The September 1, 1997 Partial Solar Eclipse
by Tom Chase

On September 1, 1997, there will be a partial solar eclipse, seen in the Southern Hemisphere: in Antarctica, Australia, and New Zealand. To understand the astrological significance of this partial solar eclipse, let us consider what I call the "Southern Cross" concept.

The Southern Cross concept relates to events that have occurred in the Southern Hemisphere since there was a supernova in the Southern Sky in the Large Megallanic Cloud in 1987. I believe this supernova activated a positive force in the Southern Hemisphere, symbolized by the Southern Cross constellation. This positive force resulted in positive events in the Southern Hemisphere, after 1987: democracy coming to South American countries, and positive change in South Africa. This partial eclipse over the Southern Hemisphere in September 1997 may further activate the positive Southern Cross effect, resulting in positive events in the Southern Hemisphere. And on February 16, 1999, there will be an annular solar eclipse seen in Australia, which may again increase this positive force in the Southern Hemisphere.

In March 1993, there was a supernova in the Great Bear constellation, in the Northern sky. This supernova may indicate that the Northern Hemisphere will have problems from a negative force spreading out from the North Pole, at the same time as the positive force spreads out from the South Pole. The Northern negative force is symbolized by the Northern sky constellation, Draco the Dragon -- in Biblical symbolism, the dragon is Satan, the Devil.

Consistent with this idea, that the Southern Cross positive force will be further activated by the September 1, 1997, partial solar eclipse, there are national celebrations in Southern Hemisphere countries in September 1997: South Africa Settlerís Day is on September 1, Brazil Independence Week is September 1-7, and Chile National Month is September 1-30. And astrologically of interest, there was a grand water trine, a triangular alignment of three planets in three water signs, three years before that date, on August 31- September 1, 1994. The planets Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn were at nine degrees in the three water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, producing a rare and powerful grand water trine, exact within 1 degree. This rare astrological event on that date may give this day of the year, September 1, a lot of power, even though this is three years later. Historically, there have been powerful good and bad events occurring near September 1, which may indicate the force of that day of the year:

  • September 2, 1666, the Great Fire of London began, destroying much of the city
  • September 1, 1923, Tokyo was devastated by a great earthquake
  • September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland, beginning World War 2
  • September 2, 1945, World War 2 ends

Therefore, in summary, I expect that September 1, 1997 may see change in the world, and political events may occur that relate to the spreading positive influence over the Southern Hemisphere. It looks like a time of shake-up for the world.

Copyright 1997 Tom Chase. Tom Chase is educated in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and writes on Astrology for "Welcome to Planet Earth" Astrology magazine in the U. S.. Tomís writing combines religion, astrology, and New Age methods. Tom may be reached at: 60 Thoreau Street, #317, Concord, MA 01742 USA

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