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Horary Electional Basics
by John Somoza

Are you interested in setting up a Horary Electional Chart?

What I am about to pass on to you is what I was taught and also learned on my own. I am quite satisfied with the outcome of my training as I see good results in my professional interpretations. However, I am not the Guru of Horary so please respect any other Astrolger's theories that differ from mine.

Since the purpose of an Electional is for a good outcome the Horary Moon must end in a good aspect. Usually a trine, sextile and sometimes a conjunction, before it goes Void of Course. Why not always a conjunction? A conjunction to Venus or Jupiter is not the same as a conjunction to Mars or Pluto.

As far as the chart type, I use the Placidus, Tropical system. But whatever works for you is fine. I also use traditional and current rulers. So Jupiter and Neptune both rule Pisces, etc. (For the chart output Blue Star with the Horary module does several types of Horary charts. It will also list all Moon aspects and traditional William Lilly points. I don't use the Lilly info. You can use whatever program you have handy. Just remember do lay out the Moon aspects.)

First , set your time frame. Can it be done on weekends? Must it be between certain hours? Next, use an Astrological calendar like Maynard's Celestial Influences to find days the Moon ends in a good aspect. Finding the time within those dates is the hard part.

Some events in life can be done at any time. For example, if you want to get married at 2am go to Las Vegas, Nevada. They have 24 hours a day, any day of the year, no waiting, chapels. I have told people do this on a good Electional date and time. Then go through the traditional wedding for the relatives. The 2nd wedding doesn't matter, they are already married. Just make sure you run the chart for Las Vegas on the first marriage.

Now that you have your dates write each one on a separate piece of paper and mediate on them. Maybe burn some incense or a candle. Pick the date that comes to mind and start working your chart. (There are no perfect dates. Only the Universe has that ability.)

A few basic rules next. These are not all of them but it will get you started. But first remember the Horary Moon and the transits it will make before going Void of Course (VOC). If it makes many squares and oppositions your electional chart will go through trying times; even if it ends up in a good aspect. The Moon's movements for its time in any sign is what Horary Astrologers interpret. This is where Natal and Horary differ, among other things. The horary moon is very, very important for horary astrologers. Please remember this at all times when doing Horary.

When you start things rolling as per the electional chart, there should not be any of the following, if it is possible to eliminate them.

  1. No planetary change until the Moon goes VOC. Something will change their mind or whatever. EX: See Aug 1, '96 - Mercury changing signs into Virgo while the Moon is still in Pisces.
  2. Horary Moon should not be VOC unless you want it to be there. Nothing will come of it, if that is what you want. See Aug 2, '96 at 12:51pm EDT.
  3. No planetary eclipses or occultations. See Aug 16, '96 at 2:07pm EDT, occultation with Mercury.
  4. No Part of Fortune (POF) in the 8th house or the 12th house unless the matter relates to an 8th or 12th house issue. So if you are opening up an undertaker's biz the POF in the 8th would be good. If you are opening up a hospital the POF in the 12th would be good.
  5. No POF in the second or third decanate of Cancer unless it is a related matter. The second decanate of Cancer is Scorpio and the third decanate of Cancer is Pisces.
  6. No POF in Scorpio or Pisces unless it is a related matter.
  7. Unlike natal, a past aspect in Horary still in orb is not as relevant as an applying aspect. So if you get married AFTER a Moon square to a malefic, that's fine. The aspect is past. Set up the chart accordingly but see note below.
  8. Try not to have the Moon in Scorpio or Capricorn, its fall and detriment unless you want it there. Moon in Taurus is good because of it exaltation. But be careful here because there are some degree points that are very negative. If you want things to go slowly, Moon in Capricorn will do it.
  9. Try not to have the Moon in a common sign and cadent house. (Cadent Houses 3/6/9/12. Common Signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) So a Moon in the 3rd house in the sign of Pisces is considered Common and Cadent. Things will not work out as you planned. Unless you want it there.
  10. Do not mix Natal rules with Horary rules but remember you Natal rules for reference.
  11. Do not have any planet taking a station either way until the Moon goes VOC. Someone will change their mind. See August 10, '96 Pluto SD 8:36am EDT.
  12. Do not have the planet that rules the event retrograde. So if you are signing a contract for a house do not have Mercury retrograde. (Usually you should never have Mercury retrograde, but there are times when it is beneficial.) If you are getting married do not have Venus retrograde, etc.

Success tips, if it is possible to have it on the chart

  1. have the ruler of the 1st house cusp sitting in the 10th house, (So if Leo is rising, have the Sun in the 10th)
  2. or the ruler of the 10th house cusp in the 1st house, (So if Leo is on the MC, have the Sun in the 1st)
  3. or the Moon in the 10th house,
  4. or the Moon doing a good aspect to the ruler of the 10th house cusp, (trines, sextiles, conjunctions)
  5. or a good aspect between the rulers of the 1st house cusp and the 10th house cusp,
  6. or the same ruler for the 1st house cusp and the 10th house cusp SIGNS, (Usually you can do this with Gemini and Virgo, both ruled by Mercury. Also with Pisces and Sagittarius both ruled by Jupiter. For example - Gemini would be on the AC and Virgo would be on the MC.)
  7. Try to have the POF in the house of where you are concentrating. So if you want to start an Astrology biz have the POF in the 11H and possibly in the sign of Aquarius and possibly getting a positive aspect from the Horary Moon.
  8. The POF in the second house or the 10th is also good for any new business. To borrow money the POF in the 8th is good, even the POF in Scorpio.

The Moon takes 2 1/2 days to complete a sign. Anything adversely happening during that time could affect the chart. Run the chart for after the Moon has passed the negative period. Please remember that in Hoaray the Moon is the Co-Ruler of everything.

(NOTE - Not all negatives effect the chart. The reason being some negatives do not connect with the area you are hoping to be successful at. I have also seen Astrologers throw a negative in the 12th house or have it intercepted. So an intercepted Mars getting a square from the Moon may have no effect in the chart. There is a lot of theory on in this area.)

And lastly, do not continue reading the aspects of the Horary Moon after it has gone Void of Course since it has completed its job. This differs from natal Astrology.

As far as at starting time, the late Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson states in her out of print book "Simplified Horary Astrology", page 266, to first start with your natal Ascendent sign and degree. Rotate the Electional chart if necessary if the time is unsatisfactory. (This is where the fun time starts, locating a good time.)

To save time get a popup program like the one Astrolabe sells (Astrologer's Companion). Matrix has one in their Blue Star program. The chart display changes quickly on the screen when you change the time. There are others.

You have more than enough to keep you busy. Remember, these are only a few of the rules. If you want an example of a good date for a marriage look back on December 24, 1995. (Don't worry if you did not get married on a good date and time. If your marriage is working fine it does not make a difference. There are people we have met who are very lucky in this lifetime. An electional chart would probably be useless for them.)

Good luck in doing electional work and much success in your Horary studies.

(I have received a number of personal requests so this statement should cover it. "All newsletter publishers, and you etc. can reprint this or any of my other posts intact without asking for my permission. And thank you for the credits." And no, you don't have to pay me.)

Copyright 1996 John Somoza, Horary Astrologer, New York, NY (212) 777-6464.
The Stars Never Lie. May They Always Be With You

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