the Seven Rays. He studied horoscopes of astrologers and looked into their minds and hearts and gave you first choice."

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Copyright 1999 Ruth Mierswa. Reprinted here with permission.

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