Neptune in Aquarius Goes Retrograde May 14, 2002
What Does it Mean?
by Eileen Nauman, DHM(UK)

When you place a water element planet in a fixed air sign, Aquarius in this case, something has to give. Perhaps we can look at Aquarius like a stout cardboard box, and Neptune the water that silently runs toward it, encloses it, wets the material and finally, weakens the entire structure over time until the cardboard material dissolves without a whimper into the watery embrace of this nebulous, diffused planet's energy and purpose. These two remind me of a new pair of shoes, one size too small for your feet and yet, you have to wear 'em, stretch them, suffer some pain, certainly some adjustment, until the shoes accommodate you. And when Neptune goes retrograde (backward motion, seemingly, in the sky--it isn't really, it just looks that way from our perspective here on Earth...) the shoes might pinch a little.

Each planet is an energy expression and vibration. Each zodiac sign also has its resonation, too. You can sort of look or evaluate them like different radio frequencies on your FM or AM radio. Each is a "station" that pulsates its endless signals toward us. HOW we respond to them is up to each of us; and the reactions and actions are going to be as diverse as raindrops sparkling in sunlight to create a colorful rainbow.

Neptune goes retrograde on May 14, 2002 at 10 degrees of Aquarius. Who is affected? Aquarians and Leos.

The Aquarians most effected are born January 29th (your sun is at 10 degrees of Aquarius). This is 'ground zero' for this retrograde, for Aquarian folks. The opposite sign is Leo. Those born on August 1st (your sun is at 10 degrees of Leo). You too, will feel the full impact of this retrograde, as well.

Those who have a sun, moon or planet or cusp (such as the ascendant or midheaven) at 8, 9 or 10 degrees OR 11 and 12 degrees of Aquarius or Leo, you will certainly feel the effects of this Neptune turning retrograde. So, if you were born in Aquarius between the dates of January 27 through January 31st, you are affected. If you are a Leo born between the dates of JULY 30 THROUGH AUGUST 3rd, you are equally affected by the Neptune turning retrograde.

If you feel the need to consult your professional astrologer for more specific information on how exactly it will effect your life, please contact them now. On athena, our professional astrologer is Carol B. Willis and she can be reached via email at:

What Neptune Rules----Does it Affect You?

Using the keywords of Neptune, which I've posted, let's look at what it rules and how it may affect you:

Neptune Rules:

  • actors and actresses.
  • alcohol--you may drink a little too much; so watch the amount artists.
  • ambiguities--someone can pull the wool over your eyes--buyer beware.
  • anesthesia (bad reaction to--allergic reaction)--very bad for surgeries scheduled around this time.
  • bacteria--you can pick up something real easy--staph, Strep, AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis--wash your hands with an antibacterial soap and wash your food off well before preparation, as well as cooking meat WELL done.
  • beaches--great place to be for destressing.
  • beverages--drink lots of water during this period to flush out--don't be consuming a lot of alcoholic or sugar-content fluids.
  • boats--a nice place to destress.
  • clairvoyant--you may become more so for a couple of weeks--pay strict attention to your intuition during this period--it can save your butt :-)
  • coma--you may feel like you're in one until after it turns retrograde. You'll "wake up" or feel the fuzz is gone from inside your head about 2 weeks after it has turned retrograde.
  • compassion--practice it--daily.
  • confusion--will be rampant. Get signed contracts. Don't take anyone's word for it. Scams are big time right now.
  • codependent--will probably kick in stronger than usual during this time frame.
  • creative--you will be much more so...take advantage of it....paint.
  • write, sing,!
  • dancing--absolutely!
  • deception--who is lying to us? How do we lie to ourselves? Are we lying to ourselves about something? Someone? A situation? Come clean now.
  • delusion (by ourselves toward ourselves or others)--what we're fooling ourselves about may rear its ugly head on this retrograde--so pay attention to what you see. The truth is out there....
  • dreams--more of them....keep a journal...see the pattern of how your subconscious is talking to you....
  • drug addiction--yep, the druggies are gonna want MORE of their recreational drug right now than usual....
  • drugs (hypersensitive to)--watch out for allergy reaction
  • drugs (allergy reaction to)--yes.
  • drugs (picking up something you didn't really want)--watch going into a hospital...bugs abound and they might take a shine to you!
  • energy defrayed (feels tired, exhausted)--absolutely...everyone could use a little Curly Dock flower essence to bump up their energy and quit feeling like they're dragging around a ball and chain on their feet :-)
  • epidemics--very possible...somewhere...don't know where, though.
  • escape--everyone is going to be day dreamy, spacy and somewhere else. Great time to take a vacation...
  • forgery--buyer can be fooled big time right now.
  • fishing--another destressing idea.
  • idealism and what one idealizes--these things may be shattered right now and Truth and reality will stare you in the face, instead...
  • illumination--wonderful time for an "aha!" meditate, meditate, mediate--it will pay off.
  • illusion--what you see is not necessarily what you'll get. If you meet someone during this time--they are NOT what they seem to be--watch, be patient and sooner or later, this person will reveal their true selves to you--and you probably will be very jilted and unhappy about what you see.
  • imagination--is on the increase! Use it!
  • manipulated by others--most definitely. Put up healthy boundaries and learn to say "no" instead of being abused/used/manipulated.
  • music--yes! Listen to it. Play it. A destress
  • obligations and serving--absolutely. Do your karmic responsibility right now.
  • Pantothenic Acid (B-5)--may need 100 mgs. a day between now and the retrograde on May 8th--it feeds the adrenal glands--your flight or fight mechanism and you may be under a lot of stress right now--so it will help you through this.
  • poisons of all kinds--Have Poison Control Center phone number handy. You or your family can be poisoned by air, water or food.
  • psychic--yes, you will tune in more clearly during this period. Listen.
  • sacrifice--yes, you will be asked to help. So, do it.
  • sensitivity--all your 5 senses are turned up to an excruciating degree--find silence. Find being alone or more quiet to escape this phenomena.
  • spirituality--wonderful time for it. Find time to be alone, quiet and meditate.
  • suffering--yes, some of us will during this time frame. Do it for the right reasons. Learn to practice the Art of Compassion.
  • vagueness--everyone is going to be this way. You won't get a straight answer. Better to wait until after the retrograde and try again...things will be more clear
  • victim--you can become one. Your choice. Put up your boundaries--learn to say "no."
  • virus--yep, they're around.
  • weak (as in an organ or system of the body)--mostly ankles and calves for you Aquarians and heart/circulation/back problems for you Leo's

Tools for destressing such as meditation, Tai Chi, Chi Quong, acupuncture, massage, swimming, reflexology, polarity therapy, flower and gem essences, homeopathy, taking a quiet walk, working in a garden, shamanic journeying, communing with Nature, listening to classical music, taking trips into isolated and beautiful natural power spots around our globe, learning to commune and then open up to Mother Earth (and understanding she, too, is a LIVING being), and going to health and spiritual-oriented spas will become "in."

As a result of spiritual quests taking precedence as a matter of health in our lives as never before--and the traditional medicine people finally understanding that "parts are not parts", that we are a fully connected, viable organism that has a spirit that must also be taken into consideration in health matters, will evolve. Earth-based philosophies, mostly fueled by a powerful Native American resurgence in the last decade, will underwrite the understanding of connections and of connecting or learning how to reconnect. Speaking from personal experience as well as observing it too many times, I have seen Mother Earth heal others, animal as well as human. We will learn how to get into touch with her on this level for ourselves and for others more clearly and consciously with Neptune in Aquarius.

Neptune rules the immune system. Allergies may kick up. Problems with vaccinations in children will flare up. Finally. Unfortunately, many millions of people will suffer with an impaired, over-sensitized immune system that sets them up, down the line, for many other forms of disease--unless they get help from homeopathy.

