1999 Predictions
Dated December 28, 1998. Copyright Naomi Bennett

This will be a dramatic year for the coming end of the century. While many will ring in the year January 1, 2000 as the new century, it is technically the last year of the 20th century. All centuries start with the number one, not zero. So the final 100th year of a century is numbered 00 such as 2000. So remember to celebrate the actual new century both on December 21, 2000 (Winter Solstice) and December 31, 2000 (last New Yearís Eve of this century).

This Christmas season of 1998, please celebrate the real, ancient New Year on Monday, December 21st at 7:58 PM CST. This is the moment that the Sun dies and touches 0 degree Capricorn, the shortest day of the year. All the ancient cultures celebrated this period as the death of the old Sun and the renewal of the reborn Sun. Christmas was originally celebrated on this date to replace the pagan celebrations which explains why the Christ childís birthday is in mid-December. The calendar has slipped over the centuries by inaccuracies to have the date now fall on December 25th. This year is extra special as the cardinal points align with the Milky Wayís Galactic Center. This is a black hole so immense that the galaxy spins around itís gravitation pull. This event only occurs once every 25,920 years! This was the time of year that the dead of the past year could take the path opened by the cardinal point, 0 Capricorn, to let the souls of the earth enter the heavens into the Milky Way. This was a belief that was fairly common around the world. That is why the constellation Capricorn is also called the Gate of Heaven.

I describe the long term placement of planets for this year first with dominant aspects that can last weeks or months. A more detailed explanation of the meaning of Pluto in Sagittarius, Neptune in Aquarius or Uranus in Aquarius was given in the 1998 predictions. I recommend reading this material for deeper understanding at www.home.swbell.net/naomiben under articles. These predictions are for major national and world events called mundane astrology, the oldest form of astrology. I have not predicted for the individual by sun signs in this article.

Pluto Aspects
1998 saw the lessening of violent crimes nationally in the US for the third year straight year. I attribute this to Pluto leaving the sign of Scorpio after 14 years in 1996 and entering Sagittarius. Scorpio is associated with emotional protection of the family with intense feeling, and impulsive behavior. Pluto is associated with youth and children, gang activity, Mafia, and plagues. The bulk of crimes are committed by 18-25 year old males. During the time in Scorpio there was huge increase in youth gangs. This has lessened since Pluto left Scorpio but the oldest of children born during Pluto in Scorpio are now 14-15. We have seen the rise of young boys bringing guns to school (Sagittarius is associated with education, publishers, news media and social reform) to shoot other students. Since the death of Princess Di, the media has been under siege for their extremes of behavior to the point of social reform with new laws to protect privacy. Educational reform is the buzz word in political campaigns now.

I speculated in 1997 that with Pluto in Sagittarius that epidemics may be liver related since Pluto is associated with massive deaths and Sagittarius rules the liver and blood. In 1998 the public was having its awareness raised by articles on the wide spread potential epidemic of hepatitis C. This strain was only discovered in 1989. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control have estimated that 4 million Americans have it and many donít know they carried the virus until the advanced stages. It causes liver damage and cancer. The need for liver transplants is on the rise. Currently there are about 10,000 deaths a year but experts believe it may compete with AIDS which has 45,000 deaths a year in the US. Itís spread by blood transfusions before 1990, intravenous drug users, cocaine users who share straws, tattooed or pierced by a dirty needle or dirty ink, and unprotected sex. In Texas Prisons, they have begun screening inmates in 1998 and have found 2% of the population infected.

