McVeigh Guilty Decision
in Oklahoma City Bombing

by Naomi Bennett

As the nation awaits the final decision on the life of Timothy McVeigh to see if he is given life imprisonment or the death penalty, astrology can be used to predict the outcome for the penalty phase of the trial.

Planetary Influences

The guilty decision was made on June 2, 1997 at 1:32 PM MDST in Denver, Colorado. The chart is a telling story for the likely outcome. 21 Virgo is on the Ascendant and its conjunct transiting Mars and the lunar node. These points are very close to McVeigh's own Pluto and Uranus. This looks to be very bad news for McVeigh. These are the kinds of transits that denote death, drastic change and fatal actions.

Transiting Saturn
Transiting Saturn is conjunct McVeigh's own Saturn and Venus. My prior article on the trial pointed out this is a period of time when McVeigh can be publicly called to task on his actions. This has been present during the entire trial so I didn't believe in the prior article that he would walk.

Transiting Mars
This guilty decision comes with transiting Mars and the lunar node conjunct McVeigh's Pluto and Uranus. This can be a fatal period of time that is life threatening. Transiting Mars stays on these points until June 19th. This is a dire period of time for him. The center of Moon Wobble is June 16-20 (this aspect is the Sun square the lunar nodes) which is within 5 degrees of his Ascendant. To say the least, this entire period until after the 20th is dark with troubled waters for this young man. I predict the worst of decisions for him.

Copyright © 1997 Naomi Bennett. This piece was written on June 6, 1997. All other publishing rights are reserved by the Author, Naomi Bennett, 701 Capitol of Texas So., Bldg. C, Ste. 1112, Austin, TX 78746 (512) 328-9277, fax (512) 328-6957. Naomi Bennett has practiced astrology since 1970 and teaches in Austin. She is currently working on her first book.

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