Mercury Retrograde May 15 through June 8, 2002
by Eileen Nauman, DHM(UK)

Who is Affected?

Mercury goes retrograde at 10 Gemini on May 15, 2002. It will remain retrograde until June 8, 2002, when it swings direct at 1 Gemini. It will affect Gemini (Sagittarius by opposite sign) with ANY planets or their ascendant or Midheaven cusp between the following degrees: anything between 8, 9 and 10 Gemini (or Sagittarius) or 11 and 12 degrees of Gemini (or Sagittarius).

When it goes direct at 1 Gemini, this sun sign and its opposite, Sagittarius, will be most affected. ANY planets or their ascendant or Midheaven in either of these signs between the following degrees: 1, 2 and 3 Gemini (Sagittarius) or 28 and 29 Taurus (Scorpio), will be most affected.

Back up your hard drives, folks! Crashes CAN and WILL occur!

Who is most affected when it goes retrograde on May 15th:

For Gemini's:
those born between May 29th through June 2nd, with the most important date, May 31st)

For Sagittarius:
those born between November 29th through December 3rd, with December 1st the most important date) are most affected by this retrograde.

Whose most affected when Mercury goes stationary direct on June 8th will involve four signs, not just two: Gemini (Sagittarius) and Taurus (Scorpio) will be affected.

For Gemini's the most affected were born May 19 through the 23rd, with the 21st the most important day.

For Taurus the most affected were born: May 19th and 20th.

For Sagittarius the most affected were born November 20 through the 24th, with the 22nd the most important day.

For Scorpio the most affected were born November 20 and 21st

Of course, we've been operating under the "shadow" energy of Mercury turning retrograde since May 1st. Things are going to start falling apart on you, so just set your attitude and be flexible. Remember: this too will pass.

Under the present circumstances of travel delays aboard any transportation vehicle (especially airliners), I would strongly advise that you do NOT travel on May 14 through June 8th. Unless, of course, you must. Then, expect delays, confusion and problems.

What does 'retrograde' mean? It means "backwards movement". The Earth has an orbit around the Sun. So does Mercury (and Mercury's orbit, because it is closest to the Sun, is shorter or smaller in circumference than Earth's).

At certain times each year, usually three of them, Mercury, because it has a shorter orbit than Earth, goes whizzing by Earth. As it's moving 'away' from Earth, to an observer standing on Mars, it looks like Earth is moving 'backward' as this is happening. Mercury is surging ahead and Earth is left behind. This is 'retrograde motion'.

Another way to explore this is: most of you have probably ridden in a motor boat. When the engines are in 'forward' position, you zoom around. When you want to 'back up' the boat, you put the throttle in "reverse" position. Have you ever watched the surge and turbulence of water beneath the engine, at the rear of the boat when it's put into reverse to back up? That's 'retrograde' motion. All turbulence, frothing, bubbling and boiling as water, which is flowing nice and smooth one way, suddenly has this engine and motor come and stir it all up as it reverses motion!

Take Mercury and Earth in the same analogy: Mercury is the speedboat. Earth is the water in which it floats. As Mercury 'passes' Earth due to its shorter orbit around the Sun, this "turbulence" energetically is created between the two planets for a brief (3 weeks) amount of time. And I know Earth is not in 'reverse' motion--the concept I'm trying to visually give you is that as Mercury passes Earth as it zooms around on it's shorter circumference orbit, creates invisible 'waves' of energy. And this 'energy' is translated into 'retrograde motion'.

Another way to state this visually is: You're on a lake and in a boat. You zoom past another boat that is anchored and the gal is fishing in one spot. You watch the waves your boat makes impact that other boat. That other boat will bob and move around as the current of the lake water, set into motion by your speeding boat, strikes it. The waves pass, and the boat that is anchored, becomes still once more.

Even though we can't see the energy and turbulence as a faster moving planet in orbit affects a slower moving planet in its orbit, the 'turbulence' is still the same. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there and isn't happening--because it is.

Astrologers, from 5,000 years ago, noted that when a planet passed us--or we passed another slower moving planet (like Mars, outward--all their orbits are longer around the Sun than the Earth's is), they noted that certain events seem to occur. Not to everyone, but a part of their population. Today, that is so, too.

