Meteors and O. J.: A Possible Connection?
by Tom Chase

There seems to be a pattern where odd events are tied to events in the O. J. case. Did you notice that a bad fire season started near Los Angeles as the civil case began? And a small meteor landed in Southern California at the beginning of October 1996, as the civil trial was beginning. This meteor had entered the atmosphere over New Mexico, then it bounced out of the atmosphere, circled the earth, and reentered the atmosphere and exploded in Southern California. The date of this meteor, October 3, was exactly 1 year from the O. J. not guilty verdict.

Consider this: (1) A meteor landed in St. Robert, Quebec, 60 miles northeast of Montreal, on Tuesday night, June 14, 1994. This was 2 days after the murder of Nicole took place. This was a very unusual and significant meteor. (2) At the end of August 1995, a meteor fireball was seen over the Northeastern U.S. and Canada. This occurred as Judge Ito reached a decision on the Fuhrman tapes. (3) November 22, 1996. O. J. testified in the civil case, and a bright fireball meteor was seen in Honduras, Central America. It may have struck a mountain in Honduras, where a large landslide occurred on that day. (4) The only other known case of a meteor starting to enter earthís atmosphere and bouncing out was on August 11, 1972, when a very bright meteor was sighted over Colorado and Montana, but it this case it did not reenter the atmosphere, but continued on in space. The O. J. association in this case, was at that time O. J.ís professional football career was starting to take off .

Note that O. J.ís astrology chart associates him strongly with Jupiter, because his birthdate is close to a Jupiter station in mid-Scorpio. Consider this:Thor, the scandinavian equivalent of Jupiter, had a hammer he threw at his enemies-- this hammer was believed to be fashioned from a meteor. Maybe this is the clue to the O. J. - meteor connection. Also, consider that as the meteor landed on October 3, 1996, a volcanoe erupted in Iceland-- Icelandís people are descended from Vikings, and Thor was the Viking principal god. Another way to look at this: O. J. in football was noted for his great speed, like a meteor. And Nicole sounds like "Nickel" -- one of the elements in Iron-Nickel meteors; also, iron is associated with the country Germany, and Nicole was of part-German ancestry.

So why all this importance to O. J.? Maybe the O. J. trials are a test for mankind and our legal system. Maybe the meteors are emphasizing this test for mankind.

A movie from 1995, "The Prophecy" with Christopher Walken, I think actually is a prophecy, that can help us understand the O. J. "circus". One reason I personally attach significance to this movie, is that when my wife and I saw it in a theatre, a rainbow appeared in the sky; I saw this as an omen for me, that this was more than just a movie-- that there was truth to it. In this movie, the Angel Gabriel has turned against mankind and has made war against humanity, recruiting an army of angels to help him in this campaign. Concerning the O. J. case, Gabriel is said to hold the scales of justice, and so to show the problems of the American system of law, Gabriel stages the O.J. case with its two trials and its circus atmosphere. Gabriel is said to rule paradise, and L. A. is sort of an American paradise, so L. A. may be home ground for Gabriel. Note that the San Gabriel mountains are located near L. A., and L. A. is called the "City of Angels". I am not offerring an opinion here on whether O.J. is truly innocent or guilty, I am just saying that the whole O.J. business is staged as a big joke on us all, by the Angel Gabriel, who can manipulate events and people on earth. This would also explain this pattern of meteors associated with events in the trials.

"And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp" -- Revelation 8:10, from the Bible, King James Version

Copyright 1997 Tom Chase. Tom Chase is educated in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and writes on Astrology for "Welcome to Planet Earth" Astrology magazine in the U. S.. Tomís writing combines religion, astrology, and New Age methods. Tom may be reached at: 60 Thoreau Street, #317, Concord, MA 01742 USA

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