Carl Payne Tobey
One of America's Great Forgotten Astrologers
by Naomi Bennett

In 1955 he created a correspondence course to teach the principles that he and others had rediscovered about astrology through 30 years of experience. It is unique from all others and still relevant today. In 1965, he wrote "An Astrology Primer for the Millions" and from 1969-74 he wrote a nationally syndicated astrology column in the Sunday papers that reached 10 million weekly. In 1973 he wrote "Astrology of Inner Space." I was lucky enough to be Carl's student in 1968 and work with him from 1969-1974. I worked on editing his last book and writing the forward in 1972. Carl's health started failing slowly in 1976, so he moved near his son. He died in San Antonio in 1980 at the age of 78. All of his books are long out of print by their publishers. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

One of Carl's best discoveries and talents was the ability to discern geometric patterns in astrology, their meaning in modern terms, and to correct the errors in current beliefs. Carl found his greatest success with new students that didn't have to give up prior teachings. Carl was an advocate of the equal house system, heliocentric planetary nodes, Arabic Parts and transits after long experimentation and use of many techniques. He had used progressions years ago but found them inconsistent, off in their timing and generally unreliable. Transits were more effective for him, so he dropped the use of primary directions, progressions, solar returns, etc. He discovered why the planets were assigned to specific signs and he discovered the geometric pattern behind house rulership.

In addition, he extended the use of arabic parts by calculating a new additional natal chart using traditional arabic parts that bring out hidden attributes of a personality and the timing of events. Both Holloran's Astrowin software and Cosmic Pattern's Kepler program supports Carl's secondary natal charts that are based on the arabic parts. Please note that I had John Holloran write into his program the issue of sect that Rob Hand has uncovered in Greek astrology. The secondary chart can be calculated for both day or night births in Holloran's program so it was renamed the solar parts chart or the lunar parts chart. I have only preliminary testing of the lunar parts chart after 18 months of use and it appears that the solar calculation holds for day and night births.

Carl firmly believed that astrology was a branch of mathematics, the science of design. I believe it's a branch of sacred geometry. If psychology used astrology it could lift itself from a social science to a physical science because it could be expressed mathemat-ically like chemistry or physics to express psychological characteristics. Contact me at to learn more. Much of Carl's material will be available at UAC 98 in Atlanta in May 20-27. Visit my booth to buy his out of print publications.

Copyright © 1997 Naomi Bennett. This piece was written on November 6, 1997. All other publishing rights are reserved by the Author, Naomi Bennett, 701 Capitol of Texas So., Bldg. C, Ste. 1112, Austin, TX 78746 (512) 328-9277, fax (512) 328-6957. Naomi Bennett has practiced astrology since 1970 and teaches in Austin. She is currently working on her first book.

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