Pluto Going Retrograde --- What Does it Mean?
by Eileen Nauman, DHM(UK)

On March 15, 2000, transiting (daily motion of a planet) Pluto goes RETROGRADE. At that time, it will be at 12 degrees Sagittarius 54 minutes.

Who does that affect? If you know your chart and what the glyphs mean OR if you know a professional astrologer who can help you to find out, here's who is affected by conjunction and opposite sign:

Anyone born between November 29th and December 6th of ANY year will be affected (they all have Sun in Sagittarius). Those most directly affected are those born on December 4th when their sun is at 12 degrees Sagittarius, which is where Pluto is at now, and will turn direct on.

By opposite sign, Gemini, those born between May 28 through June 4th will be affected. Those Gemini's most affected will be those born on June 2nd, when the Sun was at 12 degree Gemini, directly opposite of where transiting Pluto is turning direct.

You Have a Planet at 12 Degrees?

If you have ANY planet, or your ascendant or Midheaven at 12 degrees, you'll be affected. Positively, those who have signs in Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Libra will either have a sextile or trine to transiting Pluto turning direct and good things will most likely be occurring to you; or at least, shall we say, opportunities will open up to you. Whether you see this as good or bad, positive/negative, is up to you and your unique circumstance.

If you have any 12 degree in the following signs: Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, or Scorpio, you may be receiving either a square, inconjunct or opposition which means there may be friction, instead, creating a door opening and opportunity to you--and not without, most likely, a little pain involved in the circumstance.

Now That We Know Who Is Affected.....

The fact that you have transiting Pluto stirring up your personal Pot of Life, is enough to write an article on. I don't want to dwell on soft vs. hard aspects, or good vs. bad, or positive vs. negative, because I've seen, time and again, people who have the kitchen sink thrown at them come up fighting and make mudpies out the mud thrown at them. And I've also seen people who are given carte blanche on something cringe back for whatever reason and NOT take the opportunity! My slant and perspective, then, is how to work with the Pluto energy so that you can land on your feet and take advantage of the opportunity coming your way.

Because there is no doubt, opportunity is knocking and will NOT be ignored.

Pluto just doesn't take "no" for an answer. Never did and never will. If you've been slowly, since it has been moving forward through the sign of Sagittarius (and Gemini's are equally affected if you see me write "Sag" later on, just mentally add: Gemini to it, too), making changes in your little chrysalis called "you" or "home", then this retrograde isn't going to kick you all over the Cosmos.

However, if you're one of these people (Sag or Gemini) whose been resisting mightily, digging in your heels, and have not changed due to FEAR over some "thing", then you are in for a big life change--abruptly and transformatively speaking.

Since I'm a Plutonian (I have my natal Pluto at 9 Leo and my natal Mars at 15 Leo in the 12th house, and since they are conjunct, I'm a Plutonian by nature) I can speak more closely to the 'bone' about Pluto than perhaps others can. I've seen Pluto energy up end my life as I knew it, turn me a hundred and eighty degrees in the opposite direction and push me off thataway, in an instant. I've seen Pluto open me up deeply, layer by layer, and allow me the privilege of scoping out my own little treasure house that resides in each person (I call this Pandora's Box), and it has helped me to empower myself over time.

One thing I can say about Pluto that is a truism: IF you try to make the necessary changes that Life is asking of you on a personal level for your own health (spirit, mental, emotional), it will never harm you. Instead, Pluto is like a big, nurturing mama hen in the Sky cosseting you, supporting you in your baby steps towards transformation, and only good things occur as a result.

However, I can say, from experience, that if we allow our FEAR to direct our steps, and tell us where to go, instead of listening to that deep, inner voice and well within us (that is Pluto at its finest--our subconscious voice, our Pandora's Box where all our hopes, dreams, aspirations, wishes and vision of a future are like little seeds waiting to be planted and grow....) then Pluto will inexorably push you right over that cliff and you're going to go into a free fall until you land right side up on your feet where you NEED to be vs. where you THOUGHT you should be!