Mercury, typically on a given year, passes Earth three times because of a smaller, orbit around the Sun because it is the closest to that star. And during these speedy passed past Earth, these times are called 'retrograde'. Usually, a retrograde Mercury influence lasts 3 weeks. As the turbulence subsides from this pass and the 'water' is smooth again, Mercury is then said to be 'direct'. Actually, it is taking Mercury three weeks to approach earth in a parallel orbit (side by side like a team of horses) and as it nudges past earth with its planet body, and moves ahead, that is when it is said to be "direct" once again. When direct, all the Mercury Retrograde 'things' stop happening to people around the globe. Many breathe a sigh of relief :-).

How Does a Retrograde Mercury Affect Me?

Mercury is the ruler of communication. I would strongly urge all of you to go the (point click on astrology and you'll be in her department) and find Carol B. Willis' article on MERCURY and she has given a wonderfully full meaning symbolically, to this planet. Download it and keep it--you'll be looking at it three times a year :-) to see what can 'back up' or go 'reverse' in your life during the Mercury Retrograde periods during our year!

Here's a list of some of the things you can expect from a Mercury Retrograde. Keep in mind that they won't all happen to you! Just one or two, usually. However, if you have a natal Mercury in conjunction with the transiting (daily motion of a planet) Mercury, then your life is going to be strongly affected by that retrograde!! The only way you can find this out is to contact an astrologer and have them look at your transits to determine this. Carol B. Willis is our core faculty astrologer and you can "hire" her to do this for you. Just contact her at:

  1. Expect indecision on your part--or the part of others. People who usually are cut/dried, can make decisions quickly and cleanly, will muddle around, hesitate, won't be sure. And, if they do make a decision during a Mercury. R transit--whatever they decided to do will CHANGE. It will NOT remain as the person decided at all. You think men and women can't communicate with each other now, wait until the Mercury. R period hits. One is speaking Chinese and the other, French!! Partners have to really work at saying what they really mean because assumptions abound during this time and worse, what you say is heard differently than how you meant it!!!! Watch for big-time communications snafus--they will complicate your life on a personal and professional level. Nothing is immune from our foot-in-mouth disease as in a Mercury. R period!!!
  2. Don't EVER sign a contract, agree to something, buy a car/boat/house/animal or start up a new project under a Mercury. R!! THAT is a prescription for disaster! The contract won't be honored. The car you bought will turn out to be a lemon!! The boat will have problems, structural or otherwise. The house you bought will be a "money pit" and the owner did not reveal all the problems the house had--but you inherited them!! The animal you bought (dog/cat/horse or whatever) will turn out to have some real 'hidden' problems that you could not see upon first perusal or inspection. They usually aren't happy things you find out--for example, I bought a St. Bernard puppy under a Mercury. R (and I knew better!) and I directly asked the breeder: Does this dog or his parents or anybody in his pedigree have hip dysplasia? The owner said no. Six months later, the puppy couldn't move because his hip dysplasia was so severe! The breeder lied to me.