Homeopathy is ruled by Neptune, so you are going to watch as it enters a "golden age" in the next thirteen years under Aquarius' leadership. It will take its place at the head of all the alternative medicine modalities as "the" medicine or form of medicine to use. It can engage the immune system, when practiced carefully and safely, on a gentle, noninvasive level. No drug can create cure, but homeopathy can CURE. This is a good time for you to find your local homeopathic practitioner and get your constitutional case taken.

The Downside

Neptune has rulership over bacteria and viruses. This includes COMPUTER VIRUSES--and we're in for a doozy with Mercury going retrograde on May 16th, two days after Neptune turns retrograde--so back up everything!

Aquarius rules the air. We are going to see a number of deadly germs mutate into "airborne" status and cause major epidemics that will kill millions around the globe. We will see more bacterial and virus complaints starting--especially ones like the West Nile Virus on the East coast; more mosquito-borne epidemics will start under this retrograde. With Neptune going retrograde, you'll probably see this disease go "underground" but that doesn't mean it's done circulating the globe...not a chance. All epidemics have an ocean-like ebb and flow, a tidal wave effect, and with Neptune going retrograde, there's the possibility that it will pull back and seemingly be dormant or "under control" for now.

One interesting development as Neptune went retrograde in May/2001, is that a Japanese science team just broke the DNA code on staph, a very deadly bacteria, and one which is barely responding to antibiotics any this is a Neptune breakthrough of sorts, too. I think you'll see the West Nile Epidemic crank up on the East Coast and continue to move Midwest and South.

Neptune rules poisoning of any type and what we are at risk for is air pollution and water pollution. Bacterial assaults on our sewage, the chlorinating efforts, etc., are going to backfire and city water is going to continue to become, literally, undrinkable. Poisons such as uranium and arsenic that leach or leak into the underground aquifers is going to happen more and more out in rural America and people who own wells should get their wells tested yearly for all the poisonous elements that are known to their area--especially those who live near chemical factories, landfills, mines or mining activity and the like.

Because Neptune is subtle, the poisoning can go on for years before a person's health begins to deteriorate--and it won't be waving a red flag to get your attention, either. For instance, a leaky refrigerator can leak out its fumes and cause headaches over time each time the freezer portion is opened up. If the tubing isn't carefully checked, no one would suspect the person is slowly being poisoned in such a way--and yet, this is a typical Neptune way....and with Aquarius being the air element, such poisoning especially by carbon monoxide, is going to be epidemic in and of itself. This is a good time to go to your doctor and find out--have your water tested, too.

Chemicals and all gasses are ruled by Neptune. Fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides are going to be spotlighted for the insidious murderers that they are--and that these chemicals settle in the fat of our bodies. Women, in particular, will find that the poisoning going on in them from what they eat, drink and breathe from farm water run-off carrying these deadly toxins, will eventually wind up in the fat and lymph of their breasts--and these will be found to be one of the main reasons why women have such a high incidence of breast cancer in this century. DDT was also a very Neptunian poison and until decades of careful tracking of it, did farmers and chemical makers finally understand how terrible an instrument it was on our environment and the creatures in it.

The immune system (Neptune) is going to take a battering. Those who get more vaccinations are going to be at particular risk. Those who are in super-stressful jobs or environments (cities), are going to see their health begin to deteriorate unless they do something drastic (like leave the city and the stressful job). We are going to see immune-related disease leap to the top of the list of health problems--and the traditional medical people are going to wonder why--until they put it together with too many vaccinations. We are going to see arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and other central and peripheral nervous system dis-eases become highlighted in our culture. Now is a good time to destress. Look at the keywords above for some suggestions as to how--for instance, meditation or yoga, as examples.

Aquarius rules the calves of the legs, our ankles and the rods and cones of our eyes. With Neptune there, you are going to see more glaucoma, blindness and retinal detachment than ever before. There will be virus or bacteria that will be found that affect our vision or decrease it. There may be central nervous system complaints involving the calves and ankles of those people who have planets in Aquarius or Leo, particularly those with Saturn, Uranus or Neptune in them--and with three or more hard aspects to them. Viruses or bacteria will attack this part of their body leaving them wheel chair bound or having to use crutches or other types of conveyances instead of being able to walk normally. If you suspect eye problems, go see your ophthalmologist for the appropriate tests to check this out. This is a big time for anaphylactic reactions to allergies or to foods we eat--so beware.