Pluto's whole demeanor is about CHANGE. Now, you can opt to have change out of transformation gently or through CHAOS. It's your choice. Pluto doesn't mind doing it one way or the other, frankly. I can tell you that to save yourself a lot of pain, do it the butterfly way--keep cracking that hard, armored chrysalis that surrounds you (it surrounds all of us, more or less) so that you can begin to unfurl your butterfly wings and eventually, fly free to be yourself. After all, Pluto's whole intent is to get you in touch with your individualize SELF. And so many of us fear ourselves and what we don't know or realize/recognize about ourselves--so we entrench, we fight back, we refuse to budge.

Bad news....because Pluto doesn't take "no" for an answer. Those affected on this retrograde are being given a second chance to "come clean" and make the changes that Pluto is asking of you. This retrograde period lasts from March 15 through August 20th (where it turns direct at 10 Sagittarius). This is a not-so-subtle warning to those of you affected, to make the changes NOW, because when Pluto turns direct and furrows over the same degrees a few months later, all hell will break loose in your life, if you haven't.

I have found in the past by observing transits of Pluto (believe me, I have a vested interest in this, since this planet "runs" my life this lifetime for me....) that what has happened thus far to the people above who are affected, that some things, questions, decisions, have been slowly but surely brought to your awakening consciousness. And for whatever reason, you're not ready to leap out of the nest and fly and make those changes. problem. Pluto is going retrograde, going to ease off you between May-August, and let you feel your way through all this information and conscious awareness in your life. It will continue to stimulate you on the deep, uncharted territory of your subconscious, so pay attention to your dreams and meditations during this time frame, too--for there are answers, maps and ways out of whatever dilemma or back-against-the-wall experience you're having presently.

Just because the pressure is off and/or easing, don't ever mistake that everything is going to calm down, dissipate and go away. You couldn't make a worse mistake with Pluto and Plutonian energy! It's giving you time to feel and think and make the CHANGES. The changes will come between August and December, 2000.

For example, let's say that the last couple of months, your job sucks. You've been given more responsibility, no pay raise, and you're expected to work longer hours--not to mention, weekends! This leaves a bad taste in your mouth. You want a life. You have a family. You want to pursue your hobbies. Pluto puts the restlessness, the dislike, the ill-at-ease feelings every time you go to work--and it's been building until you're ready to walk off the job. And then, it goes retrograde in March. Things seem to ease and you think that maybe it will turn around--it won't, so don't fool yourself.

What Pluto is doing is giving you a breather from this "hand of God/Goddess" or this Bulldozer, to think about a PLAN OF ACTION that you're going to put into working order once it goes direct! So, you see, Pluto is very simple and straight forward about its energy. PLAN.

That means, you must move FORWARD, not entrench, not stay the SAME. It means making choices and having the guts to put them into action. And guts is something most of us, viscerally, don't usually have a lot of. We usually think: I can't do that....I can't quit this job.... We get "guts" by being thrown from the frying pan into the fire by Pluto if we refuse to plan and initiate. So, the choice is ours. Do we fly out of our situation/nest on our own, or do you wait until Pluto comes, like a juggernaut, rolling down at you so that you have to leap out--without a PLAN.

You know, Pluto starts with a "P". So does, interestingly enough, "P"lan! No coincidence there! There's a great Marine saying called the 5 P's: prior planning prevents piss-poor performance.

That's Pluto's motto and tour-de-force. Let's see, another good saying for Pluto is: "No guts, no glory." Pluto is, after all, visceral. It is our old brain, the limbic brain, the animal brain. The survivalist. The scrounger. The scratcher and claw-er. And you must plug into these very old and never out-dated animal survival senses and get right within you what is wrong and then make a plan to fix it.

Pluto, by its own good graces and amazing patience, is going to give you a second chance to create a plan come March 15th. So use the time wisely. Don't refuse to budge, grow, transform or move.