Neptune Aspects
Neptune entered Aquarius in 1998 but reverted back to Capricorn from late August to late November 1998. This was the last revival of large corporate mergers with the biggest between Exxon and Mobil announced on November 30, 1998. Iím not sure this last merger will pass the monopy test by the government but the contributions to enough politicians will pave the way. This should see the last of major, gigantic mergers and downsizing with Neptune permanently in Aquarius. A new attitude will really start blowing this year. The Web and technology has taken off and it should have a long ride for the next 13 more years. The entire social attitude toward individual independence, autonomy from government, commerce at the speed of light will expand. The decade of the moral majority, the far religious right, the haves versus the have nots, Newtís Contract With America, and corporate might is over. A new 14 year trend is brewing to undo the excesses that were created under Regan-Bush and the Republican controlled Congress. The expansion of the prison systems and criminal law reform are over. Now these new systems will have to be revised again when the importance of individual rights are weighed more heavily than the restriction of individuals. There are likely to be extremists and radicals expressing their beliefs to the world by making a dramatic, striking impressions to all of us. They are sending the world a wake up call that the establishment is to be attacked, destroyed and rebuilt into a new form with new ideals. One of these trigger periods will be in May 1999 through August 1999.

Neptune-Saturn Aspects
Last May 1998 thru May 1999, Neptune has been squared by Saturn. This was the primary period for the Clinton-Lewinsky-Starr affair from scandal to impeachment proceedings. Astrologically this is a period of ďthat which is hidden will be revealed.Ē Things that were secret get exposed to the public view. This certainly happened but it can also mean that secret enemies can be out to do you in. Ken Starr was more than just a neutral independent prosecutor. He had a four year, $40 million dollar investment in Clinton. He had tried to resign to teach at Pepperdine University in February 1997 but the Republican Right demanded that he not resign and continue to search for the smoking gun. It came in the form of Linda Tripp who contacted Ken Starr on January 12, 1998 just prior to the Paula Jones-Clinton Testimony under oath on January 17th. Ken Starr has stated that he had at least six discussions with the Paula Jones defense team prior to that date to advise them. He also did the unusual by not barring Linda Tripp from speaking about the evidence she had on Clinton-Lewinsky for the Paula Jones deposition. This was most unusual and not customary. These acts are typical of the hidden, unseen actions taken by unknown enemies during a Saturn square Neptune. This aspect was exact in November 1998 when the impeachment process was started by the House Judiciary Committee and Ken Starrís testimony as their only witness. Now itís a rush to get a House vote on four articles of impeachment before the December recess and the induction of more new Democrats that were elected last November which would weaken the Republican majority. At this writing, two articles passed and there appears to be a hidden agenda in the House Republican Majority that isnít so much about Clinton as itís about asserting itís authority among its members. Itís a power play of strength. The public called and emailed the members of the House not to vote in favor of impeachment but it fell on deaf ears. This odd behavior is more of the hidden agenda of Saturn square Neptune. Hypocrisy personified. One more major period for this saga to reach another low point will be from January 14-February 8, 1999. This is likely to be the period of time for the Senate trial. This period will not be finally put to rest until after May 8th when the third and final square of this Saturn-Neptune passes along with the Moon Wobble in early May. Ken Starrís actions will come more to light and I would guess that his name will be dragged through the mud just as Clintonís has. Clinton and Starr have only a month between their birthdays so this Saturn-Neptune square works on both of their charts. Both reputations have been altered permanently and neither to the good. I would predict that Clinton will not be removed from office and the impeachment will not be ratified by the Senate but it will make him the most lamed duck president of this century. I donít believe it will stop him being presidental domestically and especially internationally. That is why he is working so hard on the Israel-Palestine Peace Accord, to leave a legacy. But he wonít be able to effect legislation at home. The saga of Clinton-Lewinsky-Starr will be an article of itís own later in 1999.

This aspect falls on Bill Gates chart and this has been the year (1998-99) of the Justice Department trial of monopoly charges against Microsoft. Watch for major news in this arena in the same February and May period for Mr. Gates. The government is calling him to task and these should be eventful decisions that will impact him directly in a restrictive way to curb his aggression on his competition.

