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Tarot Humor

  • 0. The FOOL:
    a manager using a SPARCStation 413,1432 to run a screensaver.
  • 1. The MAGICIAN:
    a hacker with a Mac, a Pentium box, a Sparc, and a Cray on the table in front of him --- all running the same program with the same GUI. An infinity sign is over his head.
    a woman holding the Documentation, closed and concealed. The crescent moon is showing on an Indigo behind her.
  • 3. The EMPEROR:
    Steve Jobs sitting on a NeXT cube, holding an optical disk vertically in his hand.
  • 4. The EMPRESS:
    A secretary with a NeXT Machine.
  • 5. The HEIROPHANT:
    Bill Gates with two flunkies kneeling before him, their faces averted, offering him floppy disks. He wears a laptop computer on his head.
  • 6. The LOVERS:
    a PowerMAC and an IBM Power PC exchanging software as an angel bathed in glory regards them.
  • 7. The CHARIOT:
    A man in a chariot, hurtling up an exponential curve, drawn by the twin sphinxes of Technology (black) and Culture (white).
  • 8. STRENGTH:
    A woman holding the entire design and implementation of Microsoft Excel in her mind as she corrects the final error. An infinity sign is over her head.
  • 9. The HERMIT:
    An old hacker, white-bearded, burns the midnight oil; its Star-of-David flame illuminates his keyboard.
    A rotating wheel. Cray is on the side going down, despite its good technology; Smalltalk is opposite it, and C++ is sitting on top. Four winged beings -- a mouse, a turtle, a dog-cow, and a human -- look on.
  • 11. JUSTICE.:
    A cold-faced woman holds a calculator in one hand and a delete- key in the other:
  • 12. The HANGED MAN:
    A programmer is tied by his ankle to a cable duct. His phase is completely shifted: he awakens at sunset, he sleeps at dawn. His monitor is reverse-video. He programs on, flawlessly, oblivious to his circumstances.
  • 13. DEATH:
    A skeleton weilding a scythe surveys a field, on which are scattered PDP-11s, Apple II's, IBM 360/91's, Xerox Alto's, and many other machines.
    An angel stands with one foot on her chair and one on the floor, as she copies files from one disk to another. A cursor blinks from her chest.
  • 15. The DEVIL:
    The goat-headed Lord of the Pit stands on a pile of Windows manuals, holding an inverted torch in one hand. Two humans, male and female, are in chains at his feet.
  • 16. The TOWER:
    An ivory tower is struck by a bolt of lightning. Two robed figures, denied tenure, are hurtled to the ground.
  • 17. The STAR:
    A Mac is running its `warp' screen saver, in a transient fragile moment of peace.
  • 18. The MOON:
    A wolf and a jackal are typing at two PC's. A crayfish crawls out of a pool, offering suggestions that may ultimately prove deadly. The moon shines through a window.
  • 19. The SUN:
    A naked child riding a winged rocking horse programs clever applications on a high-quality workstation.
  • 20. JUDGEMENT:
    An angel blows a trumpet; all over the net, web pages arise, to be rated Cool or not.
  • 21. The WORLD:
    A woman dances on the clouds, unclothed, unencumbered, in a ring of clouds, a 3-d mouse in each hand. The four winged beings from the Wheel of Fortune surround her.

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