There are some of you who will graciously make changes on March 15th--you're ready, so fly! Pluto usually will go 3 to 5 times over one position or degree when it retrogrades, then goes direct, and then may or may not retrograde and go direct over it again. Those who are "stuck" and afraid to move or make a plan, will have it at least 3 times or 5 times. But I can tell you the end of all of this. If you refuse to change/move/transform, by the LAST PASS of transiting Pluto over that position in your chart, Pluto will do it for you. And it won't be pretty. In fact, it will be visceral. And you will be thrown into survival mode.

Why chance it? Why not move/transform/grow now, rather than be dragged kicking and screaming to the changes that are really for your own benefit and health of well being? Why do we resist so much that which is really good for us, but we can't see it because we're so filled with fear? Even the Delphi Oracle would shake her head on us. Thanks to Pluto, it will not allow this kind of situation to go on forever.

Pluto Through the Houses

There are 12 houses in our natal chart. Your transiting Pluto is in one of them. If you know which one, look below at the keywords for that house and this is where you need to make plans, change, transform and grow.

If we don't change it on our own--Pluto will change it for us.

House Symbols and Definitions

  • ASCENDANT (rising sign or 1st house cusp)
    coat, like a--the public persona we wear for others, mask that we put on when outside our home, one's appearance, one's bearing and demeanor, one's behavior in public, how one approaches life, natural disposition shown to public, our physical body, persona, the 'false self', public persona, the way People see you (the mask, the costume), those in your life--work, the public, the way YOU Would like to be seen by others, the public,
  • FIRST HOUSE (also known as the Ascendant, but these are other rulership, keywords for this house)
    abnormalities, one's physical appearance, personal appearance, physical appearance, how one cares for his approach to life, one's beginning of all enterprises, one's birth, one's character, your desires, disposition, environment--immediate (school, office, public buildings), habits, how one is seen by others (at work, on the street, etc.), I am, impression one makes on others, individuality, personality, physical body, projected image (the mask and costume we wear outside our home), self-opinion, way one expresses himself, way one wants others to see him,
    banks, banker, budgets, cash, checks, debts, personal, earning capacity, freedom, finances, gifts bestowed or received, income, inheritance, I Possess, integrity, one's, investments material resources or possessions, money, morals, our, negotiable assets, partner's death, Personal values, Physical senses, self-worth, stockbroker, talent, Throat, thyroid, neck, base of skull, value, what we, voice, vocal chords, wealth
    arms, wrists, fingers, fingernails, brothers, sisters, communication, commuting, concrete thought - the conscious mind, contracts, agreements, correspondence, intellect, intelligence, journalists, journalism, journals, lungs, breathing, asthma, meetings, conferences, message, telegrams, neighbors, nervousness, central nervous system, post office, mail, postmen, receptivity to ideas from others, restlessness, secretaries, short speeches, shoulders, studies, students, studying, teachers, teaching, tests, written and oral, trade, local transportation, all kinds writing, writers
    agriculture, cause of losses in speculation, cities and buildings, cousins, domestic environment, end of life, estates, father or mother-in-law, family, farming, gain from writing or contracts, gardening, one's grave or place of rest, home or residence, hotels, motels, land, later life conditions, leases, parent, personal activities, one's private life, property and possessions, immovable, ranches, ranchers, security and fortifications, stomach, traditions, family
    amusement, back, heart, circulation, Children, birth, adopted, concerts, Courtship, creative self-expression, drama, dramatists, games, group (like: bowling league, membership in a club, community of like-minded people), hobbies, holidays, Income from real estate, love affairs, love, one's lover, Places of entertainment, Pleasure, Public schools, show business, social affairs and functions, speculation, gambling, teachers, teaching, after, actions,
    animals, pets, small or domestic (large animals are 12th house related), army, nannies, assimilation of food, cafes, civil service, closets, clothing, in general, co-workers, daily work or routine, doctors, nurses, dress, one's manner of, employment, employees, health, hygiene, labor, laboring classes, libraries, nutrition, pantries, relations with co-workers, servants, service, subordinates, one's, tenants, work, work environment
    agreements, contracts (verbal or written), commitments, meaningful, competition, controversies, cooperation or the lack- of it, courts, the, divorce, fugitives, grandparents, law-suits, love, lovers, lower half of the back (sacral/tailbone region), buttocks, kidneys, ovaries, veins, marriage, nephews, nieces, opponents, known, outcome of all contentions, partnerships, marriage, business, peace, public, the, relationships, one-on-one, rivals, rivalry, run-aways, social affairs, social functions, strife, enmities, pleas, war
    alimony, astral experiences, bankruptcy, corporate families, death, debts dowries, drastic changes, genitals, rectum, hemorrhoids, bladder, inheritances, insurance, matters relating to death, occult matters, outcome of lawsuits, partner's income, recycling, regeneration, reincarnation, resources, other people's, sex, suicides, support from others, surgery, taxes, wills
    advertising, airline hostesses, attorneys, lawyers, ceremonies, churches, church affairs, ministers, courts of law, dreams, foreigners, anything that is foreign, foreign politics, freedom, grandchildren, higher education, universities, hips, upper legs, sciatic nerve, ideals, in-laws, journeys, literature, litigation, meditation, metaphysics, places at a distance, publishing, religion, philosophy, science (in general), travel agents, truth
  • TENTH HOUSE (Midheaven/10th house cusp)
    achievement, advancement, ambitious persons, authority figures, bones, joints of the body, knees, skin, business, career or profession, dishonor, employers, esteem, fame, famous people, government, illness of one's children, knees, leaders, leadership, matters outside the home, ones moral qualities, one's position in the world, parent (a), politics, politicians, prestige, honors, popularity, pride, promotions, reputation, responsibilities/duty, social status
    calves of the legs, circulation in general, business income, civic organizations, congress, House of Representatives, colleagues, companies, contacts, counselors, death of parents (also 5th), expectations, finances of one's employer, friends, acquaintances/colleagues, groups, hopes, wishes, goals, legacies, memberships, money from one's profession, one's fourth child, one's ideas of happiness, organizations, projects, ambitions, sons, daughters-in-law, sororities, fraternities, stepchildren
    animals (large), aunts, uncles, confinement (may or may not be voluntary), feet, help from behind the scenes, hospitals, places of confinement (prison, mental ward, hospital), institutions, meditation, occupations of siblings, private investigators, rest homes, retirement, sanctuaries, sea, seamen, seclusion, loneliness, self-analysis, self-undoing, solitude, places of solitude, sorrows, secret sorrows, study, subconscious (our), thieves, welfare, secrets, secret enemies