From a financial perspective, this Saturn-Neptune square has helped maintained the speculative bubble in the stock markets. Not all facts regarding the world economies get the light of public viewing until another crisis appears on the horizon. The period of January 14-February 18th will be a turmoil period for the markets. I expect another bear downturn to scare investors. I advise having cash in place by early January to buy up bargains after the full drop in February. I personally will be buying some index put options to ride the downturn. There then should be another recovery in the March-April period but the market will be highly unstable from May-August. Only the iron-willed and strong of heart will be able to withstand the turmoil. It might be best to go into money markets, bonds or another index put option during this roller coaster period. Cash will be king. I wonít speculate past August at this point until I see what happens through this period. The market is complex and Iím still learning my way around financial astrology.

Uranus Aspects
Uranus continues in Aquarius for the entire year. Invention, technology and the shrinking of the globe will all be emphasized. Long term vision is the Internet. It was designed to side step national borders and corporations. It was meant as a means to communicate around the world and share information. The Web is commercialized now but its still free and boundless to users like you and I. Technology is still an excellent speculation play this year for long term investors. Buy after the big dip in late February to early March but expect turbulence from May through August. Unless you can stomach a roller coaster ride, it would be best to be in the sidelines by May. Emotionally, there is greater panic and strong reactive behavior or impulsiveness in many arenas around the world from May through August. Uranus is conjunct the lunar nodes during this time. The nodes are indicative of emotional reactiveness and Uranus is about abrupt change that strikes out of the blue.

Moon Wobbles and Eclipses
The month of May will be the most important period of the entire year. It starts with a Moon Wobble centered on May 8th. Watch the news beginning April 22nd with a build up or apex on the 8th of May. This is like a mild eclipse period except the Nodes are square the Sun so an eclipse is not possible. But it does produce world events and international news. This will be magnified with Uranus in aspect to the nodes. The last time Uranus was in hard aspect to the nodes in a fixed sign was the Oklahoma City Bombing in April 1995. This is a period were individuals feel they must take action to change the world and get the world to take notice. This period continues to be active until August when one of the most dramatic eclipses of this century will occur. From July 28th through August 17th, major events are likely to rock the world. It occurs in the form of a grand square cross in the fixed signs from 12 to 18 degrees. The center or apex should be near August 1-7 when the Moon, Sun, Mars, Saturn, Uranus and the Nodes are most exactly aligned during Moon Wobble. The solar eclipse comes with the New Moon on August 11th at 11:09 GMT. Unlike most astrologers who only look for the actual eclipse, I look for the Moon Wobble to be the center of the period along with any planets that can activate events sooner or later.

Since this is one of the great eclipses of this century, it will be hard to know how dramatic the events will be. It is in the middle of fixed signs and itís very likely to have physical results like the explosion of the Mexico City volcano, Popocatepetl. The volcano has been active for three years building a dome and on November 26, 1998 it spewed a cloud of ash. Itís primed for eruption and the foundation chart of Mexico City has the Grand Square Eclipse falling against its Mars at 14Leo02 in the 11th house creating a Mars-Uranus opposition. Eclipses in the fixed signs have historically been associated with earthly, physical events such as disasters, earthquakes, etc. These are probabilities so only time and the actual events will truly tell if these predictions are even close to reality. Letís just say, I wonít be traveling to Mexico City this year.

The last squaring Moon Wobble of the year this period is seen in October from the 24th to November 7th with the center on October 31st. It will not have the strength of the first square Moon Wobble in early May because Uranus is out of aspect to the Nodes. This last one is unlikely to make much news or market jumps compared to May and August. The second strength of this period is seen in October from the 24th to November 7th with the center on October 31st with this last squaring Moon Wobble. It will not have the strength of the first square Moon Wobble in early May because Uranus is out of aspect to the Nodes. This last one is unlikely to make too much news or but the NYSE market could jump again. The foundation chart for the NYSE has a near 11:20 am birth time. This Ascendant of 5Leo has not been adequately tested by me so this Moon Wobble at 8 Leo will be a test of this chartís importance. Just pay attention to the papers about unexpected surprises and abrupt turning of events. Saturn Aspects Saturn stays in the last of Aries until mid February and then moves into Taurus the rest of the year. It continues to be in a square aspect to Neptune through May which was discussed above. With Saturn in Taurus, real estate, banking and the financial sector should start to feel a restriction, consolidation and movement back into a more conservation position. With the square aspect to Neptune until May, there could be more exposed financial crisis uncovered/exposed during early May to produce another panic like last late August October 1998.