The opposite sign, Leo, rules the cardiovascular system and our heart. We are going to see a huge flare-up of rheumatic fever, scarlet fever and Strep throat (if not caught, can injure any of our major organs, including our heart). Weak hearts, congestive heart failure, angina are going to plague us for this next thirteen year period. This is a good time to see your doctor about your heart and your cholesterol levels. Back problems could crop up at this time--a "weak" back, where a vertebrae kicks out. See your DO or chiropractor for help.

Problems with circulation are going to become highlighted, also. The easy answer to this is: get some exercise. Unfortunately, there's a lot of Baby Boomers who have turned into couch potatoes and it is that segment of our society that is going to have cold hands and feet, numbness, tingling or Raynaud's Disease, stalking them in earnest. Just puttering outside for an hour, or going for a walk around the block would help stave off this particular symptom. Getting a massage once a week will also help stop this condition.

In Summation

Our life, our reality, is what we make of it. Neptune in Aquarius promises us if we want to create our reality (which we do anyway) but know on a more conscious level that we're doing, is at hand. One might look at this door opening as the sorcerer's apprentice (the Walt Disney version of Mickey Mouse and the Night on Bald Mountain classical music playing in the background) working with the magician's tools while he's stepped away from the castle.

Our health is in our hands. How we express our level of health is up to each of us and many of us will get more in touch with the why we are the way we are than ever before. The 'tools' of Aquarius are going to mind-blowing, mind-stretching, awe-inspiring, scary, unbelievable, frightening or miraculous--take your pick. Whatever your consciousness, whatever your attitude toward yourself and how you see yourself involved with Life's Spiral Dance, is up to each of us. As my mother sez, "If you get mud, Eileen, you damn well make mud pies and sell 'em!"

Find out what your 'tools' of reference, of belief in, of perspective and reality are.

Mercury Goes Retrograde Two Days After Neptune Goes Retrograde

This is an interesting pair to be going backward together! IF you happen to be one of those lucky people that transiting Mercury and Neptune is going to pluck the strings of your natal chart simultaneously, read on, because this affects you directly.

Like, having Mercury going retrograde isn't enough to hit us with...nope, here comes old Mr. Confusion and Illusion round out this team who has decided to backtrack in the backwash of our lives. A separate article will be written on Mercury going retrograde, so be watching for it shortly. However, when you have two major planets going retrograde less than forty-eight hours apart, things are gonna get slicker than goose shit and I kid you not on this one. I'd advise all the people involved in this little sky dance to get on hip deep waders and be ready for some slipping and sliding around between now and May 14-16th.

Mercury and Neptune are a chaotic combination from a medical astrology perspective. Mercury rules the lower mind and consciousness, and Neptune, our unconscious. So, if you are lucky enough to have planets involved in BOTH of these going retrograde, you had best be asking yourself:

  1. Do I want to be an introvert or an extrovert right now?
  2. Don't sign your life away. Take no one's word on anything. If it's a contract--see a lawyer first or you'll be sorry
  3. How can I detoxify myself? Look at health foods, massage, exercise, drinking lots of water and flushing yourself out, changing your diet (less meat, thank you), and taking up yoga.
  4. How would I like to meditate more often and touch base with my spirit during this time?
  5. Don't go near the could drown. And if you own a basement, well, floods are gonna be a possibility, too. Or, a water tank will leak and you'll have a water flood of another kind. Or your basement is gonna spring a nice leak during this time. Of course, you could experience a "flood" of emotions, be prepared for any all possibilities!
  6. Speaking of water, tears are a good idea to release at this time. Better out than in, as we homeopaths say. Discharge, especially tears, is very healthy, so let it fly and don't keep it choked up inside you.
  7. Prayers are helpful. Neptune on its good days, is about our faith, our inner blind-faith-knowing. If you will defer to this, you'll walk through the crap that's going to slung around you, and not even get hit. However, if you don't pay attention to your intuition and inner voice or listen to your teachers on the Other Side, then rest assured, shit is gonna happen and you will get hit by it. So be prepared.
  8. Don't sign ANYTHING. I'm telling you--you will be duped. You will be cheated, lied to, deceived and the shell game will be played and you'll loose that, too. Don't gamble on anything.
  9. If it sounds too good to be true during this period--it is. Don't do it. Don't sign. Don't say yes. Just walk away and say "no"--and mean it.
  10. Right now, you can't think yourself out of a paper bag, so honor this confusing moment where you feel like you've been strung up and hung out to dry and just SIT ON IT. Don't do A THING. Just be QUIET. Don't MOVE. Don't make major decisions. Just be quiet and listen to your inner voice. It will tell you what to do to get out of this maze that you're presently lost in....
  11. Life's a regular blackboard jungle of confusion and illusion out there for you folks right advice is: go within. That is your safe place. Your place where no one will lie, deceive, cheat or mislead you presently. If you're unsure, do NOT make a decision right now. Just be patient and wait it out.
  12. Feel like your life's a regular pool of MUDDY water and you need to see in order to get out of it, but can't? Yep, it sure is. Well, be patient, stand quietly and let the storm and mud around you settle out and believe me, the water will clear up and you'll know what to do.
  13. Timing is everything, friends. And right now, you've got bad timing. Your watch doesn't even keep time right--right now. If you don't believe me, check it out. That's a big red flag to you. Your timing is lousy right now, so sit tight and don't move. Its amazing how the universe will eventually reveal all you need to know in order to make a wise decision. You just have to trust yourself enough to follow that path. So, do it. The other choice will suck and you will be one very unhappy camper.
  14. Your intuition? Well, it has seen better days. Everyone has intuition, but with Neptune going retrograde, yours and every one else's is off. Particularly those with planets around 8, 9, and 10 and 11 and 12 degrees of Aquarius and Leo--yours is REALLY off! So, just chill out, cool your heels and be patient. Things will clear up in a month or two and you'll know a lot more than you do right now (which isn't much of anything--you're not getting "straight scoop" from those who are providing information).

As If That's Not Enough----We Have Saturn Opposing Pluto All Of May
and It Only Gets Worse the Last Week in May

This is dawg ugly, lemme tell you. Like Grace Verte said of this duo: it's like cleaning out the Augean stables and you're Hercules! Shit. Yep. A lot of it. I'm sure everyone is feeling the pressure coming down on them if they are directly affected (and I wrote an article and posted it to athena weeks ago).

You put this pit bull combination together with Neptune AND Mercury turning retrograde together, and there are some people who are simply not able to take this "spin". Maybe it's a good thing that Saturn is opposing Pluto, because people are more in their bodies and grounded at this time. However, with Neptune playing with Mercury's head, well, that's gonna tweak a number of people out and they aren't gonna be "home" either. Stay in your body!

Okay, So the S--t is going to Hit the Fan-----What Else?

That's putting it mildly. On May 26 we have a full moon Lunar eclipse at 5 Sagittarius (I'll be writing an article on this shortly). That means Sag's and Gemini's are (once again) gonna get into a kick-butt, take-names mode. We are, quite literally, in chaos and there's no polite way to say it or get out of it or avoid it. The way to survive it is pay close attention to your "gut" intuition and feelings.

Quite a month. Just keep encircling Mom Earth with the color of clean, pure light of your choice before you close you eyes and go to sleep. She -- and we -- need all the help we can get to survive May.

I'll be really glad to wake up and see June 1 arrive :-)

Warmly, Eileen

Copyright 2002 Dr. Eileen Nauman, All Rights Reserved. Republished by permission of the author. Dr. Nauman is the author of Poisons That Heal (homeopathy/epidemics), Path of the Mystic (Learning To Be Your Own Best Teacher For Your Inner Journey), Help! and Homeopathy (Homeopathy and Emergency Medicine), and Medical Astrology. Visit her website, The Medicine Garden.

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