  3. Projects begun during this time (baaaaadddd choice) will inevitably develop differently than agreed-upon or expected. The only way you can avoid disappointment about it is to expect the project will change!! And if you aren't prepared for those little surprises,then don't start something new at this time frame--just patient.....
  4. Do NOT buy any mechanical things, appliances, computers, software or anything else like that during this period--they will not work right! You may have to get another to replace it (providing its under warranty--and IF you have to buy something like a refrigerator, stove, radio or whatever, make SURE that warranty is in force because 9 times out of 10, you're gonna be glad you have it because you'll be using it.....). Hold off until Mercury goes 'direct' to buy anything new.
    I might add that this a time when mechanical failures happen. DISK CRASHES are common placed and I strongly recommend to Netters to back up the stuff on their hard disk BEFORE a Mercury R transit occurs--do it at least a week in advance. Believe me,you will thank me for this little piece of advice over and over again--because crashes are common. Another Net problem is that the Net will slow down, be sluggish, blocked or break down. There are more telephone lines cut and dug up during this transit than you have fingers and toes to count on! Telephones/telephone lines/cables/electrical cables are all affected badly by Mercury. R. "SAVE" your stuff you're working on every 5 minutes during a Mercury. R or you'll lose it--believe me :-). I wouldn't be installing new software systems or trying to learn them under this transit, either--you'll be tearing hair and end up bald in the long run!
  5. Try not to travel long-distance during a Mercury R because Mercury is the ruler of travel by any conveyance. With the terrorist threat worldwide, I would not be traveling anywhere unless I absolutely had to. If you do, there will be delays, equipment (like a plane or car) will break down during this period. Travel will try your patience during this period--so be smart and don't travel to save yourself a lot of hectic, stressful times/moments. Equipment failure is at its peak during this transit. ANY type of equipment--not just computers. It can be that your trash compactor explodes on you. Your knife sharpener quits working. Your telephone goes on the fritz. Your fax dies on you and you gotta replace it. You name the communications device or travel device (cars/planes/boats) and it will fail.
  6. Mercury rules our thinking processes. Believe me, folks, we aren't thinking clearly or as coherently as we'd like to think we are during a Mercury. R!!!!! We become forgetful. Yesterday, we knew that person's name, and today....well....pfffftttttt....out the window it goes and you can't recall that person's name for love nor money! Or you get lost in traffic, lost in a shopping center, you can't remember where you put something. Things get LOST and MISPLACED big time. You won't find it until after Mercury goes direct or you won't find it until the next Mercury retrograde period!!! Our orderly thinking dissolves. Our minds may race. Insomnia may affect a few.
  7. Delays--on everything! You're late for an appointment. Or, they lost your appointment! The company promised it would be there on a certain day--wrooonnnnggggg! Under a Mercury. R, it can get lost (permanently or temporarily) and it will never arrive on time! No one shows up at the right time. So forget it, let the punctual schedule go and just sit back and relax. You'll never be on time--there can be an unexpected delay on the freeway/turnpike, or the other person is delayed. The appointment will never occur on time during a Mercury. R.
  8. Your mind is somewhere else rather on the nuts and bolts of everyday life/demands/things you gotta do. Where it's gone is still a mystery. We just know you aren't functioning like you normally do :-). It requires a lot more energy and intense concentration to do your daily job right (and not lose or misplace things) than normal during this 3 week period. Pay attention! Don't be driving and have your mind go 'elsewhere' because you're an accident waiting to happen. About 5 days before Mercury goes retrograde--be especially watchful and more alert about your own driving--and drive very defensively--because other drivers who aren't in touch with what is happening in the heaven are already spacy and somewhere else and they are NOT paying full attention to their driving. The day that Mercury goes retrograde is the most dangerous of all for driving a car. PLEASE, pay attention!!! I usually opt NOT to be driving anywhere on that day--I stay home and clean up a bunch of unfinished projects instead.
  9. Do not try to send out a new PR news release or any kind of media-blitz to newspapers, internet, television or any other medium; it will not "takeoff" and produce the "buzz" you want from it; it will be circular filed in the nearest waste basket and forgotten about! Your money spent on a hard working PR consultant will have been in vain. It will be circular filed with a giant sucking sound and disappear! Better to wait AFTER Mercury goes direct to start any campaign....then, it WILL take off like everyone hopes that it will!
  10. Don't open up a new web site, either. It will not receive the notoriety, the 'hits' and it will die on the vine. Better to wait until Mercury goes direct if you want it to flourish, get notoriety, and have good word-of-mouth 'buzz' about your up and coming .com.
  11. Terrorism can abound during this period because terrorist like to use a 'feint' of starting an event "over here" and then go "over there" and do even more damage. Our government agencies are overwhelmed right now; and mistakes are going to abound in this period. Do not TRAVEL during this period under the present circumstances. Any vacations or unnecessary travel should be avoided IF your birth date is mentioned at the start of this article.
  12. There is so much garbage, lies, FRAUD and deceit on the Internet, that it's sad. People MUST look the gift horse in the mouth. Do not buy anything for your personal safety until you look at it and get confirmed, reliable sources, science trials or whatever it takes, to prove that this "thing" will work as the sales people are saying. Beware of fraud.....

Is There Any Good News About Mercury Retrograde?

Yes, indeedee! Let's look at this another way. We lead very stress-filled, super busy lives, right? Which one of us, voluntarily, is gonna say: "Hey, I'm gonna have a 'time-out' for 3 weeks, kick back,relax, and just take it easy and let my poor mind and body rest up from the punishment I give it." I don't see any hands raised. :-) That's right, Mercury retrograde is our 'time out' from stress and the humdrum orderly life we lead. The phones quiet down, the email demands diminish, the faxes stop making your floor look like white rolls of paper. Your mind goes 'elsewhere' and you just wanna daydream, or just stop thinking altogether. It feels good to 'unplug' and rest.

