Is there a Grand Design to Everything --
Are we Software in Someoneís Computer?

by Tom Chase

This world and the universe appear to be designed in patterns, as if the world and the universe are software, software in someoneís computer. This is a holographic type of software, where the small reflects the large; events on Earth are reflected in movements of the stars, and that is why astrology works. One area where you can see the pattern is by looking at Geography: the shapes of countries. Some of the countries of the world appear to have meaningful shapes, although you will have to use your imagination to see some of these shapes. These shapes are related to the country's role in history. For example:

Egypt looks like a bit like a pyramid, but with only one sloping side. Egypt, of course, is where the pyramids are located.

Greece looks like the flames a fire, with the base of the fire on Greeceís Northern border. Since Western Civilization began in Greece, I think the fire represents knowledge.

England (including Scotland) looks like a pick-axe, with the handle in Scotland. I believe this is indicative of England's role in history, to conquer much of the world and create a great empire, and in the process of doing so spread its system of English law around the world; a fair system of laws has been one its principal contributions to history. Many tyrants in history have felt the English pick-axe, and have met their end because of it (Hitler and Napoleon, for example). On the negative side, however, Ireland looks like the pickaxe has taken a chunk out of it (Northern Ireland).

Norway looks like a fish, and Sweden looks a bit like the mouth of a dragon. These shapes may relate to the Viking past of these countries.

Japan looks a bit like a dragon or serpent; this may relate to the dragon being an important symbol in Chinese and Japanese mythology.

Russia looks like a bear or beast, except a head is needed. Now that Belorussia may unify with Russia, it would serve nicely as the head of the bear. The legs of the Russian bear are in the Caucasus and near Korea.

The Baltic countries have interesting shapes, but I donít quite understand the pattern: Latvia, possibly the head of an ape or monkey. Estonia, possibly the head of a bull. This may relate to the Indo-European mythology; Baltic mythology shows a strong connection to Indo-European culture. The Indo-Europeans are the ancient Europeans, some of who migrated to India, and you see remnants of their religion in Hinduism. Hindu mythology may help explain the shapes of the Baltic countries:

--the Hindu monkey god Hanuman has divine power, and is son of the wind god
--the Bull and Cow are important in Hindu mythology, the cow being sacred

The USA, if you look at it upside down, it sort of looks like an anteater. The tip of the anteaterísnout is in Maine, and Florida is one of itís ears. This may be referring to this country being created by millions of immigrants from other countries, the "ants" the anteater ingests.

Mexico, if you leave off the Baja Peninsula, sort of looks like a whale, with the tail of the whale in the Baja peninsula.

Iceland, a fish. Netherlands, a fish-hook. Possibly a reference to the Netherlandís past as a sea-power, and also the fish is a Christian symbol.

The historic empire of the Teutonic Knights, to me resembles a serpent or dragon. It included parts of the Baltics and Prussia. There was a dark side to the knights who created this empire, they often enslaved or exterminated the inhabitants of the areas they conquered. So the resemblance to a dragon or serpent is appropriate.

In astronomy, also, we can see that things are designed with a pattern, and not by chance. For example, it is a remarkable fact that the sun and moon appear to be the approximately the same size in the sky, so that eclipses can occur. The sun has a diameter 400 times the diameter of the moon, and the distance from the earth to the sun is about 400 times the distance from the earth to the moon.The variation in the distances results in some solar eclipses being annular, where the sun is not completely blocked out by the moon.

Also, I think that part of this pattern is that the planet Jupiter acts as a protector to the Earth, because itís gravity "swallows" comets that pass near it, such as happened in 1994 with the comet hitting Jupiter. Comets are a great danger to the earth, because their collision with the earth can be a catastrophic disaster. But Jupiter may gradually attract and destroy comets that have entered the Solar System, before they can be a danger to the earth.

In conclusion, you can see evidence in Geography, Astronomy, and elsewhere, that there is a pattern of intelligent design, as a computer program is designed.

Copyright 1997 Tom Chase. Tom Chase is educated in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and writes on Astrology for "Welcome to Planet Earth" Astrology magazine in the U. S.. Tomís writing combines religion, astrology, and New Age methods. Tom may be reached at: 60 Thoreau Street, #317, Concord, MA 01742 USA

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