Aromatic Consciousness
by Brian Skinness
The new renaissance of Aromatherapy is a key development in the evolution of consciousness. Essential oils are becoming a valuable tool for the wholistic health practitioner.

The significant problems that we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. - - Albert Einstein

The Power of Aroma
Aromatherapy assists the evolution of consciousness and mental processing. The "significant problems that we face" were largely created by the rational, logical and scientific thought processes of our "left-brain" (or possibly the upper brain). Generally, the intuitive nature of our brains has lacked the stimulation and confirmation that our rational nature has created and recieved. The process of olfaction, or smelling, has the unique and powerful ability to penetrate immediately to the deepest portion of our brain -- the limbic system. In fact, aromas can impact our physiology without our conscious recognition of them. We smell before we think.

Amazingly, the process of experiencing pure essential oil aromas exercises our minds toward whole brain thinking. Aromas originate from a place of no words, giving rise to memories, images and emotions. Working from the inside out, aromas can enliven our whole being. When attempting to describe an aroma, one becomes aware that language has limited capability. This lesson is simple, yet profound. The forming of aromatic language is a process of giving intuition a voice.

The Challenge of Wholeness
Hermann Hesse wrote a book called The Glass Bead Game, and renewed the challenge for our generation to regain wholeness and harmony. In it he describes a game of symbols "capable of expressing and establishing interrelationships between the content and conclusions of nearly all scholarly disciplines." He writes, "Some dreamed of a new alphabet, a new language of symbols through which they could formulate and exchange their new intellectual experiences." He also writes, "...the symbols and formulas of the Glass Bead Game combined structurally, musically and philosophically within the framework of a universal language, were nourished by all the sciences and arts, and strove in play to achieve perfection, pure being, the fullness of reality."

Aromatic Omnivision
Aromatic Omnivision is a harmonic synergy of sound, light and aroma capable of leading the mind through archetypal states of consciousness by tuning brain wave frequencies. This concept builds on the idea that aromas are frequencies in the same way that color and sound are frequencies. As musical tones harmonize at certain intervals, so also sound, light and aroma. Harmonizing sound, color and aroma can lead to a quantum leap in wholistic consciousness.

It is the aromatic facet of the dream that presents the greatest challenge. Yet the time is drawing closer when Aromatic Omnivision can be put into practice! The technology now exists that can vaporize essential oils through the ductwork systems of major office buildings, hotels and hospitals. This technology can precisely control the amount of aroma released into an environment and can be quickly changed to a new aroma.

As the next millinium swiftly approaches, we will see unprecedented social change as the tapestry of human consciousness expands to new possibilities. These are times to share in ways we are not accustomed. May we come to a place of understanding as we continue to learn from and grow with the aromatic energy that the earth has blessed us with.

Copyright 1993-1997, Joint Adventure. Brian Skinnis is the founder of Joint Adventure. Their catalog of fine Aromatherapy products appears on our site. You can contact him via e-mail.

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