Beginning in June through December, Saturn will be in a square aspect to Uranus. This is the pull of restriction and going back to the past with the demands of change, revolution and pushing to the future. There is great conflict in this combination since it expresses opposite forces that are combined in frustration and stress. The conservative establishment of respectability and law and order is in conflict with the forces of change, upheaval, and abrupt rewriting of all the rules we live by. This will be most dramatically seen in the first half of August. The old is abruptly destroyed by a new chaos that isnít anticipated or seen. This aspect should have an impact of the web. It could be a consolidation of small companies into mergers or it could be restrictions placed on it by vested corporate or government interests (the establishment) that are trying to contain innovation that could threaten their interests. This could also play out in the uprising of the masses against corrupt governments, especially in Asia or South America since so many economies are weakened. The first hint of this dynamic will be in mid-July and continue into a crescendo by August 4-6. It will have itís second pass in late October into early November near the last squaring Moon Wobble. The tensions produced in August will have a second flare up in November. This is a dance that will continue into the next year of 2000 for its last and final pass.

Jupiter Aspects
Jupiter begins this year in the last third of Pisces and rapidly moves into Aries by mid-February. I had thought in 1997 that with Jupiter (abundance) in Pisces (oil, movies) that oil prices would have risen. Just the opposite occurred. Oil prices are at record lows because of an oversupply of oil and a drop in demand from the Asian economic crisis. So the world got an abundance of oil (Jupiter in Pisces) that turned into a glut of oversupply.

Now with Jupiter entering Aries for four and a half months from February 13th to June 27th and returning back to Aries for the last time from October 23rd to February 13, 2000; there will be a mutual reception between Jupiter and Pluto (ruler of Aries). This period should emphasize the social changes in education, the press, religious extremists, youth, organized crime like the Mafia, organized military forces, and reform in the military. These elements are brought into crisis or prominence from May 27 to July 21 with Mars opposing Jupiter for two months. Emotional impulsiveness increases around these matters listed above. There is a call for groups to protect their own and defend their territory. There is an excess of defense of a group/nationís territory. Extremes of righteous anger and lines of demarcation are necessary in the protection of perceived rights.

In the window between June 27th and October 23rd, Jupiter will advance into early Taurus and dance with Neptune in a square aspect until it retrogrades back into Aries for a last time. They are both in fixed signs but in the early degrees so they donít directly participate with the Grand Square Moon Wobble/Eclipse of August. The imagination and illusion of reality around us by Neptune gets over worked and expanded to excess by Jupiter. Itís a good season for movie releases that are likely to get big crowds of people wanting to drop out of their real lives for a few hours. The financial markets are likely to bounce back into some strength after the turmoil of May-August. The banking and real estate sectors are likely to see a rise in prices.

1998 was not an easy year and neither will be 1999. It is filled with stress and difficulties to be overcome by effort and diligence. The chaos and volitality of the May-August period will be the most difficult but the key in managing aspects is to not act in reaction during the distressful period because if only magnifies the results. Mother Nature is calling for the past and the status quo to be preserved. But during the May-August period, the mood is to tear apart which exists with drastic acts that cause a new form to be created. The old is left behind. But the security of the known brings fear to many when life is altered. F,U,D. is rampant which is Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Try to remember that life is giving use an opportunity to create a new form out of the passing of the old. Keeping a calm head and timing your own decision to ride the trends of the times is the purpose of astrology. In astrology, time has Quality, not just quantity. It has meaning and direction. Studying astrology should give one the ability to ďgo with the flowĒ and see the trends unfolding before you. The evening news makes so much more sense when one has the astrological aspects laid out before you. Current events arenít such a surprise and trends can be detected.

An update will be made to this article in late August.

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