Mercury Goes Direct September 20, 2003
by Eileen Nauman, DHM(UK)

Who is affected directly by this on September 20, 2003?

Mercury goes direct on September 20, 2003 at 12 degrees of Virgo (opposite sign is Pisces). This means people with birthdays September 2 through the 8th are MOST affected. The one that it goes direct on is September 5th. This includes not only Virgo folks. By opposite sign, Pisces, those most affected are born between February 28 through March 6th with March 3rd the most affected.

Who else can be involved in this direct motion?

Anyone with planets between 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 degrees of any sign, are affected by this. Or if you have your ascendant or mid-heaven is at one of these degrees, you will be affected. The most affected degree is 12, and that is the degree that Mercury goes direct on.

What Mercury Direct means to us

Here's a list of some of the things you can expect from a Mercury going DIRECT. Keep in mind that they won't all happen to you! Just one or two, usually. However, if you have a natal Mercury in conjunction with the transiting (daily motion of a planet) Mercury, then your life is going to be strongly affected by that retrograde!! The only way you can find this out is to contact an astrologer and have them look at your transits to determine this.

Bio Terrorism War in the USA

With Mercury being retrograde, all kinds of mistakes, misinformation, and HIDDEN info by our US government to us, the civilians (consider us cannon fodder/collateral damage in their eyes) has been lying to us on some occasions. On others, they really didn't know. But the bottom line is that Americans are getting so many "mixed messages" from our leaders that THEY are actually creating MORE panic than allying it. With Mercury retrograde we got to hear President Bush admit to a bunch of mistakes about the Iraq war and I suspect he's still pulling his punches because he gave his last national speech under a Mercury retrograde, too. Beware of people speaking out of both sides of their mouth.

Our government is twisted in its own knickers, for lack of a better visual symbol right now with the inappropriate war that Bush decided to launch on Iraq. So, Mercury retrograde is showing where all our weaknesses in the war planning right now regarding Iraq. And it is a war--make no mistake about it.

What can we expect when it turns direct on September 20th? First of all, any LIES, DECEPTION, FRAUD and trying to hide pertinent and lifesaving information to the public, is going to be EXPOSED. The government is not telling us everything and then telling us too late. I find it absolutely outrageous. That will stop to a degree with Mercury finally being direct--or perhaps there will be less of it....

Any type of transportation, which falls under Mercury, can be a target during the time it was retrograde; subways, busses, planes, trucks, and trains. We all need stay watchful during this time; especially the last five days before it goes direct. We are in the 'shadow' time right now, and that makes it more intense than usual.

Communication from the government has been a Mercury retrograde comedy and it's not even funny. The war with Iraq is the focus. It's Vietnam all over again. The older generation knows that already. It will take the other generations longer to 'get it'--but get it they will. But when one suddenly gets thrown into a war time footing, and the enemy is invisible for the most part, then confusion is going to reign supreme. With Mercury coming out of retrograde, we will at least have some semblance of coordination communication-wise, between the federal and state government people. One hopes, the government will be more forthcoming with the American people, but I don't expect it.

What Other Things Can Mercury Direct Do?

  1. Expect to be decisive on your part--or on the part of others. People have been muddling around, hesitate, or won't be sure of themselves under a retrograde. Making a decision during a Merc. direct transit--whatever they decided to do will remain as such. It will not change. Men and women will no longer be miscommunication. One is speaking Chinese and the other, French!! Well, now they at least will be speaking the SAME language. Partners have had to really work at saying what they really mean because assumptions will no longer abound during this time and what you say is how how you meant it. Big-time communications snafus will no longer complicate your life on a personal and professional level. No more foot-in-mouth disease as Mercury turns direct!!!
  2. Signing a contract, agree to something, buy a car/boat/house/animal or start up a new project under a Mercury Direct is fine. The contract will be honored. The car you bought will turn out to be fine (no lemon)!! The boat will not have problems, structural or otherwise. The house you bought will not be a "money pit" and the owner did not reveal all the problems the house had--but you inherited them!! The animal you bought (dog/cat/horse or whatever) will not have some real 'hidden' problems that you could not see upon first perusal or inspection. Projects begun after Mercury turns direct will turn out as expected. No hidden surprises or changes.
  3. You can buy mechanical things, appliances, computers, software or anything else like that during this period--they will work right! I might add that this a time when mechanical failures finally stop happening. DISK CRASHES which were commonplace will stop. Thank goodness!
  4. It's okay to travel long-distance during a Mercury direct because Mercury is the ruler of travel by any conveyance. There will not be delays, equipment (like a plane or car) will break down during this period. Travel won't try your patience during this period. Equipment failure is finally ebbing away. ANY type of equipment--not just computers.
  5. Mercury rules our thinking processes. Believe me, folks, we are finally going to be able to think clearly or coherently. We become less forgetful. You won't get lost in traffic or lost in a shopping center, and you'll remember where you put something. Things that got LOST and MISPLACED big time, will suddenly and inexplicably--show up! Our orderly thinking returns. Our minds quiet down. Insomnia is no longer rampant.
  6. Delays--on everything, are finally over! You're not late for an appointment. And no one is going to lose your appointment! The company promised it would be there on a certain day--and it will be there--on that day! Under a Merc. D, it will be there, when promised. People will show up at the right time. The punctual schedule is back in vogue. You'll be on time--there won't be unexpected delay on the freeway/turnpike, or the other person arrives on time.
  7. Your mind is returns from La La Land and else the nuts and bolts of everyday life/demands/things, returns. Your concentration returns and you don't have to struggle to focus, concentrate, retain or remember.