Some Keywords That Show Different Facets of Pluto

    alone, likes being (is not lonely), atom bomb, Big Brother, biological warfare (anthrax, VX gas, etc.), builders of empires/corporations/business, clairvoyance, construction workers, cell dysfunction, cell multiplication out of control (tumors), chemical warfare, control issues, controlling, death (dying of some part of ourselves on some level: spirit, mental, emotional), destructive, destruction, detectives, dictator, doctors, fascism, fanatics, genetic abnormalities, genetic flaws (leading to chronic disease), healers, hidden, Hypersentience (alternative medicine technique), "I renew", intensity (able to focus on one thing), insight, intuitive, introspective, introversion, invisible, layers, peeling them off, magic, magicians, manipulating, metaphysicians, military, mountains, can move them, figuratively speaking, NDE--near death experience(s), nuclear, passive/aggressive behavior, penetrate, ability to, perceptive, police, psychic, psychologists, psychotherapy, rebirth, rebirthing (alternative medicine technique), renewal, secrets, see/perceive, look through something to its core being (insight/perception), sex, sexuality, sexual dysfunction, shamanism, shock, shy, Snakeskin (shed yearly--person does a similar thing), soul recovery and extraction (shamanic technique), subconscious, subterranean, therapy, terrorists, terrorism, transformer, transforming, tumors (benign or malignant), trauma, world-changer, zealots

Warmly, Eileen
Moderator - Athena List,

Copyright 2000 Dr. Eileen Nauman, All Rights Reserved.

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