20-year Planetary Cycle Begins Anew in May

by Karen Steen, Astrologer

This May, Jupiter and Saturn will meet in the sky and begin a new twenty-year interplanetary cycle. Astrologically, such a meeting of planets in celestial latitude is termed a conjunction. The recurring twenty-year conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn marks the defining point of new social, political, economic, and personal structures. As individuals, it is a time to define anew our social purpose and direction, to formulate measurable goals for achieving more of our potential, to make something more of ourselves and our lives in this world. Goals and endeavors set in motion during the months spanning this conjunction will carry forward through the next twenty years.

The 1980 - 1981 Jupiter/Saturn Cycle

To understand the workings of this long-term cycle, think back to late 1980 through 1981 when Jupiter and Saturn last joined to begin a new cycle. For many of us then, fundamental decisions and new undertakings took shape and provided an expanded basis for our lives. We may have also brought to end basic structures of our prior lives to begin new and expanded activities. Our decisions and new endeavors then served as a broader basis for our goals and achievements, the essences of which either culminated or ended in recent events. If you were a child in 1980-81, consider what formative experiences occurred for you that resulted from parental decisions or other primary social or economic influences.

History demonstrates the workings of this cycle in economic and socio-political events. The past 200 years reveal an impressive correlation of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction with the culmination of long-term cycles in U.S. stocks and the economy. Other signature events have been changes in the leadership of world governments, in many cases resulting from assassinations or revolutions. Pivotal U.S. Supreme Court decisions and advances in education also characterized the months surrounding the cyclic conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn.

The 1980-81 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurred in the (tropical) sign of Libra. The theme of structured expansion in human relations and relatedness characterized this twenty-year cycle --- the Internet and growth of worldwide commercial air travel contributing to a global culture; NAFTA and the European Union defining boundaries by inclusiveness; the development of laws and legal services addressing relationships, ranging from family law and domestic violence to professional-client behavior; domestic partner benefits and registers; and, safe sex and monogamy by personal choice.

Such is the nature of the twenty-year Jupiter/Saturn astrological cycle, characterized by the keywords 'structured expansion'. As an individual, the specific area of life, challenges, and opportunities emphasized in each cycle is unique to you and elucidated in your birth chart.

Taurus Starts the 2000 Jupiter/Saturn Cycle

The twenty-year cycle beginning this year in Taurus will emphasize the development of structures for advances in natural and economic resources. With a rare alignment in early May of the inner planets, sun, and moon together with Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus, this is an intense 'seeding time' for new endeavors relating to our physical world and the basis of our material security. Governments, citizen groups, businesses, communities, and individuals will orient resources and efforts toward that which will provide real security and a firm basis for sustainable growth. Look now for the seeds of sustainable growth in business and finance, ecology and the environment, and individual values and resources. As Taurus is also related to art and natural beauty, we can anticipate significant advances in the arts as well.

Our Jupiter/Saturn Cycle Opportunity

As individuals, it is a time to ground our ideals in our tangible world. What is worth having? What are our most valuable personal and environmental resources? How can we develop and employ those to make a sustainable living? A living that sustains our wholeness and integrity, and that of the earth? Formulate your goals now for the practical roles and social achievements you would like to actualize in the coming twenty years. For personal insight and enrichment, an astrologer can specify the potential of this cycle for you as indicated in your birth chart. For us all, and especially Taureans and Scorpios, this is a time to take control of our life and destiny with practical goals and endeavors. Get to work, for Taurus is associated with the results of sustained efforts!

Copyright 2000, Karen Steen. All rights reserved.

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