Virgo's and Gemini's, which are ruled natally by Mercury, tend to get more upset over Mercury Retrograde periods because they're such picky perfectionists and they really do expect their lives to go like clockwork and God forbid they be late for an appointment--HORRORS!! For them, it's a major crisis if that occurs. For them, Mercury retrograde periods are discombobulating because they can't be perfect or strive for that near-perfection for three weeks, three or four times a year. If they can 'get over' this need to be perfect or always on time, then it's not such a stressful period for them.

Now, Virgo's and Gemini's can rest, take a deep breath and stop feeling like someone stole half their brain. Even though they are not affected directly by this particular Mercury going direct, they still get influenced by it "just because" it is their natal planetary ruler.

With Mercury Going Direct You Want To.....

1. Finish up on something--Merc Direct is a wonderful time to wrap up projects, attend to details, and yes, clean up your messy desk, reorganize things, it will all fall into magical place now, shortly after the retrograde motion is over. Your telephone starts ringing, email flow increases, faxes are more numerous, and generally, a period of quiet is over and the frantic activity replaces it.

2. If you have a project that has lain around a long time and you just never got around to it--now is the time to look at it more closely and decide if its worth your investment in time and energy--if it isn't, during this time, you'll more than likely drop it permanently--or get serious about resurrecting it or completing it--successfully!

3. Lies, deceit, cheating and sneaky actions by others or yourself, will come to light during a Mercury Retrograde period. It's the long arm of Karma unveiling such negative things. If you think you duped someone--wait--during this period is when it will come to light and boy, will you be caught 'red handed'!!! Or, if someone said something behind your back--it will get back to you during this time frame. Or, if you were in some way cheated, duped or lied to, you will find out about it now. All these possibilities came to light; now with Mercury going direct you have a clean slate, so to speak. Anything hidden has come to light and now it's time to get on with the forward motion of your life once more.

4. Your daily routine is back so, "go with the flow". You'll be less day-dreamy, less spacey, more....of 'something'--so just go 'there.' This is a great time for outer/external experiences. It's wonderful for doing external work. You're a lot less inclined to want quiet, to be alone, or do meditational types of things (which are internal work and energy).

5. This is a great time to start new projects of any kind--big or small. Wash the windows! Paint that cabinet! Start that brainchild project that has been there silently asking for completion. Dust that room! Take down the spider webs!

Best of all, life gets back on a more or less "normal" routine or "rut" that many of us cherish. When Mercury is retrograde, it all goes in the toilet and gets flushed. Now the Cosmic Toilet of Life is back on line and we can breath a deep sigh of relief at least in that quadrant of our lives! Routine is back. Constancy will return. So will our sanity for those of us who feel like our rut got ripped out from under us. Let's hear it for the humdrum of life. We get it back on September 20th!

Warmly, Eileen

Copyright 2003 Dr. Eileen Nauman, All Rights Reserved. Republished by permission of the author. Dr. Nauman is the author of Poisons That Heal (homeopathy/epidemics), Path of the Mystic (Learning To Be Your Own Best Teacher For Your Inner Journey), Help! and Homeopathy (Homeopathy and Emergency Medicine), and Medical Astrology. Visit her website, The Medicine Garden.

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