Yes, Mercury retrograde is our time out to rest. And if you won't voluntarily do it--it will do it for us to some degree or another. For Scorpio's and Taurus folks are most affected by this retrograde. So for them, they are usually strongly affected by these retrogrades--more so than any of the ten other zodiac signs. Life can turn to chaos or sh-- (depending upon their attitude toward these 'time-outs' in their life) or it can mean exquisite relief from all the powerful mental/mind stuff they do constantly 25 hours a day, 8 days a week. Speaking only for myself, being a Gemini (May 24), I look FORWARD to Mercury. R because my phone stops ringing, demands of Email, faxes diminish to a huge extent and I get to 'rest'! Boy, do I look forward to these time-outs!! And I get to 'catch-up' on all the stuff that hasn't been attended to because of so many phone calls, faxes and Email demands! :-). I love Mercury R!!! I get a 3-week 'breather' three times a year and with my mental schedule, if I didn't have these, I'm sure I'd have permanent brain burn out ! However, with this terrorist event, I'm not sure I'm gonna get that time out I was hoping for!

Virgo's (the other sign ruled by Mercury) tend to get more upset over Mercury R periods because they're such picky perfectionists and they really do expect their lives to go like clockwork and God forbid they be late for an appointment--HORRORS!! For them, it's a major crisis if that occurs. For them, Mercury R periods are discombobulating because they can't be perfect or strive for that near-perfection for 3 weeks, three times a year. If they can 'get over' this need to be perfect or always on-time, then it's not such a stressful period for them :-).

  1. If, however, you want to finish up on something--Mercury R is a wonderful time to wrap up projects, attend to details, and yes, clean up your messy desk, reorganize things, the telephone stops ringing, email flow reduces, faxes are fewer, and generally, a period of quiet so you can "catch up" on a bunch of projects you had started earlier, can be finished up very nicely during this period. This is a wonderful time to take something you wanted to do--but just didn't have the time to complete or finish up--and get it done.
  2. If you have a project that has lain around a long time and you just never got around to it--now is the time to look at it more closely and decide if its worth your investment in time and energy--if it isn't, during this time, you'll more than likely drop it permanently--or get serious about resurrecting it or completing it--successfully!
  3. Lies, deceit, cheating and sneaky actions by others or yourself, will come to light during a Mercury R period. It's the the long arm of Karma unveiling such negative things. If you think you duped someone--wait--during this period is when it will come to light and boy, will you be caught 'red handed'!!! Or, if someone said something behind your back--it will get back to you during this time frame. Or, if you were in some way cheated, duped or lied to, you will find out about it now.
  4. Your daily routine is no more--so, "go with the flow" and don't fight it. You'll be more day-dreamy, more spacy, more....of 'something'--so just go 'there.' This is a great time for "inny" not "outy" experiences. It's wonderful for doing internal work--either with a therapist, or digging more deeply into your psyche via meditation or other spiritual experiences--and it will produce a lot of 'aha's' during this time frame.
  5. This is a great time to clean up anything you haven't already completed! Wash the windows! Paint that cabinet! Finish off that project that has been there silently asking for completion. Dust that room! Take down the spider webs! You'll have the time to do it now :-).

An Extra "Kick" to This One

On May 13th, heavy hitter, Neptune, turns retrogade, two days ahead of Mercury going retrograde on May 15th. We could see some very serious travel delays at this time. Neptune is about confusion, illusion, delusion and I can just see US airports having more Neptunian scares that stop air traffic for hours at a time. It could be weather related, because Neptune rules water; so look for flooding. However, terrorism is never far away from any of us who travel, and this could be a real "head's up" time for you. With Mercury/Neptune going retrograde, terrorists can sneak in under the radar and not be found out in time.

Those born at the time when Mercury is going stationary direct on June 8th, really ought to think twice about traveling anywhere. Make sure you feel good about going and if your gut tells you 'no'--then don't do it.

Because Mercury rules the lower mind, and Neptune, when crossed, can create severe confusion, forgetfulness, spaciness, and being ungrounded and unfocused. It is also a time when our spiritual calling is linked with our everyday Mercury mind. People of the world have been retooling their attitudes since 9-11, then this may be a time of reward for everyone around the world; some long term plans are coming to fruition that can help bring world peace.

2002 Mercury Retrograde Dates

  • January 18 through February 8, 2002 at 14 Aquarius
  • May 15 through June 8, 2002 at 10 Gemini
  • September 14 through October 6, 2002 at 13 Libra


Copyright 2002 Dr. Eileen Nauman, All Rights Reserved. Republished by permission of the author. Dr. Nauman is the author of Poisons That Heal (homeopathy/epidemics), Path of the Mystic (Learning To Be Your Own Best Teacher For Your Inner Journey), Help! and Homeopathy (Homeopathy and Emergency Medicine), and Medical Astrology. Visit her website, The Medicine Garden.

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