Achieving a Better Relationship Through Tarot
by Joani Collins

Example dialog between querrant and Tarot reader:

Querrant: "It's near Valentine's and I'm not in a relationship!" or possibly worse, "My relationship is on the rocks!" In either case, "Oh, Tarot Master, what is the instant fix?"

Tarot Reader: "Hmmm, I seem to have misplaced my magic wand. I don't suppose you would accept some guidance on some of your past issues and current attitudes that are impeding the possibility of your finding a meaningful relationship?" or maybe, "Some insight to some issues that your partner needs help in overcoming for your mutual benefit?"

Querrant: "Oh you Inept Tarot Reader, what help is that when everyone's desk but mine will have flowers on them on the 14th!? Skip the bull and tell me that there is someone perfect for me that will show up in time to click that order button at FTD!"

While humorous in this exaggerated example, it saddens me to report that the typical relationship inquiries that I have received in my eight years of reading professionally aren't that far off.

So, if the majority of "seekers" are so plastic, why say so publicly? Why not promise the required knight in shining armor, take the money and run?

Because, one, it would demean every principle I believe in and, two, I think the people I'm writing this article for, beginning students of the esoteric sciences and those curious about Tarot in particular, need to know how to approach the cards if they are trying to read for themselves or others and how to approach a reader if seeking professional guidance to maximize the assistance and knowledge they receive for their efforts or money.

The key to approaching Tarot is the realization that it is not a Magic 8 Ball but a tool that shows the reader a story of life and all its complexities; true desires, fears, hopes, past experiences, current intentions, current actions, outside influences, possible paths and potential outcomes.

This kind of insight is not trivial so it is best not to ask trivial questions. Instead of "Where is my Prince Charming?", why not try "Are there any thoughts, actions or beliefs I currently hold that are keeping me from being in a caring, sharing and committed relationship? If the cause is external, what form does it take and what approach would be best to overcome these obstacles? or should I accept this state at this time for my own best interests?

If you are brave enough to ask this type of question and open enough to consider the answer, I believe you will discover the self-knowledge and path to self-improvement you are seeking for Valentine's and for Always!

Copyright 2001 Joani Collins .

About the author:
Joani Collins is a professional Tarot reader. More of her views can be found at her web site, along with Tarot card and spread explanations, book reviews, resources, a local reader directory, forum, newsletter, and more.

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